Chapter 8 – Finally Inside (HH)

Dazed from her intense climax, Tang Guo failed to notice the man’s secret intentions.

“But it’s not impossible!” he said with a suspicious smirk. 

He peeled the banana and ran its soft tip vertically along her slick entrance, drenching it in her juices, and then added a spoonful of strawberry jam on top before taking a bite. 

“Mhm, sweet! You should have a taste too!” 

He repeated his actions and held the banana to her lips. Fascinated by the look of relish on his face, she parted her lips and took it inside her mouth, the sweetness of the chocolate sauce, strawberry jam, and her own juice sweeping across her tongue as she chewed and swallowed.

‘Mhm, it is sweet.’

As she ate, Cheng Yuzhou started to take off his clothes. When he was finally completely naked, he leaned into her body and whispered, “I’m going to f*ck you now.” 

He slid his stiff member along her wet folds, lubricating his length with her juices. “Pretend that banana is my c*ck and lick it for me.”

The girl was more than happy to comply. He watched as she stuck out her pink tongue and drew circles on the tip of the banana. At the same time, he slowly guided his member inside her body, groaning when he felt her tight walls squeeze around the head. She licked the banana from top to bottom and then put it inside her mouth. With all five fingers wrapped around it, she started to move the banana in and out of her mouth in shallow thrusts, imitating the motions of a bl*wjob.

As his member continued to push inside her body, a sharp throbbing sensation began to spread through her core. The pain eventually overcame her, and she had to put down the banana to concentrate on diverting the pain. Her eyebrows scrunched up, and her breathing became labored. The man’s thick member was nothing like his fingers or the banana she’d accommodated already.

Noticing her extreme discomfort, Cheng Yuzhou reached out and gently caressed her tensed body with one hand in an attempt to make her relax. His other hand moved down and found the little nub hidden above her entrance, then he began to rub and pinch it, trying to encourage her body to produce more wetness for his penetration.

When his length was halfway inside, he felt a thin barrier blocking him from going further. Tang Guo’s forehead was already covered in a sheen of sweat. The man stopped pushing and focused on stimulating her body, rubbing her swollen nub faster while moving his hand up to knead her chest, hoping to reduce the pain of the final push as much as possible.

His short fingernails would scrape against her nub or the tip of her mound from time to time until eventually, her furrowed eyebrows began to loosen, and sensual moan fell from her lips

Taking advantage of this brief moment of distraction, he quickly straightened his waist and pushed his entire length inside her, effectively breaking her hymen.

“Ah! It hurts!!”

She felt as though her body was being split in half by a sharp blade and instinctively tried to curl up in pain, but her legs were still being held open by the man. He immediately stopped moving and leaned down to kiss her, licking away the banana residue on her lips as he did. 

“It’s okay, baby. It always hurts the first time, just hold on for a little longer and it’ll feel better,” he comforted her gently as he continued to rub her sensitive nub and tips. As the pain between her legs slowly eased, she could feel the slightest sensation of pleasure rise up. She looked at Cheng Yuzhou.

He was trying to resist the instinctive urge to start thrusting inside her. Blue veins were protruding from his neck. Large drops of sweat ran down his face, and he was panting.

“You can move now,” she said softly.

Author’s Note: This is a work of fiction. If you have no plans to welcome a new life, please make sure to use contraception. 

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