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  • Chapter 6 – Strawberry Jam (H)

    The next morning, Cheng Yuzhou woke up to prepare breakfast and sat down to eat with Tang Guo.

    “Eat fast. We need to leave early to go shopping in the neighboring city.”

    “Why? Isn’t the shopping mall in this city good enough?”

    “You don’t want others to see us picking out lace underwear together, do you?”

    He explained as he pulled her onto his lap and took off her camisole.

    “There’s no need to wear so much at home,” he said.

    “But I’m only wearing a camisole and a pair of shorts!” she argued.

    “That’s still too much! Which one do you want to keep on, your bra or your panties?” Even as he asked, his hands were already touching the clasp of her bra.

    “Why are you asking when you already chose for me?” she grumbled as he released each breast from its confines.

    “You’re too slow! Next time, you can choose. Right now, I’m too hungry to wait!” 

    He drizzled chocolate sauce on her nipple and took it inside his mouth.


    “Hey, feed me! I’m hungry too!”

    She squirmed coquettishly on his lap, her chocolate-covered breasts moving slightly with the movement. 

    “Yes, yes, right away.” Cheng Yuzhou laughed and smeared a layer of cream and strawberry jam on a slice of bread before feeding it to her mouth. 

    “Perfect! It’s soft and sweet,” she praised happily. 

    “Just like a certain part of your body.”

    “Are you talking about this?” 

    She pressed his face into her ample chest and playfully rubbed it back and forth against her breasts. After a few seconds, she let go and asked with a pretty smile, “Is it as soft as my chest?”

    “Of course not, I love your breasts the most! I’m so happy you walked into my life!” He responded, playing along. He wrapped his arms around her waist and nuzzled the tip of her nose with his.

    The man proceeded to spread jam, cream, and chocolate sauce on her chest, waist, and legs before licking them off her skin with his tongue, leaving her with no choice but to shower again after “breakfast” was finished.

    Her nipples felt swollen and painfully sensitive while her entire body was sticky with residue. Of course, the spreads weren’t the only reason for the stickiness. After eating his fill, Cheng Yuzhou had lifted her off his lap and put her on the table and said, “It’s time for dessert!”

    He’d placed his hands on her knees and gently parted her legs. Then, with a suggestive smile, he slid off her white shorts and black lace panties.

    “But dessert only comes after dinner, not breakfast!” she complained half-heartedly.

    Just then, a breeze blew in from the opened kitchen window, sweeping across her exposed entrance. 

    “You’re sensitive,” he commented when he heard her let out a soft moan. The cold breeze probably inspired him, because he suddenly rose from his chair and took out a banana from the fridge. Then, he dipped half of the banana into the glass jar of chocolate sauce.

    As she observed the man’s strange behavior, Tang Guo’s lips parted to form a surprised ‘O’ when she realized what he was planning to do.

    T/N: Personally, food play is something I’ve never experimented with.

    TOC for Advanced Chapters – SBMT
    [Translation Status of Advanced Chapters: Completed]