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  • Chapter 23 Doing the 69 with Little Guo’er for the first time (H Oral)

    On this evening, Cheng Yuzhou went upstairs as usual to deliver food to Tang Guo, who was apparently “unwell and needed to rest at home”.

    As soon as the man put down the tray and shut the door, the naked girl caught his shoulders and pounced on his back.

    “Little Guo’er, you smell so good, you make my c*ck hard!”

    Tang Guo slid off Cheng Yuzhou’s back, then pulled the man’s big hands and placed it on her plump and soft br*asts, “My chest hurts, quickly rub it for me!”

    Tang Guo acted coquettishly while shaking her tender br*asts in the man’s hands. Complying with her demands, Cheng Yuzhou played with the pair of babies in his palms.

    “Yuzhou…I want it…”

    Tang Guo mewled in a flirtatious manner. She spread her legs and tilted her head back, revealing her delicate fair neck.

    Cheng Yuzhou quickly took off his shirt and trousers, and because he didn’t wear any underwear, the man’s member bounced out energetically, greeting Tang Guo.

    Tang Guo could clearly see that the blue veins on the shaft were pulsing excitedly as the ph*llus became increasingly engorged.

    “Have you thought of a way to have non-penetrative s*x?”

    Cheng Yuzhou, who had gotten naked, asked Tang Guo in a leisurely manner.

    The eager Tang Guo pushed the man onto the pink sheet covered bed, then quickly turned around and faced the man’s legs.

    The two of them were now assuming the 69 position with Tang Guo now licentiously rubbing her cr*tch against Cheng Yuzhou’s face.

    The girl’s flower cave was already secreting nectar at this moment, so she had left a trail of lewd sticky honey on the man’s resolute face.

    A low growl escaped Cheng Yuzhou’s throat, and he began to lick and suck at Tang Guo’s flower hole eagerly.

    When Cheng Yuzhou’s wet tongue slipped into Tang Guo’s small hole, the girl cried out in pleasant surprise.

    Then, Tang Guo’s small hand held the base of Cheng Yuzhou’s pistol as she began to lick the purplish-red glans repeatedly until prec*m started leaking from the narrow slit.

    Afterwards, akin to a thirsty traveller finally seeing a clear spring, she greedily started sipping the glossy liquid.

    Without realizing it, Cheng Yuzhou began to lift his cr*tch up, and Tang Guo accommodated his action, parting her mouth wider and relaxing her throat so that the man’s c*ck could slide deeper into her throat.

    At the same time, Cheng Yuzhou’s dexterous tongue plundered Tang Guo’s small hole, leaving no stone unturned.

    The excess lewd liquids that couldn’t be drunk in time, flowed down the man’s face and chin down to his throat and neck, but the man didn’t seem to care at all.

    Tang Guo’s plump and round br*asts rubbed against Cheng Yuzhou’s hard eight-pack abs.

    When Cheng Yuzhou’s c*ck plunged too deep into her throat, Tang Guo nearly choked. This was also a sign that the man was about to reach *rgasm.

    Tang Guo wanted to swallow every drop of Cheng Yuzhou’s semen this time, so she started bobbing her head up and down harder, deepthr*ating the man’s little brother while gently fondling the man’s b*llsacks.

    “I’m going to shoot!”

    Cheng Yuzhou only had time to roar before he shot all the hot and thick s*men deep into Tang Guo’s throat.

    Tang Guo swallowed the man’s essence giddily while at the same time squirted out a lot of nectar, reaching *rgasm together with Cheng Yuzhou just as she always wanted.

    To return the favor, Cheng Yuzhou also conscientiously drank every drop of Tang Guo’s honey into his belly.

    After the two licked and cleaned each other’s lower body, Tang Guo turned around and crawled towards Cheng Yuzhou’s head, exchanging the proof of lust in her mouth with the man, face to face.

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