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  • Chapter 22 Doing his lover and c*mming on his wife (H not 3P)

    Warning: Look at the title. Author states that the male lead’s nasty behavior will be explained in Chapter 36)

    Tang Guo’s delicate body trembled, her eyes misty like a fish who had just left water. She urgently panted for breath, feeling the second wave of pleasure about to approach.

    Cheng Yuzhou’s rod was also tightly wrapped and sucked by the constantly twitching cave, its gates of essence nearly about to burst open.

    “Yuzhou…I want to c*m with you!” Tang Guo shouted in excitement as she climbed the verge of cl*max.

    “Huff… I have a better proposal than reaching *rgasm together!”

    Cheng Yuzhou gripped Tang Guo’s slender waist tighter, the fierce beast under his crotch plunging straight to the hilt, grinding the core of her flower fiercely, and then pulling the whole thing out and once again plunging it in completely.

    “Ahhhh… Huff…Yu Zhou… You’re so big! And so long!”

    In the end, Tang Guo screamed Cheng Yuzhou’s name as she reached peak, spasming from pleasure.

    With a “pop” sound, Cheng Yuzhou pulled his still-energetic member out, allowing the copious amounts of honey stored in her cave to immediately squirt out.

    The proof of lust even flowed down from the girl’s thighs to the ground, quickly forming a pool of dubious liquid.

    Just as Tang Guo struggled to open her eyes, intending to ask Cheng Yuzhou why he pulled out before ej*culating, the scene before her rendered her speechless.

    Cheng Yuzhou held his loaded weapon with his hand, aiming at his disheveled and unconscious wife lying on the ground, and started shooting his fresh semen all over her.

    “Yu Zhou! Why are you so sick?! I wanted you to shoot it in me!”

    Tang Guo was astounded by Cheng Yuzhou’s nasty behavior, at the same time, she was also angry that the man had failed to keep his word.

    “Little Guo’er, you don’t understand what had happened between me and her. You just need to know that what I did to her was something she had brought onto herself.”

    Just as Cheng Yuzhou said this, hatred and resentment flashed through his eyes, but Tang Guo couldn’t figure out the meaning behind it in time as she heard the man’s tone ease up and ask her a question.

    “Tang Guo, you’re not taking contraceptive pills, are you?”


    “What if you become pregnant? We’ve already done it so many times, and I’ve always shot it inside you without wearing any condoms.”

    “You’re a man who’s much older than me, and you’re also my teacher. Shouldn’t you be more worried about these facts instead?”

    The ignorant little lady mischievously blinked before pouncing on Cheng Yuzhou, wrapping her legs around the man’s waist and her arms around the man’s neck, intimately pressing her forehead against the man’s and rubbing against it.

    “Yes, yes, yes, Little Guo’er is right. The next time we go shopping together, we’ll buy some medicine. In any case, we won’t be able to f*ck like this for the next few days. Your c*nt is probably aching a lot this time, isn’t it? So this time, you have to listen to me!”

    “Then what do we do if I start wanting you? Or if you start wanting me for that matter?”

    “Apart from v*ginal penetration, there are many other ways to make love…” Cheng Yuzhou said in a persuasive way.

    “What other ways?” Tang Guo was both curious and eager.

    “Think of it yourself! I can’t think of anything, and don’t even think of touching my c*ck for the whole week!”

    Once Cheng Yuzhou pretended to threaten her, he smiled and picked up Tang Guo in a princess carry and took her to the bathroom to clean her again.

    As for the wife who was still unconscious and used as a backdrop for the husband’s er*tic extramarital affair, she still remained lying peacefully on the cold kitchen floor.

    In the next two days, the two certainly did not make love again.

    But the naughty Cheng Yuzhou would often grind his bulge against Tang Guo’s ass, or teasingly pinch the little cherries on the girl’s chest.

    Tang Guo’s arousal reached zenith several times from his constant teasing, but she had suffered from having no means of venting.

    As such, after watching little p*rnos for several days to gather experience, the girl finally thought of a way to get what she wanted today.

    TOC for Advanced Chapters – SBMT
    [Translation Status of Advanced Chapters: Completed]

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