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  • Chapter 21 Doing His Little Lover Behind His Wife’s Back (H not 3P)

    “Are you sure? Even if your c*nt is still red and swollen, you still want to do it?”

    “I’m certain! Do you dare do it or not? Or are you saying you can’t do it anymore?” Tang Guo deliberately provoked Cheng Yuzhou’s self-esteem as a man.

    “Why don’t we see whether I could still do it or not? You’ll know right away if I dare do so.”

    Cheng Yuzhou shamelessly shook the weapon standing upright between his legs, then picked up the naked Tang Guo and walked to the counter and placed her down there.

    Afterwards, Cheng Yuzhou pressed Tang Guo down, making her lie down on the counter where the mistress of the house had just been done to cl*max.

    When Cheng Yuzhou’s huge body slowly entered Tang Guo’s still-sore cave from behind, the girl laid naked on the cold marble counter, turning her head to look at the mistress who fainted by her feet.

    “Hurry up! Deeper! F*ck me hard!”

    Tang Guo couldn’t hold back her moans, feeling excited and nervous inside. One couldn’t tell whether she wanted the mistress who had fainted from org*sming, to wake up midway their affair or not be awakened by the noise they made at all.

    This complex and contradicting reasoning and the sense of danger of being caught any moment amplified the pleasure of s*x for her, turning even the searing pain of her honey cave into a sweet drug.

    Moreover, Tang Guo could clearly see from the decorative mirror on the opposite wall that Cheng Yuzhou, who was dressed in house clothing, was pressing his completely naked self to her, adopting the doggy-style position and making for a beautiful violent thr*sting scene.

    Tang Guo’s soft, white tender br*asts shook frantically following Cheng Yuzhou’s wild jerks, as though her bunnies were about to fall off.

    Tang Guo’s smooth satiny legs soon turned weak like jelly. Had it not been for Cheng Yuzhou holding her waist tightly, the girl would have already collapsed to the ground.

    Cheng Yuzhou looked up at the obscene scene in the mirror, increasing the ferocity of his thrusts. Since he couldn’t take his hands away to give some loving to her beautiful br*asts, he could only order the girl to do it herself.

    “Rub your br*asts for me!”

    “Mmm… Yu Zhou… F*ck me! F*ck your little Guo’er hard!”

    While screaming with an alluring voice, Tang Guo fondled and pinched her own plump fullness.

    Though the base of Tang Guo’s thighs and small cave had already been ravaged to the point they couldn’t withstand any heavy pressure, Cheng Yuzhou’s thick and hard member was still able to bring waves after waves of pleasure to the girl’s body.

    Tang Guo had almost turned delirious from being f*cked, the moans spilling out of her mouth gradually becoming incomprehensible, “Ahnnn…uhhhnn….M-…More…”

    “F*ck! Little minx, why are you still so tight! No matter how hard I f*ck you, no matter how much wet I make you, I still can’t loosen up your little c*nt.”

    Cheng Yuzhou whispered erotically in Tang Guo’s ear, his hot breath blowing on the girl’s sensitive ears, making it feel a little itchy, a little hot, and a little intoxicating.

    “I like how your c*nt sucks my c*ck so eagerly every time. Every time I try to pull out a little bit, it would clamp onto me and never let go. Little Guo’er, do you like me f*cking you that much?”

    “I do! I like it when you f*ck me with your big c*ck! You’d better keep f*cking me all the time, and never ever stop!”

    As Tang Guo’s orgasm approached, her cave kept twitching and clenching, causing Cheng Yuzhou’s c*ck inside of her to feel pain from the tightness.

    Soon after, a large amount of honey spewed out, and the member that was blocking the exit, became thoroughly soaked, nearly getting pushed out from the impact of the wave.

    Seeing Tang Guo’s body twitch and tremble endlessly from reaching cl*max, Cheng Yuzhou didn’t retract himself from her honeypot, and instead continued to work hard.

    The man even snaked his hand around the girl and began to fondle the girl’s delicate and extremely sensitive cl*t.

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