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  • Chapter 20 Watching his little lover comfort herself naked while doing his wife (H not 3P)

    Upon meeting Cheng Yuzhou’s burning gaze, Tang Guo deliberately lowered her eyes and bit her lower lip, before beginning to massage the fullness of her chest with both hands.

    The white and soft br**sts overflowed between the seams of the girl’s tender fingers as they were constantly kneaded into different shapes.

    From time to time, Tang Guo would pinch the stiff little strawberries with two fingers, pulling, twisting, and rubbing vigorously. She even used her cherry pink nails to scratch hard on the delicate pink strawberry tip.

    Cheng Yuzhou, who was watching this scene, felt endlessly distressed, fearing that his pair of little strawberries would become ravaged.

    After a while, Tang Guo began to clamp her slender jade legs, rubbing them together involuntarily.

    A gurgling stream also began to flow out of the small seam in between her legs, soaking the two petals sopping wet.

    Cheng Yuzhou’s favorite scenery so far was the sight of Tang Guo’s hairless cave, wet with her nectar and emitting a seductive luster.

    The girl’s pure, tender and licentious little p*ssy gurgled out honey, like a small mouth with saliva begging noiselessly for the insertion of a man’s c*ck.

    The member Cheng Yuzhou had embedded in his wife’s body couldn’t help turn harder and bigger, so he squeezed the buttocks in his palms, and began to pump desperately, sprinting as though he was charging for a crusade.

    The man’s attacks suddenly became fierce and wild. Fortunately, the mistress’s legs encircled the man’s waist in time, and her hands also grasped the edge of the counter, so that no terrible mishap could occur.

    Tang Guo’s lips showed a triumphant and mocking smile. She stuck three fingers into her mouth, and once she licked it completely wet, she began to slide it down her wet cave.

    As Tang Guo stuck her index finger until the first knuckle into her small hole, the mistress couldn’t bear the man’s fierce thr*sts and screamed as she reached the peak of desire.

    Cheng Yuzhou also quickly ej*culated from imagining that his own c*ck had replaced Tang Guo’s finger, thrusting into her cave of ecstasy.

    The intense and violent cl*max caused the mistress to be knocked out cold. Cheng Yuzhou carefully but heartlessly lifted his wife and settled her down on the cold kitchen floor.

    “Didn’t I tell you to sleep for a while? Why didn’t you listen and sneaked downstairs?”

    Cheng Yuzhou was too lazy to put his c*ck back into his pants, so he let it dangle in the open as he talked and approached Tang Guo.

    The man’s member remained stiff and tall, coated with his wife’s love fluid and his own s*men. With every step the man took, the stains of his desire dripped down either onto his pants or on the floor. And this obscene sight only added fuel to Tang Guo’s ire.

    “Because I was jealous that you were alone with aunt! Why are you still interested in f*cking her?! We just did it in the bathroom!”

    “It was your aunt who asked me, I couldn’t think of a reason to refuse.”

    The man paused before continuing to say, “I was actually thinking of you when I was f*cking her.”

    Cheng Yuzhou said as he arrived in front of Tang Guo, and he impatiently seized the girl’s plump and tender br*asts with both hands, and gently brushed his thumbs over the tortured little girl’s strawberries.

    Tang Guo’s sensitive body immediately shuddered like a delicate flower in the cold wind.

    “You are the only one who can awaken my s*xuality. When I see your naked skin, it immediately turns me on. Even if I f*ck you all day long and squeeze my s*men dry, I would still want to f*ck you.”

    “Then f*ck me now!”

    “But your p*ssy hasn’t healed yet.”

    “I don’t care! I want you to f*ck me right now! F*ck me in front of your wife!”

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