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  • Chapter 19 Doing his wife in the kitchen after having an affair in the bathroom (H peeping)

    Because the shower gel was too slippery, this way of making love didn’t feel as good as usual, and Tang Guo’s little c**t didn’t feel Cheng Yuzhou’s c**k as intense as it usually did.

    However, Cheng Yuzhou’s sturdy arms held Tang Guo’s body and easily threw her up and down. He quickly found her G-sp*t and began to ruthlessly pound that sensitive spot.

    “Oh… Yuzhou…” Feeling her sensitive spot being repeatedly attacked, Tang Guo began to scream uncontrollably.

    Cheng Yuzhou’s head leaned back, revealing the pulsing blue veins on his neck.  At the sight of this, Tang Guo immediately recalled that when the man’s thick c**k would turn hard and stiff, blue veins would also appear on the surface.

    “Ah…en… Yuzhou! I’m c**ming! Please…please…don’t stop…faster!”

    Tang Guo’s c**t contracted instantly before soon spurting out a lot of honey, which also excited Cheng Yuzhou to loosen the gates of his essence and climb the peak of desire together with the girl.

    After cl*maxing, Cheng Yuzhou pulled his member out with a “puchi” sound, and then carefully settled Tang Guo back on the ground.

    “Now, I have to wash you again.”

    Cheng Yuzhou panted slightly while pouring shower gel onto his palm.

    Cheng Yuzhou began to scoop out the nectar flowing out from Tan Guo’s cave with his wet finger before cleaning it up with warm water spraying out from the shower head.

    After repeating this three or four times, Cheng Yuzhou began to smear body wash on Tang Guo’s lovely mounds.

    The man took the opportunity to play and rub the girl’s plump br**sts, pinching and plucking the pink and small n*pples from time to time.

    Cheng Yuzhou felt extreme delight in this act, and Tang Guo’s body also enjoyed this very much, the atmosphere in the bathroom pink and sweet.

    After Cheng Yuzhou had finally finished washing and drying themselves both, he took the naked Tang Guo back to her bed.

    “Sleep for a while and I’ll cook lunch. When the meal is ready, I will wake you up.”

    Tang Guo was about to smile and agree when suddenly the sound of the front door being opened by a key, sounded in the living room.

    Cheng Yuzhou quickly put on his clothes and told Tang Guo: “Your aunt is back, go to sleep. I will tell her that you are not feeling well, so she won’t disturb you.”

    After Cheng Yuzhou finished speaking, he squeezed the two cherry tips on Tang Guo’s bosoms playfully before leaving in a hurry.

    As soon as the man walked away, Tang Guo felt a chill of emptiness assail her.

    What was he doing with his wife downstairs? Were they hugging and kissing without her knowledge?

    The more Tang Guo thought about it, the more anxious she became. She simply endured the pain and discomfort in her lower body, and quietly opened the door, walking out softly.

    Tang Guo was still naked, but not only did she not care about it, she even hoped for Cheng Yuzhou to see her in her birthday suit.

    As soon as Tang Guo walked downstairs, she heard suppressed groans and grunts. The girl’s footsteps came to a stop immediately, her whole body motionless in shock.

    The mistress of the house was sitting on the counter in the kitchen with her back to Tang Guo, and Cheng Yuzhou was currently doing her hard.

    From this angle and position, the mistress could not see Tang Guo, but Cheng Yuzhou could.

    The naked Tang Guo deliberately approached them quietly so that Cheng Yuzhou could see her more clearly.

    At this moment, Tang Guo’s heart was full of anger, jealousy and unwillingness.

    Even though she knew that Cheng Yuzhou had a wife, Tang Guo still could not help but feel betrayed seeing them make love with her own eyes.

    The moment Tang Guo walked out from the corner of the stairs, Cheng Yuzhou immediately saw her.

    The man’s eyes were fixed on Tang Guo’s young and tender naked body, but his lower body continued to f**k his wife without any signs of slowing down or stopping at all.

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