Chapter 7 – “Eating” a Banana (H)

Cheng Yuzhou suddenly felt an urge to plunge himself inside her body, but he told himself to control it. He was patient, and they had plenty of time. A small smile appeared on his face.

With one hand, he pulled her legs apart wider. On the other hand, he held the frozen, chocolate-covered banana. Slowly but steadily, he began to push it inside her. 

As soon as the cold and smooth banana entered her, Tang Guo felt her body soften from the stimulation. Fortunately, her palms were flat on the table, so she didn’t fall back entirely. The man watched her reaction with interest and pushed the banana deeper inside her 

“Do you like bananas, Tang Guo?” he asked mischievously. 


He seemed to be very satisfied with her dazed answer. He pulled back the banana little by little until its hard tip was almost out before pushing it back in. As he repeated these shallow thrusts over and over again, his free hand slid up her smooth legs, thighs, abdomen, and waist, carefully caressing, pinching, rubbing, and teasing.

Tang Guo felt her body heat up wherever he touched. He promptly switched hands and continued to move the banana while gliding his other hand toward his favorite part of her body—her chest.

His palm and fingers were somewhat cold and sticky and slightly wet from holding the frozen banana. When his hand touched her breast and began to knead and pinch at it, the girl suddenly felt a torrent of heat flow out of her entrance, only to be blocked by the banana.

“Ah…” She quickly bit her lower lip, trying to suppress the embarrassing sound from coming out of her mouth.

“Let it out, baby. I like knowing that I’m making you feel good,” he said before giving the nipple of her neglected breast a hard pinch, eliciting an unbridled cry from her lips. Pleased by the sound, he worked harder to stimulate her nipple while maintaining his relentless motions with the banana.

Soon, her arms began to tremble, and her entire body was covered in a thin layer of sweat. She threw back her head, revealing her swan-like neck. Her face was red and her lips were parted slightly, her eyes were half-closed, and her eyelashes trembled like butterfly wings.

Finally, with one last pinch of her nipple, she reached a numbing climax. Her arms slackened, and he quickly moved his hand to protect her head before her body fell back against the table. Then, he chuckled and pulled out the banana.

Aside from the chocolate sauce smeared messily over its tip, the skin of the banana was also covered in her sticky, translucent juices.

“I’m a little envious of this banana now. I want to taste you down there too,” he complained with a regretful expression, but the look in his eyes was a sly one.

Author’s Note: Fiction is different from reality, please don’t attempt this at home.

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