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  • Chapter 5 – Lace Between Her Folds (H)

    They briefly exchanged pleasantries before the married couple entered the kitchen together to prepare dinner.

    After the meal, Mrs. Cheng said politely to Tang Guo, “I hope you don’t mind my poor cooking, Tang Guo. It used to be just your uncle and me, so we made do with whatever was in the fridge. If you have any thoughts or requests, please let me know.”

    “It’s okay, I’m not picky,” Tang Guo replied with a small, superficial smile. “Are there any fruits in the kitchen, Auntie? I feel like eating some.”

    “Yes! I bought some apples on my way back from work and left them in the kitchen. You should ask your uncle to go with you. I’m feeling a little hot, so I’m going to take a shower.”

    “Good idea! Tang Guo and I should spend some time together so I can help her feel more comfortable and at home here,” Cheng Yuzhou added warmly.

    “Fortunately, she still has a Sunday to adjust to everything. Since you’re her teacher, you should go to school with her tomorrow. I’ll be on day shift and night shift at the hospital tomorrow, so I’ll be gone all day,” Mrs. Cheng said with a slightly annoyed expression.

    “It’s alright, Uncle Cheng already promised to take me shopping” Tang Guo responded happily.

    “Really? That’s great! Don’t be shy and just tell your uncle whatever you need,” she said and then continued with an apologetic look, “I won’t have time to help you with your room.”

    “Don’t worry, Auntie! I’m a little overprotective of my things anyway, so I’ll do it myself.”

    “Alright, you said it yourself! We’re all set then.”

    Mrs. Cheng went to take a shower, leaving Tang Guo and Cheng Yuzhou to wash dishes in the kitchen—or rather, Tang Guo to wash the dishes and Cheng Yuzhou to fool around. He stood with his arms around her waist, groping and kneading her clothed mounds from behind. She could feel his half-stiff member growing bigger against her buttocks.

    A mischievous urge suddenly overcame him, and he leaned down to lick the shell of her right ear, eliciting a soft giggle from the young girl. He then took her earlobe into his mouth and twirled his tongue over it before moving his lips down her neck. His hand slid up her dress, his dry palms running along her smooth thighs until they reached her panties. 

    He gently bit down on her neck as he tugged her panties upward, compressing the flat fabric into a thin strip so it could be squeezed between her folds, similar to a thong. Her legs began to feel weak as he continued to play with her panties, continuously pulling and loosening the fabric. 

    “I’ll buy you some thongs tomorrow. You can choose the color and style you like,” he said casually, as if unaware of the girl’s reaction.

    “I like black lace. I want everything to be in black lace,” she replied, resisting the urge to rub her legs together. 

    “A very sexy and suitable choice,” he complimented before giving her panties a forceful jerk, causing the fabric to slide roughly against the small nub hidden between her folds.

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