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  • PCPM Chapter 8.1

    Ch 8.1 She was almost certain that person was him! (1)

    That was the first time Rong Mo had laid eyes on him and it was also the most profound memory that she ever had of him.

    If it was any other place or time, Rong Mo would have immediately shifted her line of sight away once she caught sight of him.

    And that was because he looked even more fierce and violent than her kidnappers.

    In the next second, she was immediately dumbfounded.

    He had bent his tall body down in a half squat to look at her.

    In a corner somewhere around a city, there stood a dark and dirty warehouse. Inside, from not too far away laid four paralyzed hoodlums and the entire space was filled with a damp unpleasant smell. This supposedly ‘bad man’ crouched in front of her with dust all over his T-shirt. In this kind of close range, she could almost see herself reflected in his pitch-black eyes.

    This man had a pair of considerably good looking eyes. His eye sockets were extremely deep and his lashes were long and thick. Even the stem of his lower lashes could be clearly seen. The most important thing was that his gaze didn’t contain any of the evil designs nor maleficence seen in the other eyes of those hoodlums and instead helped her calm down with no difficulty.

    It was odd. When her eyes were still blindfolded earlier, she had imagined him to definitely have an aggressive and fierce appearance. However, the man in front of him looked calm and composed, completely not in harmony with his current appearance.

    He ought to be very young. Despite his face being covered in stubbles, he evidently had a handsome outline. Rong Mo guessed that he was only around in his twenties and that his earlier hoarse and mature voice was only for show.

    She felt that this person was really strange.

    Too strange in fact.

    But at that time, she never would have imagined she would have taken in such a deep impression of those pair of eyes. Every time she recalled them, it was like she had remembered every word he had spoken to her very clearly.

    ****End of Flashback from one year ago****

    “Momo, I don’t think I can hold on any longer.”

    Rong Mo snapped out of her reverie and astonishingly found Luo Qingqing sprawled on the school table. “What are you doing?”

    Luo Qingqing’s face was turning pale. “I think my grandma gave me expired milk to drink. I’ve already gone to the bathroom 7 times.”

    “You’ll easily get dehydrated like this. Quickly go and ask for a leave from the teacher and go home to get some rest and medicine.”

    Luo Qingqing had originally wanted to take a peek at the new English teacher today but once the teacher in charge saw her complexion, he hurriedly called for her family to come pick her up.

    “Momo, I’m really going then. If you have any matters, just look for Teacher Li.”

    Luo Qingqing was still deeply worried when she left. Rong Mo had just transferred in for just a little more than a month and would sometimes skip class. She didn’t even have a lot of interactions with the rest of her classmates. She had always felt that there would only be two kinds of reactions when people meet Rong Mo for the first time. The first kind was that you would especially want to protect her. The second kind was that you would especially want to bully her. This was because she was too pretty yet too delicate. Her looks were so charming it made the girls go mad with jealousy yet she was so weak that these girls also wanted to protect her. 

    Moreover, there was no lack of guys who wanted to approach her. Take Cheng Yu from Class 3 as an example. But such a carefree boy always stammered every time he saw Rong Mo.

    “En, don’t worry.”

    Rong Mo knew that even if she deliberately appeared more friendly, she still wouldn’t be able to blend into the class. It was like every part of her was incompatible. Moreover, she had stayed at home for many years without much contact with the outside world. Even if she looked calm and collected on the surface, there was a big half of her that was only pretending. She was actually really thankful for the friendliness Luo Qingqing showed her. If she didn’t have this deskmate of hers, she probably wouldn’t have lasted in this place for so long.

    There was nobody who knew how uneasy she had felt when she first arrived here.

    The last class was chemistry and everybody needed to head to the lab.

    Zhou Tong who sat in the front row came over. “Rong Mo, I’ll push you towards the lab.”

    Zhou Tong was the class’s English representative. She studied well and had good relationships with people. Occasionally, she would ask Rong Mo about homework. Rong Mo looked at her and nodded. “Thank you.” 

    After walking half the way, Teacher Li ran over to help carry her up the stairs before hurryingly leaving.

    Once chemistry class ended, Teacher Li didn’t fetch her. Rong Mo waited for such a long time that all her classmates had already gone and in the end, the chemistry teacher was the one who had spotted her when he returned back to the lab to organize some stuff. Surprised to see that nobody had seen her, he quickly pushed her out and when he arrived at the stairs, he felt at a loss.

    “Can I please trouble you to call Teacher Li over.” The chemistry teacher was male. Even if he could directly carry the wheelchair, Rong Mo didn’t want to burden him to do so.

    “Alright, I’ll go over and call her. Wait right here.”

    There weren’t any classrooms on the 5th floor and at this time of the day, all the classes were already empty.

    Rong Mo sat waiting at the top of the stairs and suddenly imagined. If someone were to push her wheelchair down out of nowhere causing her to fall down, it’d be really cruel if she didn’t die from the impact…No, she was originally a waste anyway, how could it even get worse than that?

    While she was deep in thought, she suddenly felt herself rise in the air.

    “T-teacher Li?!”

    Rong Mo was so scared she was paralyzed in place. The person behind her directly lifted her wheelchair up. If it was Teacher Li who had been versed in weight-lifting, she would’ve tilted her body slightly and choke back a stifle to carry both her and her wheelchair down together.

    She didn’t even hear any incoming footsteps or breathing. Was this person planning to throw her down by lifting her this high up first?!

    “Hold on…..what are you trying to do?!”

    It was too high, why was he lifting her this high up?!

    She wanted to turn her head around for a look but she was too scared to even dare budge. Her entire body shrank down to her wheelchair as she very quickly descended down the stairs along with the wheelchair.

    The entire process didn’t even take a minute! And hearing the footsteps sound out, she was immediately realized that it was a guy!

    Once she finally reached the ground, Rong Mo didn’t even release a breath of relief and promptly turned her head around.

    However, there was only air behind her.

    She suddenly looked up and saw a figure that had just disappeared at the head of the stairs.


    Rong Mo saw him disappear and wanted to chase after him but as she pushed herself forward, she was hindered by the flight of stairs.

    She bit her lips and banged her hand against her armrest.

    She was almost completely certain that person was him.

    Don’t even mention his name, she couldn’t even remember what he looked like!

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