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  • PCPM Chapter 7.2

    Ch 7.2 Anybody was fine, can someone please just save her?!  (2)

    Under the dim lights, the girl’s naturally curly long hair messily dropped across her shoulders. Half of her face was covered by the black blindfold yet you could still see through the elegant silhouette of her features and her almost flawless white skin.

    She cut a sorry figure as her expensive clothes were ruined beyond recognition. However, at this filthy and dark place, the girl’s figure faintly emitted a noble and delicate fragrance which easily incited the appetite to tyrannize within the depths of the kidnappers’ hearts. 

    If they hadn’t carried out this kidnapping and instead saw this kind of little beauty on the street, who wouldn’t want to lift her up from her wheelchair and take her home to do similarly unspeakable things?

    Rong Mo finally became frantic. “You guys better think clearly about this. If you dare touch me, I guarantee you won’t receive a single cent at all.”

    The person who grabbed her paused for a slight moment. 

    In the end, she was still the young miss of the Rong Family, completely incomparable to the little daughters of those ordinary families.

    The people standing at the back didn’t seem to realize this and in fact, laughed even more maliciously instead. “Aiyo, what a big temper, as expected of a rich heiress.”

    “No kidding! Let’s take off her clothes and take a few photos. When it spreads all over the internet, we’ll see if she still throws a temper or not!”

    The three people broke into a vulgar laugh at the same time. When Rong Mo felt someone pull on her clothes, she finally couldn’t contain herself and frantically started to struggle.

    Oh God, who’s going to come and save her?! Anybody was fine, please just save her!

    Suddenly, a violent sound rang. It was most probably the sound of a person kicking a door open. The person who was holding Rong Mo’s chin immediately stood up. “Who is it?!”  

    Rong Mo couldn’t see anything and only sensed the four hoodlums heading towards the same direction like they were facing off against a big enemy. Someone even seemed to have taken out a weapon of some sort.

    She had yet to calm down yet and her tears were still streaming down her face until she heard a unfamiliar man’s hoarse voice. “Didn’t your boss tell you I was coming?”

    That voice sounded like he was in his thirties, it was husky and lazy. His tone was also incomparably arrogant. Several people were shocked at this. The ‘big brother’ leading the group hesitated for a moment before asking. “And you are?”

    After all, only his superiors that were in direct contact with them, knew about this place. When a violent person like him suddenly appeared, they were somewhat stupefied.

    The man casually swaggered in and asked. “Where’s the little kid?”

    Little kid? Who?

    Aside from the four kidnappers, the only person who fit the bill was the Rong Family’s lady.

    Rong Mo felt the gazes of several people landing on her so her body and mind immediately became more tense.

    “…..What are you planning to do?”

    The man smiled and spoke with an unreadable tone. “What do you think?”

    “Who the fuck are you!” One person finally recollected his senses and was about to pull him over and interrogate him. “Our boss never mentioned about anyone coming over.”

    The man still hadn’t made a sound when the sound of a phone rang.

    He raised the corner of his lips. “Didn’t it come just now?”

    The leader hurriedly picked up the call.

    Rong Mo felt someone approaching her and stopping just a few steps away.

    She felt a gaze sweep across her body and immediately felt taut all over.

    “The hostage? The hostage we’re keeping an eye on?”

    The contents of the conversation were unclear but the person who picked up the call suddenly felt something wrong and turned his head with the intention to ask.

    “Honestly, who the hell—-”

    He hadn’t finished his words when suddenly, his voice was rigidly choked. It was followed by a sound of something heavily hitting the ground. 

    Soon after, the sounds of curses, screams of pain and beating noises mixed together came and rang.The deafening sounds passed through Rong Mo’s ears. She didn’t know what was going on, so while they were fighting, she pressed herself closely to the corner. After about a minute or so, she still hadn’t reacted when the sounds became weaker and was left with a vague mumbling sounds.

    …..has it ended?

    What on earth happened?

    Footsteps approached and this time it stopped at a very close distance to her.

    Rong Mo subconsciously wanted to retreat but her back was already against the wall. Although she couldn’t see, she could sense that the person in front of her had bent down and was looking down on her from a view above.

    His gaze still carried an observing intention, making her feel strange.

    “….What are you trying to do?”

    The man didn’t tease her like he did a while ago and instead paused for a moment, seemingly like he was pondering about something before he reached his hand out to untie the blindfold on her face.

    “How old are you?”

    The instant her eyes were liberated, Rong Mo narrowed her eyes from the sharp discomfort that came from the sudden adjustment to the bright light. She could only see a tall and dark figure but what was odd was that —

    His voice had changed.

    It became younger, colder and even appeared to have a unique magnetism to it. It was entirely different to the mature and hoarse voice of a 30 year old she had heard earlier.

    It sounded roughty to be about…..20 years old?

    But she shouldn’t have heard wrong. Aside from the four gangsters, only this man appeared out of the blue, there was nobody else.

    Rong Mo struggled to get her eyes adjusted to the dim light but tears flooded her eyes, causing her to be unable to see anything clearly.

    She didn’t know if it was due to an angle problem but the man’s figure was abnormally tall. He appeared to be at least a full 1.85 meters tall. His hands held a black blazer and his white T-shirt hugged the outline of his buff and taut muscles. The ankles of his camouflage pants were tucked into his military boots which were covered with dust while his hands were dripping in blood.

    In her memories, not even the people seen on TV could surpass the sight of the imposing and terrifyingly powerful man, especially when he lowered his head and looked at her. Rong Mo subconsciously shivered on the spot, her entire body shrinking into the corner. 

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