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  • PCPM Chapter 7.1

    T/N: Extra chapter for Merry Christmas Special. Merry Christmas everybody!!

    Ch 7.1 Anybody was fine, can someone please just save her?! (1)


    “What did you say?” Luo Qingqing heard her say something in a low voice yet she didn’t hear it clearly.

    Rong Mo shook her head.

    She had previously seen the man tear off his beard with her own eyes and revealing his original face.

    However at that time, her consciousness wasn’t clear. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t see his face clearly. He also presumed that she had entirely passed out already.

    Ever since she was rescued from the hands of the kidnappers, almost a year had already gone by. She originally assumed he was a policeman, that he disguised himself to get closer to the kidnappers to rescue people, however, when she asked people to investigate him, they were unable to find him at all.

    He had completely without leaving a trace. 

    “Our third class is going to be English. I wonder if the new English teacher is going to come and teach us.”

    Rong Mo didn’t have a speck of interest towards the new English teacher. All that filled her head right now was the matters that happened the year before. 

    At that time, she had rarely left home by herself.

    She would certainly have a bodyguard following her every time she had left the house. Although she genuinely grew up in an affluent family and lived a different lifestyle compared to kids in ordinary families, she wasn’t delicate to an extravagant point.

    But ever since she was restricted to a wheelchair, her circumstances had changed.

    Even if nobody was following her, as long as she sat on her wheelchair, she attracted gazes and special consideration both intentionally or otherwise.

    No matter what she wanted to do, she always needed others’ assistance.

    It was such a nuisance. She naturally hated people who were annoying yet fate was cruel as it turns out that she herself had become the biggest nuisance.

    *****Flashback to one year before*****

    One day, she needed to head outside. It was her mother’s birthday at that time so she went to a certain flower shop and bought a bouquet of fresh flowers her mother loved the most. After that, she went to her mother’s favorite restaurant and ate a meal there. 

    Her father was aware of this habit of her hers so on that day, he especially allowed the drivers to bring her out and contacted the restaurant in advance to reserve her a seat.

    Nobody could’ve expected that she would encounter a mishap on the way.

    She was tied up but with only a simple knot, after all, she was still a ‘waste’. Even if nobody was keeping an eye on her and she used both hands to crawl, with her strength, she wouldn’t be able to crawl too far away.

    However, it was also fortunate that her eyes were blindfolded. This meant that the hoodlums only seeked for money and wanted nothing to do with her life. Or at least it was like this until the circumstances changed.

    When she got off the car, her nose and mouth were promptly covered and she was forcibly hauled away. She felt extremely frightened at that point but she felt even more vexed. 

    The more time passed, the more Rong Mo began to fret. Her head that had just calmed down after much difficulty began to turn haywire once more.

    With her current strength, she couldn’t rescue herself.

    The only thing she could do right now, was to wait…. But at this moment what she didn’t want to do the most, was also to wait.

    Because this day was almost about to come to an end..

    She didn’t know how much time had passed when from far away, someone had pushed the heavy doors open. What followed was a stream of curses that floated over.

    “For fuck’s sake. We’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting. How long are they going to make us wait?”

    “They’re really lucky they get to just wave and make a call to get those big bucks rolling in while we’re stuck in this goddamn place doing all the dirty work. Fuck!”

    “What can we do about it. The higher ups only care about reaping the benefits, why would they care for little hardworking fuckers like us.”

    “Whatever. Boss already said that when he gets the money, he’ll split it with us and it’ll all be worth waiting for these few hours.”

    The leader glanced at the rolled up figure at the corner and lowered his voice asking. “Do you know how much she’s worth?”

    Rong Mo’s eyes were blindfolded so her other senses were heightened and she was able to hear the voices very clearly. The other person, however, didn’t seem to reply. She guessed that he must have mouthed or used his fingers to give a sum because it was then followed with the successive gasps of astonishment and excitement of the other three people.

    “Motherfucker, she’s really worth that much?”

    “It’s true. She’s the pearl in Rong Ji’s palm. The only daughter of the Rong Family. Even though she’s handicapped, her daddy still loves this handicapped daughter of his.”

    The other two people’s interests appeared to have been piqued from these words as they started to walk towards her direction.

    “I’ve never seen such a pampered little heiress. With a social status like hers, she must be more expensive than kidnapping a kindergarten child. It’s worth it. It’s SO fucking worth it.”

    When she heard the latter half of the words, Rong Mo’s eyes widened in disbelief.

    What a scum!

    Rong Mo silently cursed in her heart yet at the same time, she keenly detected an incoming danger.

    These people were wickedly vicious yet also ignorant of the world. Carrying out this inhumane act of kidnapping, they were bound to be the type to not think things through before taking action. After suddenly hearing about Rong Mo’s worth, adding on to the ominous feeling provided that they were currently at a dark warehouse, another dark intention aroused inside them as they stared at Rong Mo who was curled in a corner.

    One person grabbed her shoulder and lifted her up, pressing her against the wall. Then he used a hand to capture her chin and forcible lifted her head up.

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