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  • PCPM Chapter 6.2

    Ch 6.2 She knew that that was his disguise (2)

    Everyone’s gazes looked over in astonishment.  

    Rong Men stared at them. Even though she still maintained the same posture, her expression and eyes did not look too good.

    “What did you say?”

    “I’m letting you apologize to me.”

    Yan Dong was stupefied.

    Rong Mo’s eye color was as pale as her hair color. Luo Qingqing curiously wondered before whether she dyed her hair or wore colored contacts and later on discovered that it was all au naturel so she thought her very similar to a doll. Now, those pale eyes staring at Yan Dong almost gave people an indescribably cold feeling.

    “If you apologize now, it’s not too late.”

    “That’s fine. If you become my girlfriend, I’ll allow my brothers to apologize to you.” Yan Dong smiled and said. “I’ll even you carry you to and from school, how about it?”

    “Are you for real, Brother Dong?”

    Luo Qingqing didn’t know what to do. She wanted to go look for help yet she didn’t dare leave Rong Mo alone. She really admired her for being able to maintain her composure while she was being humiliated like this.

    However, seeing her upright back, she could also see that she was quite angry. She remembered that she had just been slouching on her wheelchair earlier.

    Yan Dong took two, three steps over and ignored Luo Qingqing’s cry of fear. He bent down and propped himself against Rong Mo’s wheelchair.

    He neared Rong Mo’s ears and smiled, asking. “Are your legs really not able to stand? Can I try touching them?”

    Yan Dong looked quite proper. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be a lot of girls who liked his bad boy attitude. However, at this moment, he evidently seemed to have crossed the boundaries of mischief.

    As he said this, he reached his hand out to grab Rong Mo’s long skirt.

    In the next second, a cry of fear rang out.

    It was a miserable shriek as everybody stared wide-eyed at Yan Dong who clutched his stomach and directly fell onto the floor. His body convulsing continuously.

    “What happened to him?!”

    They looked at Rong Mo and realized she held a peculiar shaped flashlight-looking object in her hand that was even producing beams of light.

    Never did they imagine that such a weak disabled girl would actually bring a stun gun on her!

    “Brother Dong!”

    Several boys wanted to support Brother Dong up but didn’t dare to touch him. They were afraid that the shock would transfer over to them. Seeing this, Luo Qingqing wanted to laugh at this group of idiots.

    Brother Dong was starting to roll his eyes so the group of people wanted to angrily rush over to Rong Mo to get their revenge!

    Luo Qingqing hurriedly spoke out. “His eyes are showing whites and you guys still aren’t taking him to the hospital ah.”

    The fatty in the group ruthlessly remarked. “Fuck! This old man is going to kill you first!”

    This fatty was one of the most ruthless members of the group who loved to fight. He looked extremely fierce as he advanced forward, making Luo Qingqing cry out from fright.

    Rong Mo yelled out sternly. “Don’t come over!”

    With her sudden increase in volume, not only were the guys shocked, Luo Qingqing was too.

    Rong Mo held the stun weapon in her hand, turning the dial on it with her fingers as she coldly spoke. “Whoever dares to take another step, I’ll make sure he’ll meet an even more wretched end than Yan Dong.”

    She was obviously only a weak girl yet she emitted a biting cold that didn’t tolerate any kind of assault. A few of the guys were dumbfounded for a moment and for a period of time, nobody actually dared to go up to her.

    Yan Dong was lifted up but they still couldn’t move him so when they spoke, their voices sounded strained. “How ferocious, fuck.”

    Fatty spoke up again. “Fuck! Grab that thing she has on her hand!”

    Just when he was about to approach her, someone ran over from afar. “What are you guys doing!”

    It was the security guard who was responsible for guarding the rear gates and the PE teacher. Teacher Li’s expression changed when she saw Rong Mo being bullied. The principal had especially asked her to take care of Rong Mo, otherwise, if anything were to happen to her, nobody was able to bear the burden.

    “Teacher, she has a weapon on her! She even hurt Yan Dong with it!”

    “That’s right! We should quickly call 120(1)!”

    1. 120: Emergency number in China

    Listening to their words made the security guard laugh. Such a weak delicate lady lady like Rong Mo who sat on her wheelchair, beat up the school tyrant so bad they needed to call 120?

    “Even if I did hurt him, it was legitimate self-defense.” Rong Mo placed both hands on the armrest of her wheelchair and put on a righteous face. “I remembered that before I started attending class, the school should have installed surveillance cameras, correct?”

    When she lifted her head, everybody’s gaze couldn’t help but instinctively follow the direction of her gaze and there was shockingly indeed a camera placed on the school gates.

    With such a poor school like theirs, their front entrance didn’t have any surveillance camera, so how could the rear gates have them all of a sudden?!

    At this time, the eye-catching Land Rover SUV of the Rong Family speedily drove over and stopped at the gates. Seeing something wrong with the situation, the driver quickly got off and ran to Rong Mo’s side. “Miss, what happened?”

    “Someone’s accusing me of a crime.” Rong Mo said. “Teacher Li, can I trouble you to call the principal over. I’m afraid that these classmates will want to call the police on me later. It won’t be good if I can’t clear my name.”

    The fatty and the other guys’ faces turned red. Rong Mo’s driver was tall and even wore a suit with gloves on. He looked like those foreign bodyguards on the TV. Moreover, they hadn’t anticipated that there would be surveillance footage of them. How could a group of bullying delinquents like them have the power to fight back?

    Not a moment later, the principal really did a little jog over and was even joined by the head teacher of their grade. Together, they showered the ‘school tyrants’ with spits and condemnation before sending Yan Dong off to the infirmary. The principal turned around and wanted to express concern for Rong Mo when he discovered that she had already left in her car.

    “Principal, when did our school install such cameras?”

    “These were installed the day before the Rong Family lady arrived. Her father had especially hired workers to come install them. The monitoring room was also renovated. Just a while ago, someone had noticed something happening at the rear gates and called me to go over.” The principal said. “The Rong Family’s lady is extremely finicky but she won’t be here for much longer as she still has to prepare for entering university.”

    “Oh, then is the new worker who was just employed, the Rong Family’s bodyguard? Is he here solely to protect her?”

    The principal was stupefied for a moment before his memories were jogged. “Ahhh, that’s right that’s right. There was a new school worker.”

    “Let me just say put this out. He doesn’t look like the type to do menial labor.”

    Their school workers all came from the county and were only responsible for cleaning and maintaining hygiene. Only that person’s manner was completely different.

    At this moment, they didn’t take the matter seriously and only treated it as if the Rong Family had just sent a bodyguard over. They didn’t want to affect the other students so they made the bodyguard dress up as a school worker for him to be able to remain in school. Later on, a rumor spread that the tyrants that were scolded by the principal were put in order by a school worker, turning them incredibly docile. 

    “Rong Mo, did you hear?” Luo Qingqing asked Rong Mo excitedly. “We have a new extraordinarily handsome English teacher coming to school.”

    “Is that so?”

    Rong Mo never had any interest in teachers. After all, she really wasn’t here to study.

    “Also, Also, a new school worker came to our school. I saw him yesterday wiping the glass windows on the fourth floor. Fourth floor! It was so high yet he was only gripping on the wall as he wiped. I carefully observed him and saw that he didn’t even have a rope tied around his waist to support him. It was scary but he had a really good figure just like a model. It’s a pity that he had a bearded face so you can’t really see what he looks like.” Luo Qing started gossiping without stopping. This was probably her way of reducing the stress she felt from the intense workload of a third year student. “I heard that he looked terrifying and especially vicious. Whenever Yan Dong and his group saw him, they would take a detour around him. There were also several girls who weren’t afraid of him just like that girl from Class 6, who was also their class beauty. She was helping him throw out the trash yesterday yet he never paid her a single notice at all.”

    Rong Mo was stunned for a moment. “A bearded face?”

    In her memories, a certain man’s appearance surfaced in an instant.

    His silhouette was distinct. His brows and eyes were deep and his features were also extremely charming, however it was all covered up with a bearded face. 

    –She knew, that was his disguise. As for what he truly did look like, she had always been curious to know. 

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