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  • PCPM Chapter 5.2

    Ch 5.2 The year after Rong Mo was kidnapped (2)

    In the beginning, there were a lot of students who curiously followed behind to watch her. She didn’t pay any attention to this and acted as if she hadn’t seen them nor heard their discussion. Perhaps because the driver of the car looked really strict, some people assumed that he was her father whereas others felt that he was more like a professional driver of a wealthy family.

    The little county was only that big after all. Once news started to spread from the school, a lot of outsiders got to know that a special girl had transferred over.

    Even the way the teachers treated her was special. At least after so long, Luo Qingqing hadn’t seen a teacher who questioned her in class. Even the school principal specially visited their class several times and each time, he would treat her very amiably.

    Luo Qingqing felt at a loss for a week and couldn’t help but start a conversation with her. At that time, she recalled that they were having was self-revision period and Luo Qingqing saw that she didn’t appear too well. She would only move after several minutes and would fidget around, looking at her watch or touching her cup. To other people, this may look normal but a ‘good student’ like Rong Mo never moved much while sitting in class, it was completely uncommon, so she couldn’t help but ask what she was troubled about.

    Immediately after, Luo Qingqing saw her pause for a moment before turning her head to look at her.

    Those eyes of hers left a very deep impression because it was practically the first time she had looked straight into her eyes. She had always felt that Rong Mo was pretty, the kind of pretty that was hard for others to avert their gaze. Her skin was also nice, it revealed a girl’s white tenderness and looked even better than any of the skin tone the girls in her class had.

    When she came into contact with Rong Mo’s eyes, Luo Qingqing’s heart started to beat irregularly.

    She saw that her face was smudged with a good-looking pink flush and that her teeth were biting down on her lower lips as she said her very first sentence to her.

    “I…..don’t feel too good.”

    Luo Qingqing’s heart jumped as she secretly thought about how pleasant her voice sounded and how pretty her eyes were. If she weren’t handicapped, how much more perfect would she be?

    But at the next second, she seemed to immediately realized something amiss and asked her in a small voice if she wanted to go to the bathroom. 

    Rong Mo had a somewhat embarrassed expression on and paused for a moment before nodding her head.

    Because her body was special, Rong Mo had never joined any group activities. If she needed anything, there would always be a female P.E teacher who would bring her to use the teachers’ only toilet and not the public toilet that was a hundred meters away from the school building.

    Luo Qingqing immediately told the teacher of the situation and brought her to the bathroom together with the teacher.

    After they came back, Rong Mo gave her her piece of thanks.

    Luo Qingqing’s face reddened. Ever since that moment, she had always felt that this “Big Miss” who sat in a wheelchair actually didn’t seem to be as unapproachable and reserved as she looked.

    And ever since then, she tried interacting more with her. Although she looked reserved, she could actually really talk and always tended to deviate from the subject. They talked about all kinds of things ranging from rumors in school to gossips about the county. Rong Mo always had a hand propped against her chin as she seriously listened to her speaking and would occasionally reveal a shy or amazed smile.

    Luo Qingqing really liked this girl who didn’t really talk much and could only come to school in a wheelchair. She thought that she was really good-natured and she didn’t deserve anybody speaking badly about her however, you couldn’t really control other people’s mouths, especially those who liked to secretly gossip or publicly talk about her.

    Luo Qingqing ran back to class panting with rage and found Rong Mo sitting at her desk and sleeping.

    She sat near the windows. Her head of black hair falling across her back with a school jacket draped around her. Her snoring face looked like that of a little child’s.

    Luo Qingqing couldn’t bear to wake her but Rong Mo was sensitive to the surroundings and roused by herself. “What’s wrong? Weren’t you having PE class?”

    The red flush on Luo Qingqing’s face hadn’t dissipated because of the mood. She only shook her head and kept quiet.

    Rong Mo fell silent for a moment before she spoke. “Who provoked you?”

    “N-Nno, it’s that they….”

    “Were they talking about me again?”

    Luo Qingqing widened her eyes. Again? Was she saying that she knew it was happening the entire time?

    Rong Mo smiled.

    Seeing the smile on her face, Luo Qingqing suddenly understood. She definitely must have known. The reason why she didn’t pay attention to it was only because she didn’t have those people in her eyes, much less her heart.

    Naturally, the Luo Qingqing at the moment wasn’t able to see the unhappiness in Rong Mo’s eyes as she tightly clenched her hands into fists.

    Fortunately, nobody else was here and those people didn’t have the guts to say it to her face.

    Otherwise, even if she couldn’t stand up, she couldn’t be angered into jumping up from her chair either. 

    Rong Mo told herself, she was still a wise and virtuous lady.

    Even if she didn’t want to be one, she still didn’t have the ability to jump anyway…

    So the least she could do was maintain her wise and virtuous manner to be still above them.

    Rong Mo took a deep breath and said. ”Qingqing, can you send me down. I’ve already notified the teacher so I can leave early today.”

    If she didn’t go right now, she was afraid she wouldn’t be able to hold her temper back.

    There was nobody here who was accustomed to her nor was there anybody who cared about her.


    Luo Qingqing pushed her until she reached the staircase and encountered a difficult situation. With her current strength, she had no way of carrying Rong Mo down as she was afraid of dropping her.

    “Are you going back now?“

    At this moment, a voice resounded from the back. Luo Qingqing turned her head to look and it was actually their PE teacher.

    Teacher Li had always taken good care of Rong Mo until now. When Rong Mo wanted to go to the bathroom, it was also thanks to her help, so the students had always reckoned that Teacher Li must be Rong Mo’s relative or some sort.

    “Yes, I’m going back.” Rong Mo nodded. “I’ll be troubling you, Teacher Li.”

    The PE teacher didn’t say anything further and carried the entire wheelchair with her down the stairs.

    “You can go back to class. Don’t worry about me.”

    Teacher Li hesitated for a moment. She was still conducting class so it wasn’t convenient to send Rong Mo off so she could only assign Qingqing to do so before she left.

    Luo Qingqing pushed her chair slowly until they reached the rear doors.

    There was only one security guard who looked after the rear doors, however it wasn’t monitored as strictly as the front doors. When they arrived, nobody was there, probably because the person had gone to the toilet.

    “Is there someone coming to get you?”

    “Nope.” Rong Mo shook her head.

    She glanced at her watch. She had actually notified her driver at the last moment so he couldn’t come in time.

    Luo Qingqing spoke flabbergasted. “Then how are you going to go back?”

    Rong Mo stared at the public bus stop across the street. “By taking the public bus.”

    Luo Qingqing: “Huh???”

    She really couldn’t imagine the scene of Rong Mo taking the public bus. Besides…..what was she going to do about her wheelchair?

    “Which public bus are you taking?”

    Rong Mo replied. “Whichever is fine.”

    Luo Qingqing: “Huh?”

    “Whichever that goes wherever is fine.” Rong Mo stared at the public bus stop and who knew what she was thinking for she suddenly looked a bit more spirited. “I haven’t taken the public bus for a long time.” 

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