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  • PCPM Chapter 5.1

    Ch 5.1 The year after Rong Mo was kidnapped (1)

    Rong Mo was stunned.

    She stayed silent for a moment before speaking. “Call the police. Say that there’s an impersonator with unknown motives who wants to approach me.”

    Lin Sa: “Miss, are you for real?”

    “Of course I’m not.”

    Rong Mo continued. “Go take a look if it’s real or not. If it’s not him, then throw him out and beat him up.”

    Throwing him out was meant for real but beating him up was naturally a slip of the mouth.

    However, supposing that this were the Rong home, if any bodyguard dared to provoke Rong Mo, needless of Rong Mo’s decision, Lin Sa herself was going to take action.

    However, she had her suspicions at this moment, was the person who came here to ‘start work’, really Z?

    The Z who always had a temper as stubborn as his appearance and always carried a cold attitude towards anyone?

    In this world, Rong Mo was probably the only exception to him. 

    Lin Sa asked tentatively: “Then are you letting him up?”

    Rong Mo’s expression twisted for a moment before she answered. “…..No.”

    The corner of Lin Sa’s mouth twitched as she tried her best to hold back her laugh– Her face that rarely had a smile on, actually experienced a situation where she had a desire to laugh.

    Nie Feizhan and Rong Mo had a special kind of bodyguard relationship between them. They’ve been entangled for 5 years. 

    The most meaningful was the four years they had spent together in the past. Rong Mo suddenly recalled the time she had gone back to her hometown to attend senior high.

    Naturally, to Rong Mo, this wasn’t just some random reminiscence. This high school was the one her mother had previously attended and back then, she had already received her university acceptance letter. Despite that, she still wanted to experience an ordinary high school life before reaching adulthood. After all, ever since Rong Mo was confined to a wheelchair, she had almost never left home, much less attend school.

    At that time, her father was helpless towards her request. Rong Mo was different compared to ordinary girls her age but she wanted to go to the same high school as them. Furthermore, she even gave a condition to never bring nannies nor bodyguards to school. If she were to be bullied at school or encountered an accident, what could they do then?

    Ever since she was kidnapped once before, Rong Ji worried for his daughter’s safety until his heart broke. Even if he wanted her to be slightly happier and freer, he also feared that she would once again get hurt, yet she stubbornly insisted on wanting only one person to be her bodyguard back then.

    He had never been able to reject his daughter’s request so in the end, after one month of Rong Mo’s sulking, he agreed to let her attend school.

    This happened almost a year after Rong Mo was kidnapped.

    Back then, Rong Mo would’ve never imagined that the man she had always wanted to see would reappear before her once again.

    ****Flashback to when Rong Mo started attending school****

    “Aiii, Luo Qingqing, why didn’t that lame person from your class come and join us?”

    Luo Qingqing was originally reading a book under a tree. Hearing these words almost made her brows erect in anger but before she was able to speak, someone had started giggling.

    “This is P.E class. Why would she attend this? Is she gonna push her wheelchair over?”

    Luo Qingqing leapt up in anger as her face flushed red. “Who…Who are you calling lame!”

    “One’s a stutterer, the other one’s disabled, No wonder you two were made desk mates.”

    “I heard that your deskmate is some rich heiress who’s really loaded. Since you wait on her all day, why haven’t we seen you flexing yet ah.“

    “Can you please stop speaking rubbish.”

    Luo Qingqing turned her head and saw the class monitor walk over.

    “Class Monitor, they’re too much. They actually called Rong Mo a…a….”

    Seeing that Luo Qingqing was going to complain and quarrel with people from the second class, some people from the third class came over too.

    “I mean she really is a waste, they’re not wrong.”

    “It’s just really unpleasant to hear ah.”

    The boys from the third class who were playing basketball, came over and among them, a guy who was dribbling, abruptly threw the ball towards the girls without any care. It produced a loud sound, bouncing high up in the air. Several girls shrieked and dispersed, leaving behind only Luo Qingqing who stared at the boy in gratitude.

    Cheng Yu took two steps forward and caught the ball back, spinning it on his fingers. “The next time someone talks shit about our class goddess, let me deal with all of them.”

    “That’s right. Brother Yu’s goddess can’t be slandered by anyone like that.”

    “Scram, what do you mean my goddess. She’s obviously our entire class’s goddess.”

    The boys’ banter quickly put an end to the girls’ previous topic. Luo Qingqing let out a breath of relief, however she still felt somewhat indignant.

    The lame person they were talking about was her desk mate, Rong Mo.

    Rong Mo was a transfer student who had arrived half a month ago.

    The county town wasn’t that big and as the only reputable middle school, students who transferred in their third year of high school were really rare. Nevertheless, having transfer students always caused a big stir within the own class only and the novel feeling would usually pass away within time. 

    However, Rong Mo was different. When she transferred over, she didn’t stir a ripple, instead she inspired a wave. And this wave wasn’t neither small nor short, in fact, it continued up until now and had infected the entire school. 

    It was not that this school didn’t have a special handicapped students, however, she was still the first one to arrive to school in a wheelchair.

    Moreover, being in a wheelchair wasn’t the reason a wave was formed. There was actually another special factor to this transfer student’s identity.

    For example, being extraordinarily pretty.

    The type of beauty where it made people sigh that there didn’t exist a perfect person in this world. There was also a sorrow that accompanied it, for such a beautiful girl was actually handicapped.

    Luo Qingqing had been her desk mate for more than a month. She had always thought that going to classes with her, going to the same school as her, or rather, the image of the entire county didn’t match her. She looked too refined, too pampered, just like those dolls that couldn’t move in their chairs. She couldn’t imagine that she was just an ordinary family’s daughter and couldn’t ignore the fact that she had a private car that specially sent her off and picked her up..

    Everyday after school, that car would always stop before the school’s rear doors. If you watched TV often, you would think that the car looked extremely similar to a celebrity’s nanny car. Every time, the driver would stand in front of the car and wait. He would then lift Rong Mo inside then fold the wheelchair to fit into the car.

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