PCPM Chapter 48

Chapter 48 I am finally wearing a wedding dress and walking towards you, taking one step at a time.

If one weren’t familiar with Nie Feizhan, even if they have seen his original appearance, they wouldn’t be able to associate Nie Feizhan’s current appearance to him at all. 

Because he did not merely change his appearance, the aura that emanated from his bones had transformed as well.

Just like back then when she saw him for the first time, she felt that he was not a good person from the very first glance.

But then later on, she realized that for her, there was no better man in this world than him.

But she didn’t understand, why did Nie Feizhan use this appearance to confront Rong Xun?

Is there any secret Rong Xun was harboring that she doesn’t know?

“Father, what in the world is going on? Why is Rong Xun here?” Rong Mo asked puzzledly.

And in such a terrible state too. It was obvious that he had been disciplined very heavily.

She knew how powerful Nie Feizhan’s skills were. She also knows that his temper had always been irritable, but no matter how irritated he was, Nie Feizhan would never act on it so easily.

To be able to make him act and deal such a heavy hand must’ve meant that it was no small matter.

Rong Ji patted the back of her hand and motioned her not to be in a hurry and watch the scene unfold first.

Nie Feizhan sat on the sofa, staring at Rong Xun without a word.

It was a gesture that could easily cause the other person to feel oppressed. Although Rong Xun was a ruthless fox, in front of this man, he seemed to become powerless.

“Keep talking.” Nie Feizhan spoke coldly.

“I’ve already said everything. What else do you want to hear?” Rong Xun was obviously being pushed to the limits. He stood up, pointing at Nie Feizhan and yelled, “You’re not even the fucking police! What right do you have to interrogate me?”

Nie Feizhan stared at him without speaking.

The few seconds of silence caused cold sweat to appear on Rong Xun’s face, and the courage he had just mustered vanished without a trace.

“On the basis …” Nie Feizhan stared into his eyes, saying each word slowly, “that I can kill you right now.”

Even if Rong Mo was just looking at them across the screen, she could also feel that Nie Feizhan’s current persona was indeed very different from his original character. It was as if he was an entirely different person who was cold and terrifying.

No different to a murderer who had killed someone in a movie, there would be no doubts that in the next second, he might break the neck of the person across him with his bare hands.

Rong Xun’s face promptly turned pale.

As soon as Nie Feizhan moved but even before he could actually stand up, Rong Xun retreated to the corner covering his head. “I’ll say it, I’ll say everything, don’t kill me … please don’t kill me!”

Rong Xun was obviously frightened to the point of having a mental breakdown as his body was shaking all over, “Yes! Back then, I was the one who ordered people to kidnap Rong Mo, but I didn’t want to hurt her. On the contrary, I did like her very much. If it wasn’t for her legs, I would have treated her as my real sister, but she’s clearly a cripple.”

Due to extreme fear or possibly some other reason, Rong Xun gradually exposed the twisted side of his heart. “In this generation of the Rong family, I’m still present excluding her. My father is already dead, yet Rong Ji ’s mind is always on his disabled daughter … I also blame my dad for dying early, but even though he was not a genuine member of the Rong family, why was Rong Mo considered to be the only heir of the Rong Family?

When Rong Xun said the first sentence, Rong Mo was stunned.

She never would’ve imagined that the person who organized her kidnapping incident was actually Rong Xun!

For a long time, or from an early age, she had always regarded Rong Xun as her brother. Even if they weren’t close, in any case, they were still relatives.

Even if she later discovered hat Rong Xun’s father was a child adopted by her grandfather, she would still regard him as half a relative. Besides, Rong Ji had always treated him well..

She had only been 16 years old! Rong Xun was merely a 22-year-old young man at that time. How dare he…. how could he even have the heart to treat her and her father like this?! 

“I was just trying to send her far away, so that Rong Ji could never find her …”

Before Rong Xun could even finish, his collar was suddenly lifted by Nie Feizhan who slammed him ruthlessly against the wall.

“Then did you even know what those people did to her back then?!”

The lens could not capture Nie Feizhan’s face, but just from his voice and the blue veins prominently standing out from his hands, one could still feel his anger.

“You obviously knew what those jerk things would do to her, Rong Xun, those dark thoughts in your heart, do you think you’re the only one aware of them?!”

Rong Xun was obviously not impacted lightly, instead, his face started to contort and he even started laughing wildly.

“Ah … I know who you are.” Rong Xun looked into Nie Feizhan’s eyes and said, “You are the mysterious man who had always been protecting Rong Mo. Whenever I attempted to have something done to Rong Mo before, you would always be there guarding here. How else could a woman like Lin Sa, who only knew how to fight, be able to protect her.”

Rong Xun smiled revealing his white teeth stained with blood. At this moment, his appearance looked no different to a pervert. “You were the one who had rescued her back then, right? Nie Feizhan?”

Nie Feizhan lifted him by the collar and threw him to the ground.

Rather than calling it a throw, a more accurate term for it should’ve been smashed. The loud sounds and screams coming from the screen convinced people that Rong Xun’s bones and internal organs must’ve been dealt with heavy damage.

As soon as Nie Feizhan was about to do something again, he was held back by He Wei who had rushed into the room.

“Brother Zhan, that’s enough. If you continue beating him up, he will really die!”

“I’m going to kill him today!”

“You can kill him next time. Right now, you’re being watched by sister-in-law and father-in-law, so you can’t…” He Wei suddenly realized something wrong with the words he used midway and promptly changed them “Ah ptoo!, I mean, you can’t kill him while your wife and father-in-law is watching you!” 

Fortunately, he was able to change his words in time, otherwise, the next person who was going to be killed was him!

Hearing this sentence, Nie Feizhan did indeed stop.

Rong Mo originally could not help trembling. She was frightened and angry, but when she looked at Nie Feizhan, relief surged within her.

All the grievances and injuries she had suffered were struck down by the man’s tough fists.

All imminent dangers posed towards her were severely blocked by him.

Even if Rong Xun had plotted it, what would it matter?

To her, Rong Xun was no different to any jerk in the world who had committed unspeakable things..

On the other hand, it was apparent that Rong Ji’s anger had yet to be relieved as his body continued to shake in anger. “This jerk!”

“Father, it’s all in the past.” Rong Mo held him in comfort, “The laws will punish him.”

Linda’s surrender had brought in a lot of criminal evidence, rendering Rong Xun’s defense completely futile.

Coupled with Rong Mo’s case back then, it provided enough grounds to impose a life-sentence on him.

“Sister Sa, take me to him.”

“To Rong Xun?” Lin Sa asked.

“Why would I visit that trash?” Rong Mo laughed. “Take me to Nie Feizhan.” 

As soon as she finished speaking, she heard his voice ringing from the other side.

“I’m here.”

Rong Mo looked back.

He was still dressed up in his disguise, in black leather, camouflage trousers, sporting messy hair, and a beard that covered his chin.

But the cold air around him had changed.

It became gentle, calm, and tolerant.

As he strode towards her, he tore off the camouflage on his face until his original handsome face was revealed.

Rong Mo smiled at this and reached out her hand to him.

“Come here and hug me.”

In the next second, she was taken into Nie Feizhan’s embrace.

“I’m sorry.” Nie Feizhan hugged her tightly in his arms, and apologized to her with a husky voice. “I should have found out he was the culprit earlier. If we had found the evidence earlier, he would not have been able to do so much to hurt you.”

Rong Mo shook her head. “It’s not you who should apologize.”

“Thank you, Nie Feizhan.”

Thank you for saving me that year, and thank you for protecting me regardless of everything.

“I love you.” Nie Feizhan kissed her forehead: “Everything I did for you was only natural.”

Rong Mo smiled, “I love you too, Zhan gege.”

Lin Sa heaved a breath of relief. When she turned her head away, she saw a head sneaking around the corner.

He Wei smiled at her, revealing his white teeth. “Hi, little Sasa.”

Lin Sa’s smile immediately vanished as she started walking towards him aggressively.

“… Wait, what are you planning … don’t come over here, I’m going to call the police ahhhhh!”


One year later.

Nie Feizhan watched the screen intently, the veins on his forehead appeared ready to pop out.

When he saw Rong Mo fall to the ground again, he couldn’t help but stand up abruptly.

“No, you can’t go there Brother Zhan!” He Wei held him back resolutely.

“Get lost! I’m going to accompany her!” Nie Feizhan roared with red eyes, “If she can’t stand up, I won’t force her to. I don’t want to see her suffer any longer!”

The video playing on the screen was of Rong Mo in the middle of her rehabilitation.

When they got engaged a year ago, Rong Mo expressed one wish to him, hoping that he would agree to it.

Nie Feizhan could not possibly refuse any of her demands, but when he heard her reveal his wish, he hesitated.

Rong Mo had decided to go for treatment.

Of course, Nie Feizhan wanted to accompany her, but Rong Mo’s attitude was firm. She insisted that she did not want him to accompany her.

It was only in this matter that she did not want him accompanying her.

He could naturally give her courage, but in front of him, she couldn’t bear any hardships. Whenever she saw him, she would always want to open her arms and have him carry her, and Nie Feizhan as well, certainly couldn’t bear to watch her suffer.

So instead of being protected by him, she would work harder by herself.

More than a year had already passed by, and whenever they were together, Rong Mo would still sit in her wheelchair, however, when they were separated, she would spend the majority of the time working herself very hard.

Day after day she worked hard, putting in all her effort.

She wanted to break away from the wheelchair that had trapped her for more than ten years, and stand up once again, intending to marry him wearing a wedding dress.

Nie Feizhan had no power against her tears and pleading, so he ultimately ended up giving in to her.

But how could he really have the heart to let her put in all her effort.

Every time Rong Mo’s sweat trickled down, every time she grit her teeth, attempted to stand but fell or every time her painful complexion went from red to pale, he felt as if a knife was stuck in his heart.

He was allowed to watch her, but wasn’t allowed to hold her, so each time he saw these situations happening, he bore it until his entire body ached.

He Wei has already stopped him more than once, and every time he did, he had to hold back with all his strength. In fact, it felt as if countless of his muscles had been conditioned from this training, proving to be much more useful than going to the gym to exercise. .

In the end, he was still inferior to Nie Feizhan as he had been impatiently peeled off and thrown away by him, falling to the ground. 

“I can’t stand it. I’m going to find her.”

“This fool.” He Wei muttered, “This isn’t even the most updated video. Who knows how Ms. Rong is doing right now …”

Nie Feizhan was about to leave when his phone started ringing.

It was Rong Mo requesting for a video call. Nie Feizhan wiped the look on his face immediately, and gathered his expression, smiling at the camera, “Baby, what are you doing?”

“Busy thinking about you.”

Rong Mo’s cheeks were slightly red, her forehead was slightly sweaty, and she looked evidently tired, but her appearance was healthier and livelier than her pale appearance in the past.

Nie Feizhan stared at the bright smile she had on her face, and couldn’t help but pat his chest: “I’m going over to pick you up right now.”

“Right now?”

“Yes, right now.” Nie Feizhan yelled into the mobile phone: “I miss you so much I’m going crazy!”

“Okay, then come!” Rong Mo also shouted, “Bring me some delicious food as well!”

“Okay, hubby will buy you whatever you want.”

He Wei who was laying on the ground, rolled his eyes when he heard this.

He couldn’t stand these two love birds, he really couldn’t stand them. Brother Zhan’s sappiness was getting stronger and stronger by day.

Why didn’t he realize back then that this cold and hard man was actually a mensao wife slave?

As for Ms. Rong Mo… 

The originally noble and affluent heiress had started to learn how to act so spoiled, it was so adorable it made people curl their fingers unconsciously. What was going on!

While he was still sighing about how huge the changes in their characters were, Nie Feizhan was already on his way to the supermarket.

He dashed in the entire way, first emptying out the snack area in the supermarket before buying a big bouquet of flowers.

After a few hours, he stood in front of Rong’s house and took a deep breath.

“Momo, I’m here.” 

When the door opened, Nie Feizhan had just revealed a smile when he immediately came into contact with Lin Sa’s emotionless face. ”Mr. Nie you’ve come at the right time, the lady is trying on clothes right now. Why don’t you go and help act as her consultant.”

Nie Feizhan immediately bypassed her and went upstairs. “I’ll be troubling you with taking out the snacks in the car then, Lin Sa.”

He didn’t even bother listening to what Lin Sa had to say after. Trying on clothes? He didn’t care what she was doing, at this moment he just wanted to see her as soon as he could..

He practically flew towards the room and right when he was about to knock, the door had opened..

Someone had opened the door, revealing a white room inside.

The flowers in Nie Feizhan’s hands soon fell to the ground.

The pupils of his eyes widened first, before narrowing all of a sudden.

The girl standing in front of the mirror in the middle of the room wore a white wedding dress. Several delicate patterns were intertwined around her thin waist, and the long veil she wore on her head was laid out, nearly reaching where his feet were standing.

She was merely wearing a beautiful wedding dress, standing with her back to him.

“Momo …”

Rong Mo turned around, and asked him with a smile, “Does it look good?”

Nie Feizhan nodded, “It looks good.”

He wanted to walk over, but was afraid that he would accidentally step on her wedding dress, so he could only stiffly remain in place, not daring to move.

Rong Mo slowly turned around, gently bending down to lift her wedding skirt, before walking towards him, taking one step at a time..

She was smiling, and her smile was gentle and brilliant, but tears were flowing out of her eyes.

Nie Feizhan, did you know?

How much I looked forward to this day.

I am finally wearing a wedding dress and walking towards you, taking one step at a time.

Nie Feizhan opened his arms and stood there, waiting patiently for her.

When Rong Mo finally reached him, she threw herself into his arms.

——I can finally walk towards you as much as I like.

The End.

T/N: *clap clap clap clap* *wipes tear from eye* I always love a beautiful wedding ending. It’s one of the most cliches endings ever tbh but they’re a good way to tie up things. Thanks for reading all the way here with me! I hope you enjoyed it!! I’m so happy to have completed another novel and I really hope to pick up more of these genre~

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