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  • PCPM Chapter 44

    Chapter 44 Truly, as expected of Z.

    Rong Mo was immediately attracted by the view of the sky filled with fireworks.

    It was as if a blossoming jasmine flower had suddenly bloomed in the night sky.

    The people who were walking below also looked up at the same time, but they had no idea who these fireworks were blooming for.

    She has seen fireworks countless times when she was young, but she had never felt this amazed and shocked.

    “Don’t they look beautiful?”

    Nie Feizhan took her into his arms and asked softly in her ear, “Do you like it?”

    Rong Mo was just about to nod when she suddenly felt something, and lowered her head to take a look.

    When Nie Feizhan hugged her, he had quietly slipped a ring on her hand.

    At this time, all the lights had turned back on again, and the dazzling diamond ring seemed to contain an infinite number of small stars, twinkling brightly under the radiant lights.

    “This was something I had asked someone to design and create two years ago back in Country J. If you don’t like it, we can change it …” 

    Before Nie Feizhan could even finish his words, Rong Mo suddenly made a noise. because she saw that on the inside of the ring, there was an engraved English abbreviation, Zm.

    The group founded by Nie Feizhan was called Zm. Z should be referring to himself, as for m, could it possibly be…

    She had only reacted to this point.

    “Two years ago?”

    “That’s right, two years ago.”

    She was in the middle of graduating two years ago. Back then, she had devoted all her energy into her studies and used her free time to study zither, write songs, and learning all kinds of things with Rong Ji.

    But while she tried to preoccupy herself with several things, she could hardly restrain herself from thinking about this man in front of her.

    She wanted to know where he was, what he was doing, if he had encountered any danger, if he was going to be injured, as well as  …if he could remember her.

    Rong Mo grabbed his neck, leaned towards him, pinching the tip of his nose. “You haven’t forgotten me all these years, have you?”


    Nie Feizhan held her waist and supported all the weight of her body.

    Even so, he still felt that the girl was very light, hardly any different to when he had rescued her back then. She felt incredibly frail in his hands, like a little jasmine that could not withstand wind and rain, but he was not aware of it at that time. Even if her family background was excellent and she had a father who loved her, she had suffered hardship that her peers wouldn’t have experienced.

    But this fragile little jasmine had never been defeated because of this. Even if she closed herself off, she was still strong and brave.

    In the past two decades, he couldn’t believe that he would be this easily attracted and moved by a girl to the point where he could not extricate himself from falling in love with her.

    “How could I ever forget you.” He said, “I’ve always been thinking about you.”

    Then why didn’t you come back to find me?

    Rong Mo felt that this question was no longer important.

    She knew that he must have done a lot of things over the years, probably even more than she thought, and perhaps even more complicated and dangerous than before.

    After all, he wasn’t just a hero who belonged to her.

    But as of this moment, he had pledged his life to her.

    From now on, if he suddenly left her again due to unforeseeable and inexplicable circumstances, she should never have to worry that she would never see him again.

    “What? A proposal?”

    The cup of tea that Rong Ji was holding, slipped off his hands and bounced off the table, falling onto the floor and spilling tea everywhere.

    Rong Ji’s hands had accidentally bumped into the teapot when he got up from feeling excessive incredulity. This caused the expensive tea leaves to be spilled out. However, he couldn’t care less about those right now!

    “I only allowed him to take my daughter on a simple date. Who asked him to propose?!”

    Rong Ji never would’ve thought that this date would’ve become a major turning point in his daughter’s life.

    “And what about Momo? Did Momo agree to it?”

    Lin Sa nodded. “The miss felt incredibly touched, so she agreed right on the spot.”

    Rong Ji: “………”

    “Sir, are you dissatisfied with Nie Feizhan?” Lin Sa asked cautiously.

    Rong Ji sat on the chair and remained silent for a long time. “That’s not the case.”

    Rong Ji had already known who Nie Feizhan was ever since a few years ago.

    He was not a fool. How could he not know who his baby daughter was thinking about every day? When Nie Feizhan accidentally tipped off the security alarms inside the Rong house to see Rong Mo, he had felt more than just surprise.

    At that time, Rong Mo was too young. The young girl who had just turned into an adult, had yet to have experienced the hardship and perils of society. She also lacked knowledge in the matters of love, so how could she be aware of men’s hidden intentions, as well identify which of them possessed evil characters?

    Besides that, Nie Feizhan looked extremely evil just from the first glance.

    Although Rong Ji’s impression of Nie Feizhan had already changed after their meeting, that did not imply that he had already accepted him.

    It was only until some time later after their meeting that he received a document from Long Feng Special Defenses.

    It detailed the history of Nie Feizhan starting from his childhood to growing up. He was trafficked to Country J at a young age and had suffered from bullying. He joined the army when he was seventeen, and later on, joined the special forces, achieving countless merits.

    After being discharged from the army, he joined an international security organization, rescuing many civilians, and protected many important people. There were a few photos attached on the document which were taken whilst he was carrying explosion-proof equipment or firearms and getting injured while performing tasks.

    What was even more surprising was the number of children he had rescued who had been trafficked. According to the statistics, there were hundreds of them.

    However, Nie Feizhan was just a young man who had barely reached 30 years of age.

    There were only a few photos in the file, but each was of Nie Feizhan holding children of different skin colors. The children all shared the same expressions of panic, which eventually disappeared.

    This man had always been using an unreasonable yet gentle method to confront the devastating and lamentable fate he had experienced in the past.

    And among all those he had ever saved, Rong Mo held the most special place in his heart.

    It was not that Rong Ji did not try to investigate him, but no matter what method he used, he could only obtain simple and concise information. Those data only recounted the deeds Nie Feizhan had done to become the top bodyguard after joining the Long Feng Special Defenses.

    In other words, unless he was willing to reveal his personal information, such a document would never have been seen by anyone else.

    But he revealed all his secrets to Rong Ji.

    Why was that?

    At that time, Rong Ji was of course very puzzled, so he went to Long Feng Special Defenses himself in search for Duan Xiao.

    The things that Duan Xiao had said at the time shocked him.

    “He is trying to erase all the experiences that would make Miss Rong feel uneasy, and perhaps by the time he reappears in front of you again, he would become a brand new Nie Feizhan.”

    “You are a rational person, and so towards this matter of him intending to pursue your daughter, I’m sure you will also treat it rationally. “

    Of course he will be rational about it.

    Rong Ji did say that he couldn’t allow his daughter to like someone who reeked of blood all over.

    So for nearly five years, Nie Feizhan had been trying to wash off the evilness covering his body.

    And  during this period, he did not see Rong Mo, not even once.

    Rong Ji also tried to set Rong Mo up to meet with many other outstanding boys that he approved of, but Rong Mo did not show any interest in any of them.

    He was always worried that Rong Mo would fall in love with Nie Feizhan just because he had rescued her once when she was just seventeen, so he had always kept a wait-and-see attitude on this matter. However, he did not firmly oppose the idea, nor did he give it his absolute support.

    It was only until when the Rong Family had gotten into trouble that Nie Feizhan came back and told him: “Before you could clear your injustice, I will do my best to protect her from harm.”

    Rong Ji replied: “Why would you do that? Perhaps she doesn’t even like you anymore.”

    “Whether she likes me or not has nothing to do with my desire to protect her. “Nie Feizhan said lightly: “If she hates me, I won’t appear in front of her again.”

    No one knew just how much Nie Feizhan had endured, trying to evade Rong Mo.

    Perhaps there existed many better people than him in this world.

    But could Rong Mo ever meet another man who was willing to use his life to protect her and love her?

    Besides, he had accomplished what he had promised. Despite the former Z and Nie Feizhan five years later being the same person, the difference now was that he now had the status to appear in front of Rong Mo, and the qualification to like her.

    In the past, he did not dare to show any affection, for fear of hurting the weak girl.

    But his love for Rong Mo had long been etched deep in his bones. Nie Feizhan was an extremely tough man, so this fact could not be changed regardless.

    “Don’t you think it’s moving too fast?” Lin Sa thought for a while and replied, “Actually, I think the lady has been tortured for a long time waiting for so many years …”

    She trailed off and didn’t continue her words.

    Because she knew Rong Ji understood what she was implying.

    If it was any other person, it would be necessary to take some time to temper them and test them. After all, it was impossible to have a normal relationship with Rong Mo considering her personality, and it was difficult to get her mind to change on who she liked.

    But Nie Feizhan was different.

    He had gone through enough tempering and testing.

    And Rong Mo has suffered enough torture in these past few years.

    Rong Ji couldn’t tell what he was feeling, whether he was more happy or more worried, but now that things have reached this point, he could only sigh.

    “What? Proposal?”

    Luo Qingqing screamed, dropping the book in her hand. She then grabbed the car key, and ran out.

    “Give me ten minutes! I’ll be right there!”


    “Ah?” Chu Xiaotian bit the apple and turned her head, “Who did you say proposed to whom?”

    Duan Xiao walked over, while she was stunned, he took the half-bitten apple out of her mouth, and ate it before responding, “Z proposed to Rong Mo.”

    Chu Xiaotian’s eyes turned blank, completely unaware that the food in her mouth had been snatched away and was being eaten by another with relish.

    “He p-p-p-proposed?” 

    It took two full minutes for the situation to sink in before she covered her face and screamed, “Oh my god! I want to tell my dad all about this good piece of news! Oh yes, did Momo say yes to him? Did she?”

    She had no doubt Rong Mo would definitely say yes!

    Duan Xiao looked at her flushed and excited little face and asked, “When I asked you to marry me, were you this happy?”

    “Aiya, back then I was so happy I thought my heart was going to burst!” Chu Xiaotian hugged his waist, rubbing her head on his chest. “In my heart, my husband is the best in the world. No matter how romantic Z is, he couldn’t possibly compare to you.”

    However, as expected of Z.

    After waiting for Rong Mo for so many years, as soon as Rong Ji returned,  Nie Feizhan confessed his true feelings to Rong Mo. It was indeed true to his character.

    He had been protecting her firmly yet gently all this time, and now, he had finally broken the gap that was separating him and Rong Mo fiercely and cleanly. All the misunderstandings between them were instantly solved, vanquishing all the anxieties Rong Mo harbored in her heart, allowing her to realize just how much he loved her and just how much he wanted to be by her side and protect her.

    Truly, as expected of Z.

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