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  • PCPM Chapter 43

    Chapter 43 That extremely loyal and gentle gesture was akin to a knight devoting his life to his princess and making the most pious request.

    At this time, Luo Qingqing sent a message to Rong Mo curious of what they were doing.

    Rong Mo took a picture of the mall and replied that they were shopping.

    Luo Qingqing: “Please tell me he didn’t book the entire mall!”

    This luxurious mall was renowned in City C for carrying all the major domestic and international brands. Having the power to close a few stores to exclusively attend to one person may perhaps be easy, but shutting an entire mall to serve just her alone, especially when it was currently peak season, was something that posed quite a challenge.

    Luo Qingqing said: “The great Mr. Z definitely must’ve gotten hold of the mall boss’s secret.”

    Rong Mo said, “You’re thinking too much, maybe he is just rich.”

    Luo Qingqing: “Why do I suddenly feel your situation is similar to an overbearing president trying to please his delicate little wife by throwing money away recklessly… What do you think, little wifey? Do you have an urge to hang yourself on his waist now?”

    Rong Mo: ” … No! “

    Rong Mo looked up and saw Nie Feizhan standing in front of a jewellery shop. He seemed to be looking at a necklace, and didn’t notice her staring at him.

    Then she noticed him wearing a formal suit and a tie, however, because he was carrying her, his tie had turned slightly crooked.

    “Nie Feizhan.”

    “Hm?” Upon hearing her voice, he immediately turned his head towards her.

    “Take me into that store.” Rong Mo said, pointing to a luxury store.

    The store assistant took out all the ties she had picked out.

    Rong Mo picked up a tie and curled a finger calling Nie Feizhan over.

    Nie Feizhan assumed that she was going to pick a tie for Rong Ji, so he bent over and looked at it. “This one’s not bad.”

    Rong Mo reached out and grabbed onto his tie. “Come a little closer, I want to try it.”

    Nie Fei was caught off guard and was easily pulled down.

    “You said, you wouldn’t resist no matter what I did.”

    Looking at her glowing eyes, Nie Feizhan’s Adam’s apple bobbed, he couldn’t say a single word back, and only nodded.

    He naturally wouldn’t resist, nor did he have the power to.

    Rong Mo undid his tie, and picked the other tie up, putting it around his neck.

    Nie Feizhan could feel the warmth of her fingers, it was especially apparent when she touched his neck. Her fingers were thin and soft, but the itchy and numb feeling caused his hands to clench tightly on the armrests of her wheelchair.

    … Who could resist this? And how could they resist this?

    Nie Feizhan stared into her eyes for a moment, simply unaware of what she was doing until she contentedly narrowed her eyes and smiled like a proud kitty. “Mm, it looks really good.”

    Nie Feizhan lowered his head to take a look, he had not even noticed that she had tied a bowtie on, and it was the kind with ripples.

    Nie Feizhan: “………”

    “What’s wrong? Don’t you like it?” Rong Mo tilted her head and looked at him: “You don’t think I have good taste?”

    Nie Feizhan’s throat bobbed as he responded, “It looks good.”

    Who cared whether it looked fucking good or not.

    To him, making her happy was the most important thing.

    “Then wear it for the rest of the day ok?”


    He didn’t even hesitate and immediately agreed to it. Rong Mo was clearly in a good mood, and ultimately, she chose several belts and cuffs for Rong Ji. By the time she came out, a smile had bloomed on her face.

    “Let’s go choose a bracelet for Qingqing. She had just lost a new one a few days ago, and was very distressed about it.”

    Nie Feizhan nodded, “You’re in charge.”

    Next, whatever Rong Mo wanted to buy, he would take her there, and she continued picking out gifts for everyone around her, including Chu Xiaotian.

    “I don’t know if she’ll be having a boy or a girl. So, I guess I’ll just buy one of both.”

    Once they entered the toddler’s area, Rong Mo felt that all the things she saw were very cute, especially the little infant clothes and toys that she had spotted.

    “It doesn’t matter if Xiao Tian has a boy or a girl, her baby would definitely be as pretty and cute as she is.”

    She chose several little clothes and toys that both boys and girls could wear, as well as some nutritional food for Chu Xiaotian.

    “Look at this.”

    Rong Mo turned her head and saw Nie Feizhan holding his phone and taking a picture of her for some odd reason.

    “What are you doing?”

    “Nothing.” Nie Feizhan silently put his phone away.

    When Rong Mo turned her head and continued to look at the items, Nie Feizhan took out his mobile phone once again and snapped a few more photos.

    She would have to buy a new piece of everything that she had liked 

    After everything was bought, Rong Mo then went on to look for her clothes.

    The clothes she wore were almost of the same style. Majority of them were long skirts, because aside from the occasional lounge trousers she wore at home, she rarely wore pants.

    The life of being in a wheelchair all year long made her legs look thin and pale. That was the reason why she wouldn’t reveal her legs outside, even during the hot summer.

    While looking through the clothes, Rong Mo suddenly spotted a poster of a model and looked entranced at her straight jean legs.

    “Which one caught your eye?”

    An arm stretched over her shoulders, as Nie Feizhan said with a smile, “Tell this gege, and gege will buy it for you.”

    Rong Mo’s ears turned red slightly.

    However, her expression immediately turned sad as she pointed to the model’s legs on the poster and said, “I want her legs.”

    Nie Feizhan paused, and his hand around her shoulders tightened, “Do you want to be able to stand up? “

    Do you want to be able to stand up?

    Rong Mozhen took a moment to think about this question. In reality, someone had asked her the same question many years ago.

    But at that time, her answer was—No, I don’t want to.

    There was probably no handicapped person in this world, who would not want to stand up again, apart from the her back then…


    Rong Mo returned to her senses.

    Nie Feizhan took her hand. “Go and try the clothes, if you like them, then buy it.”

    Rong Mo nodded.

    The shopping assistant who helped her change into the clothes was very attentive. There were no superfluous words spoken from beginning to end, and she didn’t cast any strange look towards her legs, only praising the condition of her skin.

    She tried on three or four pieces in the fitting room, and was so tired she was about to start sweating. When she came out, she wore a light blue dress that came to her ankles, but her arms were exposed and the V-neck design also exposed her white skin and beautiful clavicles.

    Nie Feizhan turned around to look and became stunned at the sight of her.

    The shopping assistant couldn’t help but praise, “Miss Rong looks very gorgeous.”

    Rong Mo looked at the mirror.

    Nie Feizhan walked towards her from behind and put his hands on her shoulders.

    He still wore the bow around his neck, but because his appearance stood out too much, the unruly bow tie made him look more elegant, giving him the air of a gentleman.

    Rong Mo said, “Do you think we look like …”

    “Like what?” Nie Feizhan asked with a smile.

    “… It’s nothing.” Rong Mo said, “I … I’m a bit tired, can we go?”


    This trip could be said to be a rewarding one as Rong Mo had never bought so many things before. Moreover, Nie Fei Zhan took her to almost every store there that in the end, Rong Mo was unaware how much she had bought. There were some items which she had only given two hesitant glances yet Nie Feizhan had still bought it for her.

    She had thought that today’s trip was going to end just like this, but did not expect that when she entered the elevator, Nie Feizhan pressed the top button again.

    “Where are we going?”

    “To eat.”

    Rong Mo clapped her hands and smiled, “That’s right. A meal would be a perfect ending.”

    The successful conclusion of the date would require a dinner, and moreso… one with candlelights?

    When Nie Feizhan took her to the patio on top. The view of a dining table, food, flowers, candlelight, and music manifested before her. Rong Mo realized that he must have prepared all of this in advance and for such a long time as well. That this was not some simple stroll that her father asked her to take.

    “Woof Woof!”

    Rong Mo heard the sound of a familiar puppy and turned to see Patton running over to her. He was wearing a small suit and a bow tie on his neck, somewhat resembling Nie Feizhan at first glance.

    Rong Mo couldn’t help laugh, and bent down to carry Patton up, but Nie Feizhan scooped him up first, “Go, eat your meal.”

    The waiter had prepared Patton’s meal, so Patton hurried over and immediately buried his head inside the bowl.

    Nie Feizhan sat opposite her, and helped cut her steak into small pieces before putting them in front of her.

    Rong Mo propped her chin and looked at him, “Why do you have so many surprises for me?”

    Nie Feizhan didn’t look up, but his lips had hooked up. “Do you still want more?”



    Rong Mo was astonished: “Are there any more?”

    Nie Feizhan raised his hand and gently snapped his fingers.

    The music stopped.

    All the lights went out, and everything plunged into darkness.

    Even if light still could be seen from a distance, Rong Mo was scared. “Nie Feizhan? I can’t see you anymore.”

    Nie Feizhan was originally sitting opposite her, but the table was too long, so there was still some distance between the two people. Rong Mo couldn’t adapt to the darkness for a while, and felt that everything around her in the dark was blurry and unclear.

    “Don’t be afraid.”

    A warm object covered her hands, “I’m right here.”

    Rong Mo looked up.

    In the darkness, his eyes were like the starry night sky, deep and gentle, as if he would contain everything.

    Time seemed to stop at this moment.

    He looked at her like this for a long time, so long that she could not feel her surroundings, and it was as if her whole person had been sucked deeply into his eyes.

    Nie Feizhan suddenly took her hand, placed it on his chest.

    Then he kneeled on the ground slowly on one knee, and faced her.

    Rong Mo’s heart jumped.

    She could feel his heartbeats through his chest, ba-thump ba-thump ba-thump, they were heavy and powerful, and together with his low voice, it transmitted into her ears amidst the darkness.

    “I’ve always put you inside this place, without ever having the thought of letting you go, not even for a second.”

    His voice gradually became hoarse, “Four years and eight month ago, with every minute and every second, I wanted to come back and find you.”

    But he knew he couldn’t.

    Before he was finally able to build a status that was worthy of appearing in front of her, he could only hold back the desire to see her, and whenever he was almost about to go mad, he would always return quietly and look at her from a far distance.

    “I’m sorry I came back too late. I’ve kept you waiting for such a long time.” He said, “I’m sorry I haven’t protected you in all these years.”

    Rong Mo shook her head.

    She almost couldn’t hold back her tears. If she opened her eyes right now, they would definitely drip down. She also couldn’t say a single word, so she only shook her head.

    Nie Feizhan kept her hand on his chest and looked into her eyes saying. “If you are willing to forgive me, please allow me to stay by your side … I can’t use my life to guarantee it, because my life is yours.”

    “From now on until the moment that I die, my life is yours and if you wish for it, just keep holding onto it.”

    Rong Mo nodded, her voice coming out in sobs, “I do.”

    Nie Fei Zhan lowered her hand, but still kept a firm clasp, not letting go of it. He smiled and said, “Then let me finally have tenure, alright?”


    Amidst her blurry vision, something flickered for a moment.

    Nie Feizhan said, “Will you marry me?”

    Rong Mo wanted to speak subconsciously, but her voice got stuck in her throat.

    He didn’t speak any longer, merely kneeling on his knees and watching her quietly, as if he was waiting for her decision.

    His back was straight, his pair of deep eyes never leaving her face for a moment.

    That extremely loyal and gentle gesture was akin to a knight devoting his life to his princess and making the most pious request.

    Rong Mo finally nodded and found her own voice —


    A bang sounded as something exploded loudly.

    They were fireworks not too far away, blooming into gorgeous flowers mid-air one by one, and the most beautiful sea of ​​flowers had gathered in the night sky.

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