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  • PCPM Chapter 38

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    Chapter 38 He looked into her eyes, and asked hoarsely, “I promise I’ll acknowledge my mistake.”

    No one heard the words Rong Mo had spoken to Nie Feizhan. Lin Sa only saw that Rong Mo took the initiative to circle her hands around Nie Feizhan’s neck to say something in his ear, causing Nie Feizhan to pick her up.

    “This kind of person isn’t worth getting angry at” Nie Feizhan could feel how thin the girl’s waist was when he lifted her. Sitting in a wheelchair all year round had deprived her of much needed exercise, making her look completely frail.

    He had once pledged to protect her from any harm, but eventually, he realized that protecting her from far away would not suffice.

    Even if there were a lot of people taking care of her, what was the use? He couldn’t feel rest assured, his concern for her well-being nagged at him all the time.

    He could only calm down when he was genuinely protecting her by her side.

    But when he was truly by her side. There were many times where he was rendered … at a loss.

    Apart from protecting her, he didn’t know how to treat her any better.

    Take what was happening as an instance, while Nie Feizhan was carrying her, he was racking his brain for a way to coax her, but only one sentence came out of his lips, “…. Let me be the one to get angry in your place.”

    Rong Mo burst into laughter.

    Just from this sentence of his, she could tell that this man must have never coaxed a girl before.

    But even with such a method of coaxing, it wouldn’t be odd for a few girls to fall for it.

    “If you beat him till he’s half-dead, my anger would be slightly appeased, but at the same time, I will also feel bad, and …” Rong Mo looked at the mess, “It would become too troublesome to clean up, and I don’t want them to dirty our house.”

    Nie Feizhan thought to himself. It was already merciful of this daddy to have not crippled him, but since Rong Mo had spoken, he would not do anything more.

    Instead, he glared viciously at Sun Haiming.

    Rong Mo used the word ‘them’, and not merely Sun Haiming, so when Yu Zhi heard this, she knew the meaning behind it, and so when Nie Feizhan cast them a glare, she shuddered in fear even more..

    However, because she was still holding up her half-dead husband, she didn’t dare say a word back. Although Rong’s family remained in dire straits, the man beside Rong Mo was too terrifying. If she really acted against her, would he also beat her to death irregardless?

    “Why haven’t you left yet? Are you waiting for me to help you carry him?” Lin Sa sneered coldly: “If you really want me to help, I won’t be taking responsibility if he lost an arm or a foot.”

    Lin Sa’s threat proved to be quite effective seeing that Sun Haiming immediately stood up and ran away frantically.

    Lin Sa was so annoyed, her teeth felt itchy.  No matter how she thought of it, she would always get riled up.

    When she had first arrived at the Rong residence a few years ago, she had seen Aunt Wu’s son, but at that time, Sun Haiming was such a yes-man who wouldn’t even dare look directly into other people’s eyes. Who could have imagined that he was so bold to have the audacity to take secret photos of Rong Mo?

    Who knew how many times he had fantasized over the secret photos he had taken of their family’s miss. 

    She was not the only person to have been thinking of this point, in fact, Nie Feizhan had also been speculating this.

    But he didn’t reveal anything on his face.

    The stain in Sun Haiming’s life would never be wiped away. It would also be hard for him to ever get out of his predicament in the future.

    After the two people had left, Rong Mo immediately retracted her hand from Nie Feizhan’s neck.

    But Nie Feizhan grabbed it, and still held her by the waist.

    Lin Sa was not the only person standing there with them, there were also other people who had rushed over from hearing the noise, so Rong Mo blushed at the next moment, “You…you can let go of me now…”

    Wherever she was, she acted very reserved. In fact, she only had a few friends, much less a man who would even carry her around in her own home….

    If it was elsewhere, Rong Mo would have no problems, but being carried at home and seen by the people close to her made Rong Mo feel a little embarrassed.

    Lin Sa looked up at the ceiling and said, “I’ll go and take a look at how Aunt Wu is doing, don’t stay angry for a long time.”

    The other people also pretended not to see anything.

    Soon, only Rong Mo and Nie Feizhan remained in the hall.

    “Are you still angry?” Nie Feizhan looked down at her.

    Rong Mo shook her head. “You’ve already beaten the person to the point where he’s completely unrecognizable, what do I have to be angry about? I am not angry anymore.”

    Nie Feizhan originally had a belly full of fire, but now, it had also vanished without a trace..

    He smiled while he was carrying her and said. “But I still want to coax you, what should I do?”

    Rong Mo said, “Then continue coaxing.”

    She really wanted to see how he would coax her.

    Nie Feizhan looked at her for a while before asking, “Should I carry you to dinner first?”

    Rong Mo thought that he was joking until he really took her to the dining table. He didn’t place her down on the chair and instead, sat down and placed her on his lap. Rong Mo was dumbfounded at this action.

    “Wha-…what are you doing?”


    Nie Feizhan placed his hand around her waist to make sure she was sitting comfortably, before picking up the chopsticks to get some vegetables.

    Rong Mo never expected that when he claimed he was going to carry her while eating, he was really going to carry her while eating!

    Until Nie Feizhan took the dish and delivered it to her mouth, Rong Mo then opened her mouth in a daze and ate it.

    After masticating it, she realized that it was a small piece of chicken.

    She had never had a good stomach towards outside food, and preferred to only eat light food, so she had not eaten meat for a long time.

    She frowned when she tasted the chicken and swallowed it.

    Fortunately, this was a dish made by Aunt Wu. If it was another cook who had made the chicken, she would’ve definitely spat it out.

    “Good girl.” Nie Feizhan praised his little girl who put on an unhappy expression, and smiled: “You are too skinny, you should eat a little more.”

    Rong Mo replied with a wooden expression: “If my father was here, he would definitely want to kill you.”

    After saying this, her expression immediately turned gloomy..

    Her father hadn’t returned yet, so no matter what she did, she still carried a load of worry in her head. Although Nie Feizhan being there for her made her happy, she truly couldn’t muster being genuinely happy at all.

    Her father was still suffering, so how could she truly feel happy?

    “Don’t worry too much.” Nie Feizhan replied calmly: “Since your father hasn’t done anything illegal, the law will definitely prove him innocent, it’s only a matter of time.”

    Rong Mozhen stared blankly at him. “You believe that my father…”

    Nie Feizhan nodded, “I believe him.”

    “On another note, if your father returns, and sees that you’ve become so skinny from worrying about his affairs, he would definitely feel distressed.” Nie Feizhan said, ‘By then, it wouldn’t only be a problem of killing me.”

    Rong Mo was still feeling indescribably touched, but when she heard him say the last sentence, she almost broke into a laugh again.

    “… fine, I’ll eat. Just put me in a wheelchair, and I will eat it myself.”

    Rong Mo felt like he was holding her like he would to a child. No matter how thin she was, she actually weighed almost 90 pounds, and despite not being very athletic, her figure was not completely skinny and she had meat on areas that should have them.

    Thinking of this, Rong Mo became a little embarrassed.

    Because she suddenly remembered that when he was holding her this morning, she had only worn thin pajamas with nothing underneath.

    But after saying this, she could feel Nie Feizhan’s hold around her waist become tighter.

    What’s more, he even leaned close to her and looked at her meaningfully, “Weren’t you allowing me to coax you?”

    He originally merely wanted to tease her, and distract her from thinking about unhappy things, but when he leaned close to her, he could see the bashful quivering of her eyelashes and the tender flush on her fair skin, and at this, Nie Feizhan’s throat bobbed.

    “If I make you angry, can you give me another chance to coax you?” He looked into her eyes, and asked hoarsely, “I promise I’ll acknowledge my mistake.”

    Rong Mo only had time to widen her eyes, because in the next moment, she could feel a heat pressing down on her lips.

    He actually held her by the waist and kissed her!

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