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  • PCPM Chapter 37.1

    Chapter 37.1 The moment his eyes met hers, the ruthless air around him had vanished without a trace. (1)

    Rong Mo didn’t want to admit it, but after carefully thinking about it, she didn’t drink anything last night, so she remembered everything clearly.

    Nie Feizhan was not the same as Patton. Patton crawled into her bed all by himself, whereas Nie Feizhan … was pulled up when she hugged and tugged on his arm.

    But he took advantage of it and still climbed onto her bed!

    He was obviously much stronger than her so why did he not struggle!

    Rong Mo covered her face silently.

    For the next few hours in the morning, she must have probably slept in his arms.

    “What time did Nie Feizhan leave?”

    “Probably about half an hour ago.” Lin Sa said, “When he left, he was in a good mood too. When Patton was trying to bother him, he didn’t even get angry, he even smiled at him instead, it was scary, right Patton?”

    Lin Sa had only known Nie Feizhan for a day or two, and she had never seen this man with a smile on his face, even if that happened, it would only be shown in front of Rong Mo.

    Rong Mo: “…”

    “Oh, that’s right! Young Miss, there’s someone who is waiting for you downstairs.”

    Lin Sa’s expression appeared a bit complicated. “You’ll know who it is when you go down.”

    Rong Mo immediately thought of the worst scenario happening. The person below could perhaps be Rong Xun or Bai Lu, but she never thought that it would’ve been someone completely different.

    As soon as she came downstairs, the two people sitting on the sofa stood up at once.

    They had evidently been waiting for a long time. When they first arrived, they didn’t even dare to sit on the sofa, but Rong Mo woke up so late, so they stood on the sofa for more than two hours until they couldn’t hold themselves back and plopped down on the sofa, and they had continued to wait with unease until now.

    Lin Sa also wouldn’t wake Rong Mo up just for the sake of these two people. Rong Mo already had a problem sleeping, and it wasn’t easy for her to have had such a good slumber in such a long time. Moreover, not directly throwing these two people out at the first glance was already considered a good exhibition of her self-restraint.

    These two people were Aunt Wu’s son and daughter-in-law. Aunt Wu was the nanny who took care of Rong Mo ever since she was young. She had been working for the Rong family for more than ten years, and regardless of whether it was Rong Ji or Rong Mo, she treated them both as her family.

    In fact, to all the people working here, nobody treated nor ordered them around like a servant.

    Before the Rong Family had gotten into trouble, Aunt Wu had been questioned by the prosecuting body. After her family had gotten wind of this incident, the first thing they did was to come to the Rong house and stubbornly take her away.

    At that time, the two had thought that the Rong’s family was about to meet their end. Aunt Wu initially refused to leave, but her daughter-in-law Yu Zhi mocked and ridiculed Rong Mo, “Mom, you’ve been serving that handicapped lady for so many years, I think you’ve served enough. Now that their house is collapsing, who knows if our family will be implicated in their matters in the near future. You should quickly leave with us, so as to avoid inviting trouble to yourself. “

    Rong Mo did not know anything about his matter, but Lin Sa had heard it from the former housekeeper. With Lin Sa’s temper, when she heard them speaking about Rong Mo so impolitely, she had wanted to chase after them and interrogate them even though they had already left, but she was forbidden to by Rong Mo.

    Aunt Wu was a very kind person, yet, her son and daughter-in-law were white-eyed wolves(1). When Aunt Wu divorced, she took sole custody of her child. Her son, Sun Haiming had been subsidized by the Rong family from elementary school to university. Afterwards, when he started working, he had also entered the Rong Family’s company. It could be said that all of the favor she had gained from working for the Rong Family for several years had been provided to her son and daughter-in-law, yet as soon as the Rong family encountered a mishap, these two people threw stones and even uttered those excessive kinds of words.

    1. White-eyed wolves: Thankless wretches; ingrates

    In particular, Aunt Wu’s daughter-in-law Yu Zhi, was a person who did not find a job after graduating from college, but she had an above average appearance. The reason why she took fancy in such an ordinary guy like Sun Haiming was because his mother was a nanny of the Rong family. Moreover, after hearing that Sun Haiming walked very close to the Rong Family members, she assumed that there would be a chance he would obtain a big achievement in the Rong Family’s corporation.

    However, after getting married, she realized that no matter how close Aunt Wu was to the Rong’s family, she was still nothing more than just a nanny, and Sun Haiming would not be able to enter the doors of Rong Family’s house, because Rong Ji had no intentions to put him into an important position due to his average abilities.

    Fortunately, he started his own business and set up a company later on. Although it was just a small company without much public recognition, in any case, he was still a boss.

    Later on, when she heard that Rong Mo had become a major shareholder of Cloudy Day Entertainment, she had set her heart onto becoming an artist in Yuntian, and devised plans on how to do so. However, Rong Mo rejected her with one sentence, telling her that she was unfit for the job, so she started resenting Rong Mo. And when the Rong family had met trouble, the first thing she did was to take Aunt Wu away from the Rong Family very quickly.

    Even after Aunt Wu was forcibly taken away by the two, Rong Mo had said nothing.

    If they were gone, they were gone. How could she strongly convince them to stay?

    Besides, at that time, she didn’t have the extra energy to worry over such matters.

    Her father’s charges still have yet to be cleared, so all of her Rong Mo’s energy was spent on hiring people to look for evidence. When she saw the two people, she did not feel much, and kept a cold face the entire time.

    “Mi-… Miss Rong.”

    The two appeared evidently embarrassed in front of her.

    “I don’t know what caused these two people to send Aunt Wu to us so early in the morning without a word. Their complexion hasn’t changed, it’s like they’ve seen a ghost.” Lin Sa leaned close to Rong Mo’s ear and whispered, ” I don’t even think they came here by their own volition at all.”

    Rong Mo said, “Is Aunt Wu here?”

    Sun Haiming heard Rong Mo ask this and quickly replied:“ My mother is in the kitchen cooking a meal for you.”

    Yu Zhi who was next to him, added to it, “Yes, yes, that’s right. Momo must’ve suffered a lot when you were outside. The food probably was not as good, look at how skinny you are, your complexion doesn’t look too good either. I told my mom to cook more nutritious food for you to replenish your health. “

    Sun Haiming promptly chided her in a low voice, “How many times have I told you to call her Miss Rong. “

    Yu Zhi was embarrassed. It was not as if she had not been to the Rong residence before. Back then, when the Rong Family was not in dire straits, Rong Ji had been very kind to them. She had also wanted to get closer to Rong Mo, so she called her by her name directly, and Rong Mo didn’t show any dissatisfaction.

    But the thought of Rong Mo hearing the words she said behind her back caused Yu Zhi’s face to turn hot.

    Moreover, that man …

    Once Yu Zhi thought of the man’s methods, she felt goosebumps all over.

    Even though she could still dare offend Rong Mo at this moment, she couldn’t offend the person behind Rong Mo at all.

    Lin Sa coldly replied, “You really are blind. Why would you say that our lady doesn’t have a good complexion? Look at your husband, he looks like he’s been thrown into the moat in the middle of the night, such an unsightly appearance.”

    Sun Haiming’s complexion changed.

    He hadn’t been thrown into the moat, but he had been tortured greatly in the past few days.

    The company that he had just established two years ago went bankrupt, and he couldn’t find another job. His scandalous past had also been dug out, and the mistress he was raising outside had also been… 

    Originally, he thought it was just a case of being struck with misfortune, but the day before yesterday, he had just realized that their family had offended someone who shouldn’t have been offended.

    Everything he had back then was all thanks to the Rong Family’s wealth, even the funds for starting the business were borrowed by his mother from Rong Mo.

    Nobody even knew how he had been taking advantage of Rong Mo. He thought that nobody was aware that he had been taking secret pictures of Rong Mo back then, but that man actually knew about it…

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