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  • PCPM Chapter 36

    Chapter 36 …When did she become such a sticky person??

    That was the first time, but certainly not the last time.

    In these past few years, Nie Feizhan had frequently visited the Rong Family’s home. He was even caught in the middle of sneaking once. His circumstances at that time were special as he had been injured, so he had accidentally set off the Rong Family’s alarm system, tipping off Rong Mo’s father.

    Rong Ji was a relatively amazing businessman, at the same time, he was also a philanthropist. and a good father. He looked very amiable on the surface, but in fact, he had always been ruthless towards his enemy, regardless of whether it took place in the business world or not.

    Rong Mo was his only daughter, and the only darling child he doted on. She had grown up under his love and protection for more than two decades.

    Back then, once he heard that someone had broken into the Rong residence, he immediately dashed towards Rong Mo’s room. Rong Ji was furious, so Nie Feizhan could only reveal his identity, otherwise Rong Ji would have peeled his skin off on the spot. 

    Apart from Nie Feizhan and Rong Ji, no one else knew what they had talked about that night.

    Naturally, Rong Mo herself also didn’t have a clue.

    She was even unaware that Nie Feizhan had spent a lot of time secretly watching her since a long time ago.

    Of course, Nie Feizhan couldn’t tell her this as well.

    So after she asked this question, Nie Feizhan coughed and answered, “I previously asked your aunt.”

    It was still better for her to be uninformed of this matter.

    Rong Mo reached out and opened the door.

    It was currently afternoon at this time, so all the curtains in the bedroom were pulled apart, allowing the sunlight on the balcony to spill on half of the bedroom.

    Her bedroom was the largest and most luxurious room in the entire house. In the past, she used to live in the bedroom on the third floor, but once she was bound to sit in a wheelchair, her father had broken down a wall between two rooms on the second floor and connected it, rebuilding a new bedroom for her. Even her parents’ bedroom was only half the size of this room.

    And in the past two decades, she had spent most of her time here.

    The bedroom’s hue was very soft, primarily colored in white, beige, and pink. The overall style also did not reveal the slightest trace of gloom. Several parts of the room still retained the same style Rong Mo had liked when she was just a young girl.

    In order to facilitate the movement of the wheelchair, the floor of the entire room was made very spacious. Only a few places were covered with thick carpets. This was because Rong Ji had asked the designer to create a lot of places for her to move about.

    After Nie Feizhan carried her in, he placed her down on the sofa, before putting one one knee down to help her take off her shoes.

    He did everything so naturally, it was as if he had done this for her countless times, but Rong Mo was not used to it, especially when Nie Feizhan knelt down before her to help put her slippers on.

    He was the first person outside of her family to come into her room.

    Moreover, he was a man.

    ——A man that she liked.

    The room had been tidied up and blooming lilies were placed on top of the windowsill, the fresh and fragrant scent lingered everywhere, however, when all was said and done, this was still her bedroom, her most personal place.

    Never in her life would she have thought that there would come a day where Nie Feizhan would take a step into this room.

    She also couldn’t move as she wished, if not, … perhaps she would have taken a page of the book from those girls with big guts and straightforwardedly press him down.

    Rong Mo imagined that scene in her head…

    and her fingers silently tightened.

    The atmosphere in the room became a little weird.

    It was especially apparent when Nie Feizhan helped put her slippers on gently. He lifted her feet with one hand, his gaze pausing at the above area for a moment.

    On that area was a scar. An indelible scar that extended from her calf to her ankle, leaving behind a permanent mark.

    She could even feel his gaze burning into that scar.

    Rong Mo clutched the sofa cushion with both hands and finally couldn’t help but speak up, she didn’t have time to think through her words and blurted out, “I heard … there was a female celebrity that has been going around, asking you to be her bodyguard?”

    Nie Feizhan lifted his head.

    Rong Mo immediately turned her head to the other side, and pretended to speak indifferently: “After all, weren’t you a gold medal bodyguard in the past?”

    “No.” Nie Feizhan said, “Who told you this?”

    Rong Mo looked at him doubtfully.

    Nie Feizhan chuckled: “Haven’t you heard of something else?”

    “What is it?”

    “I have never signed any contract with Duan Xiao.” He said, “I only had one precondition to become a bodyguard. “

    “What precondition was that? “

    Rong Mo was completely lured into the topic.

    “I will only protect the people I want to protect.”

    Nie Feizhan did indeed protect many people before. He was also one of the legends in the industry, but in truth, there were not many people he had signed a contract with through Long Feng Special Defenses, despite how high of a price they offered, or how big the privileges offered were. As long as he didn’t want it, nobody could force him, even Duan Xiao couldn’t do so.

    That was why he did not consider Duan Xiao to be his boss. Calling their relationship as comrade-in-arms was a more accurate term for it, after all, their friendship was built on saving several lives.

    Even though there were a lot of businesses in the industry he could collaborate with, when he had just started out, the first person to lend him a hand was Duan Xiao, but the two people’s relationship had always remained the same, it had nothing to do with providing benefits.

    “Then you …” Rong Mo said, “in the future, you’ll …”

    “I only want to protect one person right now.” He interrupted her and said, “And I will continue to protect that one person in the future.”

    His eyes stared right into hers when he uttered these words.

    That single minded devoted look he had in his eyes gave her a feeling——

    That he only held her and only her in his eyes.

    But in her heart, Nie Feizhan had never been such an affectionate person.

    He was like the wind, strong but fleeting, as if he could disappear at any time, and would never stop for anyone else.

    But at this very moment, his eyes gave her an illusion that he loved her very deeply.

    “… Who is that person?” She asked, “Is she a very important person?”

    “En, she’s very important.”

    “How important?” 

    In that instant, she seemed to have seen something in his eyes. It was an emotion that was hard to put into words and was hidden in the depths of his eyes, but at that very moment, it had suddenly rushed forth.

    “If I said that she was more important than my life, would you believe me?”

    Nie Feizhan was still kneeling on the floor with one hand placed beside her while Rong Mo sat on the sofa.

    This position made him look like a devoted knight who was pledging his loyalty to his princess.

    Would you believe me? Rong Mo.

    “… Why?”

    When she spoke up once again, her voice had already turned hoarse and fragmented.

    “Was it because you rescued me once before, so you…”

    “I have saved many lives before, far more than what you think I have.” Nie Feizhan took her hand and stressed each word, “But to me, they were only people who were in trouble, only you are special. “

    Only you are special.

    Rong Mo finally couldn’t hold herself back anymore, her tears had started to blur her vision, and she nearly couldn’t see his face clearly anymore.

    She reached out her hands and hooked it around his neck, burying her head into his shoulders.

    Nie Feizhan immediately reached out and took her into his arms, embracing her tightly.

    She sobbed very softly, trying to stifle herself, but in his increasingly tight hug, she finally stopped suppressing herself and wept without restraint.

    Yes, she had always been a coward. She was weak, and had low self-esteem. She envied all of the other healthier girls in the world, because at least they could run towards the person they liked with all their might yet she couldn’t.

    And for the longest time, she couldn’t even muster the courage to ask him to stay.

    So she could only wait.

    She waited until he came back to her and told her that he would stay by her side and that he wouldn’t leave so easily again.


    On the second day, when Rong Mo woke up in her bedroom, she still felt as if she was living in a dream.

    Two months had already passed since she had left home without returning even once. And during these two months, a nightmare would haunt her almost every other day.

    Last night was the first time she had peacefully fallen asleep without the aid of any medication, and she had slept all the way until ten o’clock.

    “Miss, are you awake?” 

    By the time Lin Sa had knocked on the door, Rong Mo had just gotten up from bed.

    She was still a little dumbstruck, her hair in complete disarray and the straps of her snow white nightdress had slid off her shoulders. The original pale cheeks were slightly puffy, revealing the tenderness of a little girl.

    Lin Sa’s eyes had turned blank from staring at her. She suddenly regretted letting Nie Feizhan guard Rong Mo last night.

    When Rong Mo was sleeping, apart from when she had nightmares, her sleeping face was so beautiful, it made people unable to tear their eyes away from the sight. Last night, she couldn’t help but take a peek at the situation, and saw Nie Feizhan kneeling beside the bed, quietly looking at Rong Mo’s face with one hand gently caressing her hair. He looked like he was about to plant a kiss on her any second back then.

    If it had been anyone else, she would have gone, and dragged him out to beat him up without a word.

    But this was Nie Feizhan they were talking about … First, she couldn’t beat him in a fight, and second, she knew that Rong Mo really liked this man, and she had liked him ever since she was a young girl.

    But this bastard, Nie Feizhan, made her wait for so many years and still acted like a kuudere(1), stifling everything in his heart no matter what.

    1. A kuudere is a japanese term referring to someone who acts cold on the outside but is actually passionate on the inside

    But this was Rong Mo’s personal matter, otherwise, with so many guys chasing after her, why would she still concern herself with Nie Feizhan’s affairs?


    “Miss, why is your face a little flushed? Could you be having a fever?”

    “… I shouldn’t be.”

    Lin Sa went to retrieve a thermometer in worry.

    Whereas Rong Mo blanked out on the bed.

    She had actually already woken up once early in the morning.

    At that time, she hadn’t entirely sobered up yet, and when she opened her eyes in a daze, she saw Nie Feizhan putting on a coat.

    “Where are you going?”

    Nie Feizhan turned around and walked over to her. “Are you awake?”

    She nodded slowly.

    Nie Feizhan could see that she was not completely awake, so he sat on her bed and reached out a hand to touch her forehead.

    However, Rong Mo subconsciously reached out and hugged his arm, placing her head on top of his arm.

    “Where are you going?”

    Nie Feizhan was initially going to say that he was going to handle some matters, but when he heard her speak in such a dazed and soft voice, his heart immediately melted.

    “I’m not going anywhere.”

    Rong Mo hummed in response and closed her eyes, still holding onto his arm, “Thank you for helping me drive the bad guys away.”

    Nie Feizhan stared at her in a daze. “What bad guys?”

    “In my dream, there were many, many bad people, I couldn’t get rid of them …  only you, and only you were able to scare them away. “

    Nie Feizhan’s breathing hitched for a moment.

    She had no idea how she appeared right now. She looked like a restless child in her sleep who subconsciously put all her trust on the newly appointed person beside her, regardless of whether she was fully aware of it or not. 

    He still remembered the look on her face when she called out for her mother in the middle of her nightmares a few years ago, and it shattered people’s hearts.

    Those terrible nightmares, were something that was difficult to eliminate. They had haunted her for many years, and despite Rong Ji’s efforts of finding a doctor to give her a suitable treatment, the nightmares still persisted, proving the treatment to be of no effect.

    There was only one person who was able to absolve those nightmares. That person was the hero who had rescued her from the bad guys.

    Rong Mo felt the man’s familiar scent envelop her securely, and she could even feel the thumping of his heart.

    “I won’t let anyone bully you again.”

    A warm object gently pressed on her forehead, then the tip of her nose, and then … landed shortly at the corner of her lips.

    She seemed to have felt something, a faint expectation building up in her heart.

    But he didn’t kiss her any further, instead, he just held her tighter.

    Soon, she fell back into slumber, and she didn’t know how long she had slept until he had finally left.

    Rong Mo touched her forehead, it was as if there was a remnant of his temperature lingering in that area.

    She remembered scratching his chin, feeling the invisible fine stubbles on his chin.

    …When did she become such a sticky person??

    When Lin Sa came in, a little tail followed her from behind.

    It was Patton, and once he spooted Rong Mo, he ran over to climb onto her bed.

    Lin Sa quickly picked the puppy up and held him in her arms. “Oh, I see you even want to get into the Miss’s bed? You’ve got such big guts.”

    For some reason, even though Lin Sa was clearly referring to Patton. Rong Mo recalled that she herself had also brought Nie Feizhan into her room for some inexplicable reason.

    Was it not right?

    He had also actually… climbed into her bed.

    But in her case, wasn’t she the one who pulled him up by hugging his arm?!

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