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  • PCPM Chapter 35

    Chapter 35 She felt terrified and anxious, but she couldn’t break free. She couldn’t even move a muscle.

    Nie Feizhan, how did you know where Rong Mo’s room was?

    Of course he knew where it was.

    But this was a secret that nobody knew.

    Back when Rong Mo was kidnapped and he had rescued her, not too long later, he had visited the Rong residence.

    At that time, Rong Ji was still very healthy, and Rong Xun and Bai Lu had not returned from abroad. Only the father and daughter pair were at home and apart from Rong Ji, all the servants, nannies and bodyguards treated Rong Mo like a little princess. They meticulously took care of her for fear she would receive the slightest bit of hurt.

    Back when Rong Mo vanished, everyone went mad. After Rong Mo was miraculously rescued, it seemed that she had received a big shock for she did not step one foot out of the house for at least two months.

    And Nie Feizhan had heard this matter from He Wei..

    “That little girl is quite pitiful. In the past, she had gotten into an accident with her mother who ended up passing away while her legs were rendered useless. Because of that, she hasn’t left her home in so many years. No matter how much money the Rong’s family has, they can’t treat her legs … But I think it’s mainly because the little girl has a severe anxiety problem. Her father is still going around inquiring about you, Z, since the Rong’s family is also considered a customer of the company, don’t you want to … “

    At that time, Nie Feizhan had not said a single word. 

    Because his mind was filled with the image of the little girl curling up in the corner, shivering and shedding tears..

    As well as her forbearing sad eyes when she stubbornly asked him to take her to buy flowers.

    After receiving the flowers back then, he discovered someone tailing after them and immediately tried to put some distance between her and those people, but they were still too hot on their tracks..

    This kind of chase usually harbored unpredictable dangers, but he has encountered many similar dangerous situations like this before, so he had plenty of ways to shake them off. Originally, he wasn’t worried about it, but he had a disabled little lady in his arms. She was apparently stricken with panic as she shrank into his arms trembling, and holding him tightly.

    “Don’t be afraid.” He casually threw out a comforting sentence..

    At this point, he didn’t have the energy to comfort her, he also wasn’t good at these kinds of things, but after he said this, the little girl in his arms immediately moved and looked up at him.

    “You….you’re going to protect me, right?”

    Nie Feizhan didn’t expect that a casual word would prompt her to ask such a serious question.

    The original him would never make such a rash promise, but at that time, the gods and demons were at work, causing him to nod his head. “I will.”

    This was an unquestionable matter, after all, how could he throw the people he rescued to the roadside and allow others to bully them?

    That was an absolutely impossible matter.

    The people tailing them chased them very closely. The locomotive he was temporarily using started to show defects and the road ahead was dark, as a result, he had carelessly gotten themselves hit by an incoming car.

    At that time, all he heard was the sound of the girl’s shriek, and solely one thought lingered in his head—

    He will never let her get hurt and will never allow anyone to take her away.

    There will only be one end in that kind of situation——she was most likely unable to be saved anymore.

    When the motorcycle rolled over, he held her tightly in his arms as they rolled down the slope from the side of the road.

    At the same time, the traffic police had also caught up to them.

    Those people no longer continued to chase them and he ran away carrying her for a long long time until the sounds behind them sounded farther and farther away.

    She kept crying and crying, causing his heart to be distracted and his heart in turmoil, so he impatiently wanted to threaten her: “If you continue crying, I’m going to drop you.”

    But the words hung onto his lips because her sobs sounded as if she was suppressing it to her utmost, afraid that she would provoke his irk, and causing him to abandon her.

    Nie Feizhan didn’t say a word.

    If he were holding any other person in his arms, even if they were but just a child, he would have dropped them, and have them run by themselves.

    But not this little girl, he couldn’t let go of her, not even for just one second..

    She was too weak, simply even weaker than the flowers on the road.

    So he could only throw out another comforting sentence, “Don’t cry.”

    “Ar-… are they still there?”

    Nie Feizhan lowered his head to look at her.

    Her eyes were filled with terrified tears.

    At this moment, He Wei had contacted him, “Z, I just found out that everyone in City C is looking for a little girl. In fact, the girl you just rescued, is the richest man in City C, Rong Ji’s daughter!”

    Nie Feizhan asked her: “Are you Rong Ji’s daughter? “

    Her weeping immediately stopped.

    The restless panic slowly started to spread from her eyes to her whole body and she started to shake all over.

    Nie Feizhan immediately realized that she was overcome with fear.

    The words ‘Rong Ji’s daughter’ had greatly provoked her. It was because she was Rong Ji’s daughter that she was kidnapped, and those kidnappers certainly used this point to provoke her.

    Nie Feizhan narrowed his eyes.

    He has encountered many people in the past. Among them were children who have been harmed and trafficked.

    They all had the same look in their eyes, so he had seen those eyes too many times, but he still couldn’t numb himself to it.

    Because the look that they had was something he used to have before.

    But at this moment, the little girl in his arms … was different from them.

    As to where it was specifically different, he couldn’t express it in words.

    It was as if a soft part of his heart was being ruthlessly pinched.

    And it really fucking hurt.

    “Will … will you continue to protect me?” She suddenly asked in a trembling voice.

    After she asked this sentence, He Wei came to their aid.

    “What happened to her?”

    Nie Feizhan looked down at his arms and saw that she had closed her eyes and already passed out.

    This was considered to be normal. It wasn’t easy for this girl to have held up to this moment.

    “I will.” Nie Feizhan replied.

    He Wei thought he was talking to him and asked, “Ha? Are you talking to me?”

    Nie Feizhan placed her on the seat and answered, “Just start driving.”

    “Oh.” He Wei said, “I’ve already contacted Director Duan. The company will be sending someone to pick Miss Rong up. The Rong family is going crazy from worry right now. The first thing Rong Ji did was to contact Long Feng Special Defenses for help and now people from the company are everywhere.”

    “En. “

    No wonder he had spotted a lot of cars around sporting the company logo.

    Originally, after returning the person safely, he would have nothing to do with the person anymore.

    But at that time, he couldn’t get rid of her crying and sniffling face in his head. so he occasionally paid attention to the news of Rong family.

    Two months had passed by since then, and he returned once again to City C.

    “Z, are you still worried about the little girl from the Rong family?” He Wei asked this out of the blue.

    Nie Feizhan frowned. “Why do you ask?”

    “You turned blank when you were looking at a girl today.” He Wei said, “I even thought you had fallen for her.”

    But that girl was only seventeen or eighteen. He Wei felt that it didn’t make sense for Nie Feizhan to fall in love with a girl of that age. When he took a closer look at her later on, he realized that the girl looked like the Rong family’s daughter.

    “Do you want me to help make inquiries about her?”


    He Wei himself was also quite curious, so even if Nie Feizhan didn’t ask him to investigate, he still deliberately asked around.

    But what he didn’t know was that, at that night, Nie Feizhan had gone to the Rong residence.

    The Rong family villa had the latest security system that made it hard for even him to slip into.

    That night he worked up a sweat, but he still couldn’t find Rong Mo’s room.

    This was not surprising at all.

    Ever since Rong Mo was abducted, the number of bodyguards that Rong Family had hired had increased by a lot, they had also strengthened security measures as well.

    It took him two whole days to figure out the Rong Family’s security system, enter Rong residence’s inner house, and locate Rong Mo’s room.

    Aside from him, the only person who had the ability to reach the step of surveying the interior, was Duan Xiao.

    What was Rong Mo doing back then, you may ask?

    Her room had a floor-to-ceiling window with a thick carpet spread on the floor and a soft cushion by the window.

    She was half-lying on the carpet with a soft cushion behind her back, lost in a daze.

    “Miss, drink a glass of milk if you can’t sleep.”

    Rong Mo said nothing.

    The nanny sighed, put the milk next to her, and quietly left the room.

    Rong Mo wore a snow white nightgown, her hair was loosely draped behind her, and her complexion was pale.

    No matter how you looked at her, she looked like a doll that couldn’t move or speak. She was beautiful but lifeless.

    A doll that evoked other people’s feelings of pity.

    It was only when Rong Ji was coaxing her that she would react like a normal girl whereas all the other times, she would remain taciturn and quiet.

    However, Rong Ji was too preoccupied, so he couldn’t accompany his daughter all the time.

    In the dead of night when she couldn’t sleep, she liked to lie in a daze by the window. Sometimes, she would even hold onto a photo of her with her mother. Originally, Rong Ji didn’t want her to look at these photos, so he had the maids put these away for a period of time, but Rong Mo’s mood was very unstable during that period, so he could only put the photos back.

    “Mom, do you remember? It was your birthday back then.”

    “Were you the one who sent that brother to be the hero who rescued me?”

    “I really want to see him again.”

    The seventeen year old Rong Mo grabbed the stomach of her clothes and bit her lips.

    There was only one lamp turned on in the room, and the dim light concealed the glistening teardrops in her eyes.

    “If only you were still here……mom,” she said with a sobbing tone: “I want you to hold me, and wipe my tears away.”

    In front of other people, she wouldn’t let a tear fall.

    Because she had already cried too much.

    After some time had passed, she fell into slumber, laying on the carpet, and hugging the photo frame.

    Her body was curled up, exposing her legs and feet from her nightgown, revealing skin that looked completely bloodless and pale.

    After a while, a tall, gloomy figure appeared on the balcony beyond the window.

    He bent down and looked through the window, watching the girl who was sleeping and leaning on the cushion inside.

    Lustrous tears hung at her eyelashes.

    It was not difficult for him to open the windows, but he didn’t make a move.

    For a while, he just stood outside the window and watched her quietly.

    When she appeared to have started dreaming, her hands encircled herself in anxiety.

    She was without a doubt experiencing a nightmare. Inside the dream, she had been captured once again by the bad guys. Countless hands wanted to pry her clothes apart, and countless horrifying fangs wanted to bite into her flesh.

    She felt terrified and anxious, but she couldn’t break free. She couldn’t even move a muscle.

    Who was going to help her? Who was going to come… save her?

    “Mom …”

    The girl started crying helplessly from her nightmare, calling out the person she wanted to see and depend on the most in her dreams.

    But nobody responded to her, and no one could respond to her.

    The figure standing outside the window moved, and suddenly bent down, kneeling on the ground with one knee.

    “Rong Mo.”

    He reached out a hand and placed it on the window, his palm gently covering her forehead.

    That posture seemed as if he was stroking her hair gently.

    However, he was unable to touch her, nor was he allowed to touch her.

    This invisible comfort did nothing to ease her as she was still tormented by her nightmares.

    But oddly enough, she suddenly seemed to break free from her nightmare and her brows gradually unfolded.

    That was because, in her dark nightmare, a hero had descended from the sky and rescued her from the devil’s hands.

    The hero carried her and dashed out of the darkness, taking her to a place where all the light was gathered.

    “Are you …going to protect me?” 

    In her dream, her hero nodded, “I will.”

    “Are you going to leave me?”

    “I won’t.”

    “Then… were you the person mom had sent to rescue me? “

    She asked, holding onto her last wish.

    He stayed quiet.

    And Rong Mo woke up.

    The curtains hid the moonlight, and there was no one outside the windows.

    She wiped her eyes and found it was full of tears.

    But for some reason, she suddenly felt an inexplicable peace of mind.

    After more than half a year had passed, she went to the high school in Huai Shui.

    Her hero reappeared again in that place and stayed by her side protecting her.

    Even though it was only for a short three months.

    On the day that he left, Rong Mo looked at the tall and gloomy man in front of her and asked, “Will you … still continue to protect me?”

    The man took one glance at her immobile legs and pale tender face, and answered, “No.”

    Rong Mo froze for a moment.

    In reality, she was not surprised by his answer, because their contract, had already ended.

    And he had fulfilled his promise.

    “Why did you….. save me in the beginning?”

    He was wearing a disguise, a beard covering the majority of his face, but his eyes remained deep and quiet, making it difficult for people to see through his emotions..

    She waited for a while before she heard him reply indifferently: “It was along the way.”

    The moment she heard those words, she could hear the sound of her heart breaking.

    Was it just along the way?

    Was it really just along the way?

    Even if it was just along the way, then will they really not carry on having any interactions in the future or the future after that?

    Has this promise really come to an end?

    She had too many questions to ask him, but she dared not ask any of them out.

    Because she was terrified of hearing much more cruel answers coming from his mouth.

    This man had never truly regarded himself as her bodyguard and he never had any obligations to protect her.

    It was only just an accident in the beginning … it was really just an accident.

    It turned out that the hero in her eyes was just a hero who was merely crossing the road.

    In the end, she didn’t ask any more questions.

    Because she became more afraid that once she did, she would find herself utterly defeated.

    “Then … can you tell me your name?”

    She asked, summoning the greatest amount of courage she could muster.

    She didn’t know if her tone revealed the slightest trace of plea, but she didn’t care. If she gave up just a tiny bit of dignity, perhaps it would have been worthwhile to have just one final connection to him.

    After she asked this, she closed her eyes.

    She was scared of hearing his cold answer.

    She was also scared to hear the refusal in his tone.

    A while had passed causing her heart started to beat faster and sadness to grow stronger until she heard the sound of a breeze blowing.

    “I will tell you my name.”

    She opened her eyes slightly and saw him reach his hand out, gently stroking her hair.

    “But you will have to be good.”

    With a smile on his lips, he left his parting words: “Live well, Rong Mo.”

    At that moment, she couldn’t see his expression clearly any longer, even the figure of his parting back was very blurry.

    Because she couldn’t hold back the tears that had welled up in her eyes.

    En, I will live well.

    But you have to fulfill your promise and tell me your name, okay?

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