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  • PCPM Chapter 34

    Chapter 34 “Nie Feizhan, aren’t you expensive? What if I can’t afford to pay your salary …”

    Rong Mo had lost half her freedom the moment she was bound to sit in a wheelchair, but it didn’t lower her self-esteem, instead, it made her more susceptible to loneliness and pain.

    Because what she was more devastated about was the loss of her beloved mother, not the mobility of her legs.

    As she gradually started to accept the fact that her mother had left, and got accustomed to being attended to, a faint inferiority slowly began to take root in her heart as she passed her days sitting in a wheelchair every day.

    Especially after the abduction incident.

    In other words, it was right after she had met him.

    She wondered countless times how nice it would be, if she were to be perfectly healthy?

    In the past, she was the Rong Family Miss who was pampered by her father. Now that the Rong had encountered mishap, she was not only unable to see her father’s face, she couldn’t go back to her own home either.

    This was the very first time that she had felt that she did not want Nie Feizhan to reappear in front of her.

    Because that would mean that he would see another pitiful side of her..

    “Nie Feizhan, aren’t you expensive? What if I can’t afford to pay your salary …”

    Nie Feizhan abruptly interrupted her, “I’ve already said this before. Nevermind just one of me, even if it’s ten of me, you could still afford it.”

    ” … Why?” Rong Mo looked at him in astonishment.

    Nie Feizhan stopped in his tracks and looked down at her. “Because there’s nobody in this world who can give me the things you can.”

    In his eyes, there was nothing in this world that was as precious as her. .

    “This has nothing to do with your current identity. As long as you are Rong Mo, you will always possess the value that I want.” Nie Feizhan said lightly: “Moreover, who said you were worthless?”

    “…” She herself had said it.

    She actually had some trouble understanding what he was saying.

    Or perhaps she had a faint understanding in her heart, but …

    She didn’t dare confirm it.

    This man was too unfathomable.

    Nie Feizhan’s car was parked on the side of the road. When he lifted Rong Mo into the car, Rong Mo’s grip around his neck subconsciously became tighter. “Where are you taking me?”

    Nie Feizhan looked at her nervous expression and smiled. He then placed her down on the seat, and gently scraped the tip of her nose with a finger, “Relax, I won’t sell you.” 

    Taking advantage of Nie Feizhan’s inattentiveness, Lin Sa quickly pulled the car doors open and squeezed inside, holding little Patton in her arms.

    “Miss, I’m here.” Lin Sa said, “You can rest assured that if anyone dares to bully you, I’ll fight to the death with him.”

    She announced while eyeing Nie Feizhan.

    Nie Feizhan hardly showed any interest in response as he got into the car and sat next to Rong Mo.

    Rong Mo was wondering where he was going to take her when she suddenly felt a hand gently turning over her palm and holding it.

    Rong Mo’s heart thumped hard.

    She raised her head and saw Nie Feizhan supported his chin with one hand, looking nonchalantly in front. He acted as if he hadn’t noticed her gaze shifting towards him.

    But when Rong Mo gradually became engrossed in watching him, he suddenly turned his head to look at her, revealing a faint smile in the depths of his eyes.

    Rong Mo immediately retracted her gaze.

    At that moment, she felt Nie Feizhan’s grip on her hand become tighter, the belly of his thumb intentionally stroking her the back of her hand.

    Rong Mo bit her lip and felt her entire body quiver.

    How strange. This was not the first time they had made contact. He had already lifted her up several times before, so why did she feel so….. uncomfortable holding his hand?

    “Hey, don’t make trouble.” Lin Sa gently caressed the little wolfdog’s head and chided lightly. “Where do you think you’re touching!”

    Rong Mo turned to look and saw the little wolfdog’s two front paws pressing on top of Linsa’s chest.

    Although Linsa’s chest was flat, and the attire she wore was neutral, it was hard to tell she was a woman without looking at her face. But regardless, places that shouldn’t be touched should not be casually touched. Rong Mo watched as Lin Sa pinched the dog’s paw and berated it, and she couldn’t help but laugh. “Is this a little male dog?”

    She asked as she was about to reach out and hug the puppy, but the next second she felt Nie Feizhan press her hand as if he was holding her back from doing so.

    Nie Feizhan had suddenly remembered.

    That Patton was indeed a little male dog.

    Lin Sa had assumed that Rong Mo wanted the hold the puppy, so she intended to place the puppy in her arms.

    From Lin Sa’s perspective, she couldn’t see Nie Feizhan holding Rong Mo’s hand, but since Rong Mo hadn’t reached out a hand to receive Patton, she was about to withdraw Patton back when all of a sudden, Patton struggled out of her hold and jumped into Rong Mo’s arms.

    At this, Rong Mo could only break free from Nie Feizhan’s hand to hug the puppy.

    When Patton arrived in Rong Mo’s arms, he began to shake his tail excitedly, and raised his little head to smell her scent excitedly.

    Rong Mo teased him, “Be good, Patton, is that your name, Patton?”

    Patton barked in response, his voice sounding quite milky.

    “In the future, you’ll be my little guard.”

    Nie Feizhan’s face turned slightly dark.

    During the ride, Rong Mo was deepening her affections with Patton, so she didn’t pay much attention to the route until Lin Sa spoke, “Miss, look.”

    Rong Mo looked up, and her entire person froze.

    No wonder she had felt a familiar feeling just now. The big trees lining both sides of the road, the zigzag road leading to the iron gate, and even the shadows of the trees looked familiar.

    This was the Rong Family’s villa.

    The car drove all the way to the gate, and when the security guard saw their license plate, he immediately parted the gate for them.

    Several people stood at the doors waiting. These were the servants and bodyguards who had originally returned home, even the old gardener who had watched Rong Mo grown up was here.

    “Miss … Miss, are you alright?”

    “Miss, welcome back.”

    When the door was opened and Rong Mo heard their voices ringing successively, she suddenly couldn’t help herself.

    She turned around and buried her head on the shoulder of the man beside her, rubbing her face hard.

    Unfortunately, the tears still didn’t stop flowing out.

    She felt Nie Feizhan reach a hand out and embrace her.

    “Momo, we’re home.”

    When he carried Rong Mo out, everybody was greatly surprised.

    They had already seen Nie Feizhan before, but some people did not know of his identity. Even if they did, they wouldn’t have expected his relationship with Rong Mo to be so intimate.

    They weren’t the only ones taken aback, even Rong Mo didn’t expect that Nie Feizhan would actually carry her into the villa right in front of everyone. He didn’t even let her sit in a wheelchair.

    Rong Mo greeted them one by one——and she could only do so in hurry, after all, she couldn’t really talk much to them while being held in Nie Feizhan’s arms.

    “Did you invite them back?”

    Nie Feizhan said, “The people who came back were all willing to do so.”

    “But my father hasn’t …”

    The stairs were right in front of them. Nie Feizhan stopped and looked up to the second floor. .

    The Rong family had been affluent for three generations, so this villa appeared sumptuous from both the outside and the inside. The staircase extending from the first floor to the second floor was a wide spiral staircase lined with a carpet.

    “The people who you want to see will eventually come back.”

    Nie Feizhan walked up the stairs step by step while carrying her.. “Take a rest first, no one will come and disturb you.”

    Rong Mo was originally planning to take a good long look at the home she hadn’t returned to for a long time.

    But at this moment, she could not shift her eyes away, for her gaze was glued to his face.

    It was only until Nie Feizhan took her to the second floor and walked into a room.

    Rong Mo turned her head to look and saw her room.

    She became conscious about something and asked, “Nie Feizhan, how did you know that my room was located here?”

    The distance between the two was very close, and Rong Mo was in his arms, holding his shoulders, so she could clearly see the changes in the depths of his eyes.

    It was like the calm surface of the lake suddenly being stirred into violent ripples.

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