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  • PCPM Chapter 33

    Chapter 33 Nie Feizhan gave a low chuckle. “Then I’ll be more behaved this time.”

    It was only in the future when Rong Mo recalled this scene that she had suddenly become aware of something.

    When she was asking why little Patton was so behaved, Nie Feizhan had replied. “Of course it’ll behave in your arms.”

    Then he reached out an arm to press on the pup’s head and lowered his voice asking her. “There’s another behaved one right over here, do you want to give it a try?”

    …….So it had this kind of meaning.

    ***** Sometime in the future *****

    Rong Mo had only remembered this matter when she was drinking red wine one day. Consequently, she asked Nie Feizhan. “Nie Feizhan….”

    At that time, Nie Feizhan was reading a horror novel——the one that Rong Mo’s bestie Chu Xiaotian (pen name Fan Yin) had sent her titled “Spiritual Grudges”

    He was a bit engrossed in the book but Rong Mo’s voice immediately shifted his attention to her. He hummed in acknowledgement and raised his head. “What’s wrong? Are you tired?”

    “No, I just suddenly recalled something.”

    “What is it?”

    Rong Mo replied. “It was during the first time I saw Patton.”

    Patton’s ears were very sharp. Although it would usually be sleeping at this time, once it heard Rong Mo utter its name, it immediately perked its ears and trotted out of its cage towards her, placing its head on top of her legs and looking at her.

    Rong Mo’s heart softened.

    There were many nights where Nie Feizhan wasn’t present due to work or other matters but Patton would always be there for her.

    It wasn’t only her guard dog, it was a warm and amazing little angel.

    “My Patton’s so behaved.” Rong Mo stroked Patton’s ears and smiled, saying. “Say, wasn’t there another behaved one right here, should I give him a try.”

    Nie Feizhan froze. He clearly didn’t think that she would actually recall this matter.

    Especially when she had one hand scratching Patton and the other stroking his chin, a glint flashed through her eyes as she asked him with a smile. “Did you mean that you were going to be as well behaved as little Patton?”

    During this period, Rong Mo’s countenance had remained as exquisite as before but had lost the immaturity of a young girl. Her charming looks were even more captivating than before. 

    So much that every move she made could stir a man’s heart.

    Nie Feizhan rubbed his nose with the back of his hand and coughed lightly.

    It was very rare for him to feel embarrassed,

    Rong Mo looked on with amusement. “Hey, I’m asking you a question Mr. Bodyguard. Say, who do you think is more behaved, Patton or you?”

    Although Patton didn’t understand Rong Mo’s words, it could tell that the two masters were talking about him, so he wagged his tail energetically, shifting his gaze from Rong Mo to Nie Feizhan.

    It later realized that something was amiss with his master’s expressions.

    Nie Feizhan’s usual stiff and handsome face was actually slightly flushed.

    Rong Mo’s voice was extremely pleasant to the ear but rarely did she use such a… soft and enticing tone to speak.

    Her current gaze right now was simply looking to carve out a person’s heart out of his chest.

    Rong Mo. “Zhan gege?”

    Hearing this way of addressing him, Nie Feizhan couldn’t restrain himself anymore.

    He placed the thick book on the table, walked towards her and bent down, leaving only a few millimeters between them.

    “You have to try to know right?”

    Rong Mo leaned back, but there was nowhere she could run.

    From the very first time she saw him, Rong Mo had a profound impression of him. Every time he stared at her with those kind of eyes, her heart would beat erratically, despite having done much more intimate things before, this feeling did not dissipate in the slightest.

    Nie Feizhan leaned closer towards her ear and nibbled her earlobe, murmuring. “I’ll be even more behaved in your hands, do you want to give it a try?”

    In response, Rong Mo’s face heated up this time around.

    “You liar….”

    Her voice started to shake. “You’re obviously not…behaved at all in my hands.”

    Nie Feizhan gave a low chuckle. “Then I’ll be more behaved this time.”

    “….You promise?”

    “I promise.”

    He had never violated any of the promises he made to her before so Rong Mo was not worried in this aspect.

    When Patton went out, it knew that the two people had closed the door so it went back to its cage alone and curled into a ball.

    ***** End of sometime in the future ****

    The current Patton was very young. Although it was a specially chosen guard dog, it still hadn’t gone through strict training. 

    So in other people’s eyes, it looked nothing more than a purebred German Shepherd.

    But the moment Rong Mo lifted Patton.

    For both Rong Mo and Patton, they had already establish a bond, one that was profound and

    irrevocable until death did them apart.

    It was like an imprint in their bones. Patton considered her as the master it loved and went to lengths to protect and accompany her whereas Rong Mo treated it as an important member of her family.

    But Nie Feizhan’s complexion slowly darkened.

    He soon realized that bringing in Patton this early for her to hold was a mistake.

    Such a small little thing couldn’t possibly protect Rong Mo. On the contrary, it would take away too much of her attention and even possibly her feelings.

    The only benefit it brought was that it made her slightly happier.

    Nie Feizhan stayed silent for a while before saying. “You need to understand one thing.”


    Nie Feizhan bent down abruptly, one arm going under Rong Mo’s legs and lifting her up from her wheelchair.

    Rong Mo was caught off guard and could only subconsciously hold his neck tightly. “What do you think you’re doing!”

    Nie Feizhan didn’t speak and only silently looked at her.

    Little Patton rolled towards the wheelchair, staring at the two people dumbfoundedly.

    Then, it suddenly received a gaze of dislike from Nei Feizhan.

    “It would merely substitute me occasionally in protecting you.” Nie Feizhan embraced her more tightly, his tone sounding a bit more fierce. “Even if it finishes its training, it could only be considered as an intern guard dog, as long as I don’t approve of it, it would never obtain tenure.”

    Rong Mo. “Then I’m not going to give you tenure either!”

    Nie Feizhan. “…..”

    Luo Qingqing kept clutching onto Lin Sa’s arm in excitement, it was fortunate that her skin was tough and her meat was thick so it didn’t hurt her.

    “Director Nie is so cool ahhhhhh!”

    Ever since she had gotten to know him as Rong Mo’s bodyguard in senior high, Luo Qingqing had always treated Nie Feizhan as a male god.

    “….Don’t you think it’s so childish?” Lin Sa inquired. “I heard that men who are in love are the most immature.”

    Luo Qingqing took a deep breath. “Are you saying that my goddess and god have already started dating?!”

    “No!” Lin Sa replied flusteredly. “I misworded it. I meant to say men who harbor a secret unrequited love are the most immature.”

    “Hold on a second, Nie Feizhan. Where are you taking the miss??”

    Luo Qingqing turned to look and saw Nie Feizhan lifting Rong Mo and taking huge strides out the door.

    Rong Mo hooked an arm around his neck and asked. “Nie Feizhan, are you going to sell me off?”

    Nie Feizhan cast her a glance.

    This time, Rong Mo didn’t struggle rashly, rather she stayed quiet and obedient in his arms.

    “Let me tell you, I’m not worth anything right now.” She said in deadpan. “I might not even be able to pay your salary.”

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