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  • PCPM Chapter 30.1

    Chapter 30.1 “I heard that there were a lot of people…who wanted to ask Nie Feizhan out?” (1)

    Long Feng Special Defenses, Commander-in-chief’s office.

    The door was locked.

    Yet someone continued to knock irritably on it.

    Several men who wore security uniforms hid at distant corners, peeping at the ongoing scene. Someone on the building across was using binoculars to watch and the bosses of other departments pretended they were only passing by.

    The person knocking on the door was Nie Feizhan, but a lot of people in the company didn’t know his real name, they only knew the code name he went by ——Z.

    The industry legend.

    The boss of J Country’s borders base who rescued several of his fellow compatriots, and was also the top bodyguard of Long Feng Special Defenses.

    He was also known for his ruthless character, having knocked teeth out of an important client in the past.

    He was currently knocking on the commander-in-chief’s Duan Xiao’s office doors.

    Who was Duan Xiao?

    He was another legend in the industry, in addition to that, he was also the big boss of Long Feng Special Defense.

    Duan Xiao usually wouldn’t lock his office doors because unless people wanted to seek death, nobody would barge in and disturb him while he was working particularly in two situations——

    First, when his wife was in the office. Second, when he was calling or video calling his wife.

    Although Nie Feizhan rarely makes a visit in a year, when he does, he was considered fairly polite about it, so seeing him knock on the door frantically was a first.

    What happened between these two?

    In just a few minutes, this entire matter was spread from top down within the company’s different departments.

    Currently, everyone in the company was aware that something was about to brew between the two legends, so somebody immediately went to grab some camera equipment just in case a fight were to break out between the two. By that time, he could possibly be recording a rare classic scene that would become a top secret file! 

    Some departments had also directly opened a meeting to discuss important questions such as  whether or not they should intervene in the fight, how they should do it and who was stopping who.

    “Round up everyone, it’s time to place your bets, I’m betting that our boss is going to win!”

    “I heard that the two of them had fought several times before and nobody knew who won or lost….”

    ”You know Z used to fight in that rumored underground boxing arena and had never lost a match. When he left, not only did he take a big sack of bonus, he even collaborated with the police to bust the illegal gambling den down. That’s what you call an underground boxing king.”

    “Underground boxing? Our boss is the real boxing champion here. I’m 100% sure that he would win!”

    “Z is also a legendary figure who was reportedly unshakeable.”

    “Boss hates it when his video calling time with his wife gets interrupted by someone else. If his temper flares up, the entire company’s going to start shaking….so who should I bet on winning???”

    “Heyheyhey, boss just opened the door!”

    Everyone was updated in real time with what was happening, so they took up their binoculars, and crouched down quickly to hide themselves and watch. Those who were passing by quickly scrambled out of the area, and those who were secretly watching at the corner shrank their heads.

    Nie Feizhan said expressionlessly. “If you don’t open the door, I’m going to the base and take Karl as hostage.”

    Karl——Duan Xiao’s guard dog.

    Duan Xiao coldly remarked. “If you think you can do it, then why don’t you try..”

    Nie Feizhan coldly smirked. “Why wouldn’t I with your dog?”

    In truth, he really couldn’t do so.

    There was a time when Nie Feizhan was not in the best state of mind, so Duan Xiao lent Karl to accompany him for a duration of time.

    The guard dog who was violent when confronting enemies was, at times, a completely tender and forgiving therapy dog.

    This is especially the case with Karl who was such a special and smart dog.

    Nie Feizhan couldn’t bear to hurt Karl and if someone mistreated Karl even the slightest bit, he would have probably beat that person to a comatose state.

    Even if Nie Feizhan’s heart had turned soft after all these years, his mouth was still just as cold and rigid. Aside from his beloved lady, he didn’t give any face to anyone else.

    The two stared at each other for a few seconds and the air temperature dropped a few degrees.

    They both gave off the same air and had the same height and figure. Even their appearances were similarly good-looking. The only difference was that Duan Xiao’s was grave and stern whereas Nie Feizhan still carried the air of a youth’s recklessness and rebelliousness.

    In the end, Duan Xiao shifted his body and allowed him to come inside his office.

    Everyone heaved a breath of relief, but after a while, they looked at each other in dismay.

    Why did they feel slightly regretful?

    “I’ve already lent a hand on areas I can with regards to the Rong Family’s matter, what else do you need me to do?”

    Once news broke out that the Rong Family was involved in trouble, Duan Xiao immediately received Nie Feizan’s call.

    In regards to contacts, networks, and information inquiry, Nie Feizhan still had to bow before Duan Xiao.

    If Nie Fiezhan was called a maverick, then Duan Xiao would be the strongest support in the industry. As long as he agreed to lend a hand, there would be no matter he couldn’t solve nor information he couldn’t collect.

    Long Feng Special Defense’s security business was spread throughout every crook and corner of the city. They also worked with the government all year round that even the police had to request their help most of the time.

    When Nie Feizhan returned to C city, the first person who he looked for help was also naturally Duan Xiao.

    Although the two people looked equally on par in strength, standing side by side, there was an awful atmosphere between them as if they were going to break out into a fight any time but in reality, they’ve both struggled for their lives and experienced countless near-death events to the point that they would give up their life to save the other and would trust each other to watch over their backs.

    “It’s got nothing to do with the Rong Family.” Nie Feizhan casually sat himself down on the sofa. When he lifted his head, he saw the two photo frames placed on the top of the office desk.

    One was a picture of Chu Xiaotian, Karl and an unfamiliar little dog.

    The other was a picture taken two years ago at Country J with Duan Xiao, Chu Xiaotian and Chu Xiaotian’s father Chu Hanjiang.

    Duan Xiao’s parents had passed away early, so when the two of them got married, only two elders from the Duan Family went, compared to the many relatives of the Chu Family present. At that time, Duan Xiao had asked whether he would be his best man, and Nie Feizhan didn’t respond because he actually wanted to think it over. In the end, he still decided that he wanted to be a groom if he were to be participating in a wedding ceremony for the first time. Of course, when Duan Xiao and Chu Xiaotian got married, he still sent them a big gift.

    However, at that time, he only gave his blessings privately and kept a low profile because people of the Rong Family had also attended the meeting.

    And at that time, he still hadn’t reached the status of being qualified to meet her family members.

    His work and the things he needed to do were still too unstable, too dangerous. He himself didn’t know when he might die at some corner of a random country.

    But Duan Xiao wasn’t the same.

    In some aspects, Duan Xiao was a lot stronger than him.

    Duan Xiao saw him staring at the photos with a complicated expression and snapped his fingers in front of him. “Did you come here to stare at my family photos?”

    Nie Feizhan. “Can’t you let me be jealous for a while?”

    Duan Xiao’s eyes revealed an astonished expression.

    Nie Feizhan’s childhood experiences had set him apart from other people. He had no family and was abducted and sold to Country J at the age of three. He was even thrown away to live in a forest for several months and had to fight with wild animals for survival.

    Not once had he ever obtained any of the wonderful things ordinary people had no trouble getting.

    But he never envied them for it. He was, as always, an unbridled man who didn’t give face to anybody nor placed them in his eyes.

    But it appears that the little lady from the Rong Family had been slowly changing him effortlessly.

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