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  • PCPM Chapter 3.2

    Chapter 3.2 In this world, only Rong Mo was his one nemesis (2)

    When Lin Sa entered, Rong Mo was still sitting on her wheelchair but her entire body was drenched.

    Lin Sa hurriedly carried her into the tub and waited for her to finish soaking before she could massage her legs.

    Rong Mo’s legs looked no different to other people’s. The only difference was that her skin was so pale you could see the veins. Moreover, on her upper left thigh, there was a prominent scar.

    Lin Sa only knew that Rong Mo had encountered a serious accident when she was young and that incident led to the death of her mother as well as her being confined to sit in a wheelchair forever without any future of being able to stand up.

    All of the people who were familiar with that incident kept their mouths shut and Rong Ji had ordered them to never bring it up as well.

    In the past, Aunt Wu or the doctor would be the ones massaging it for her. Now that Aunt Wu wasn’t here, Lin Sa had intended to do it for her but Rong Mo refused.

    “How did the matter I assigned you to do go?”

    Lin Sa bent her head down in shame. “I’m sorry, miss. With my network, I still couldn’t find it in this short period of time.”

    Rong Mo replied. “It’s not your fault. She’s just too cunning.“

    “Miss, I heard you went to the auction in the afternoon but the old residence wasn’t put up for a bid and was…even blocked by Mr. Nie.”

    Rong Mo half-laid on the bed and hummed. “That’s right.”

    Lin Sa hesitated for a moment before continuing. “If we had his intelligence network….”

    “Sister Sa, don’t say it.”

    “I’m sorry, miss.”

    “Our Rong Family hasn’t collapsed that quickly yet.” Rong Mo bitterly smiled and said “I know that everyone looks at us like we’re a joke and that includes the artists who are under Cloudy Day’s banner. It’s ridiculous…”

    Cloudy Day was one of the artist managing companies under Rong Group. This company was actually given to her by her father on her 20th birthday as a gift. In other words, she was the boss of that company behind-the-scenes.


    Lin Sa wanted to comfort her but she didn’t know how to. She only had four developed limbs(1) and a stupid mouth. After a long while, she still couldn’t come up with anything good to say.

    1. Four developed limbs: have the courage to do nothing without even considering the consequences.

    Rong Mo suddenly asked. “Sister Sa, do you believe that my father is innocent?”

    “Mr. Rong would never frame anybody.” Lin Sa at least still knew how to distinguish between what was and wasn’t appropriate to say. “Don’t worry. We’ll definitely find evidence and wash Mr. Rong’s injustice clean. I’ll go look for Director Duan tomorrow.”

    “Director Duan? You mean Long Feng Special Service’s Duan Xiao?”

    “That’s right. Have you forgotten? You’re even friends with Director Duan’s wife.”

    “I still remember her, Chu Xiaotian.”

    Rong Mo recalled that adorable girl. She had rarely ever envied other people and even though she was handicapped, she possessed many things that were difficult for ordinary people to have. However, that girl was someone who was able to make her feel a rare feeling of envy.

    Not only was her family perfect, there was always a pure and lovely smile on her face which easily infected everyone around her.

    Moreover, the man who looked to be as cold and valiant as Nie Feizhan, gave his wife boundless tolerance and affection.

    So, she had always been envious of Chu Xiaotian.

    After all, she couldn’t even see the face of the person she loved.

    “Sister Sa, open me a bottle of wine please. I want to go to sleep.”

    Lin Sa knew that she hadn’t had a good sleep in a long time. She also wasn’t allowed to ingest too many sleep-inducing drugs so she would occasionally drink a bit of wine to help with the drowsiness.


    Lin Sa didn’t disturb her any longer. “If you want to get on the bed and sleep, please call for me.”

    “No need to. You can go ahead and retire first. I’ll get on the bed myself.”

    Lin Sa still felt a bit worried but seeing that Rong Mo wanted to have some time alone, she could only go out.

    Rong Mo was incapable of carrying out any exercise so her body was physically weak. She actually couldn’t drink much alcohol as well so downing two cups was enough to make her feel a bit dizzy.

    This was also fine, it was easier for her to fall asleep and she wouldn’t be able to have any nightmares….

    She decided. She’ll just have to climb the bed later.

    By the time she realized she had drank a bit too much, she found herself sprayed on her wheelchair, about to fall asleep.

    In her daze, she could detect a scent approaching her.

    She was completely intoxicated and exhausted, so she didn’t have any strength to budge at all but that scent was so familiar. It was so familiar it made her unable to keep her eyes closed.

    “Is it you?”

    She looked at the tall and blurry figure before her and reached her hands out. “Z….Can you carry me, please?”

    The man appeared to have paused for a moment.

    He bent his tall body down in front of her chair and seemed to have positioned one knee on the ground in front as he stared into her eyes.

    Even in this position, he still looked as valiant as a cheetah that suppressed its own explosive power. However, towards the girl in front of him, a rare warmth appeared.

    “What did you call me?”

    Rong Mo narrowed her eyes.

    Her consciousness was already fuzzy. Amidst her absentmindedness, she seemed to have returned back to the year she was 16 years old when she had just been rescued from the hands of her kidnapper.

    He was a violent yet profound man with a face full of stubble. 

    Was that man really this young and handsome guy in front of her?

    If they really were the same person, what should she address him then?

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