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  • PCPM Chapter 3.1

    Chapter 3.1 In this world, only Rong Mo was his one nemesis (1)

    He Wei pinched his watch and counted every passing second. Just as he calculated it was about time, he discovered that Nie Feizhan had stopped at the second floor. 

    The bag of potato chips in He Wei’s hands flew in the air at once as he stared intently at the screen.

    Heyheyhey? Why did you stop. There’s still two more floors before you can reach her ah!

    “She hasn’t gotten into the car yet! Why did you stop?!”

    Nie Feizhan didn’t speak.

    So He Wei could only adjust the monitor.

    Then, when he saw the scene showing Nie Feizhan’s back, he was suddenly enlightened.

    He stood in front of the windows on the second floor.

    Even though his back was towards the camera, He Wei knew that he was staring at the scene of Rong Mo getting inside the car.

    He wasn’t able to get a view of Nie Feizhan’s expression and could only see the faint heaving of his shoulders.

    This naturally wasn’t due to fatigue because exerting this kind of physical effort wasn’t much to him. Instead, it was due to his current state of mind.

    He Wei could only imagine that while he was staring unwaveringly at the car– his expression was exactly the same as back then when he was protecting her from afar and his eyes trailed after the girl’s figure as she left.

    He Wei hated steel for not becoming iron(1) and banged on the table causing the chips inside the bag to all fall out.

    1. Hated steel for not becoming iron: to feel resentful towards someone for failing to meet expectations and impatient to see improvement

    “Why didn’t you go look for her?”

    Nie Feizhan didn’t speak for a long while until Rong Mo’s car slowly left.

    A long period of time had passed before his hoarse voice rang out. “……I don’t know.”

    “Did you get used to being like this? Aren’t you afraid that with the current situation of the Rong family, she might be bullied until she can’t take it anymore? She’s not as strong as she looks, what if she…”

    “He Wei.” Nie Feizhan voiced one word slowly at a time. “You.shut.the.fuck.up.”


    He Wei was angry but he didn’t dare to continue.

    If Nie He Fei started speaking through gritted teeth and he continued to speak, he feared that he may have to lie down at the hospital for a period of time because even ten of him wouldn’t even be able to take on Nie Feizhan for a light spar.

    Only Rong Mo had the ability to easily appease his terrifying temper and this fellow didn’t even dare to meet that girl’s face.

    In this world, only Rong Mo was his one nemesis.

    When Rong Mo returned home, she originally wanted to have her nanny give her a bath but she recalled that Aunt Wu, the nanny who took care of her, was called in for questioning and was forcibly taken away by her daughter. Lin Sa, who she instructed to handle some matters in the morning, also hadn’t returned yet.

    For several years, she had gotten used to being taken care of. To many people, staying at home and being clothed and fed was considered a luxurious yet ridiculous lifestyle, but to her, it had been her daily life for many years.

    “Momo, even if dad is not here, you need to keep being strong.”

    “You may face a lot of bad things and nobody might really understand you nor help you but you have to keep believing that everything will change for the better.”

    Rong Mo pushed her wheelchair herself straight towards the bathroom and slowly took her clothes off.

    She rarely did these things herself. When she turned the tap on for water and attempted to get up from her wheelchair to the inside of the bathtub, she realized that she couldn’t muster enough strength.

    She tried several times but in the end, she fell down beside the bathtub. She knocked her waist against the side of the tub and ended up getting bumped back to her wheelchair in pain.

    She rubbed the place where she had gotten hurt and knew that it would soon turn into a terrifying bruise.

    Her skin was so tender that a slight bump would leave a mark. These marks were not only very ugly, they also took a long time to disappear. It was also because of this that when she was bound to a wheelchair, she often hurt herself whenever she wanted to do something.  This made her father hop around in anxiety and ultimately, he got her a nanny who would watch and take care of her around the clock.

    She panted for breath for a while as tears started dripping down onto the floor.

    Rong Mo, you’re so useless.

    Why are you so useless?

    Your father has been dragged by the police while he was still sick and your family business is on the edge of bankruptcy. The people by your side are leaving one by one and the one you love is also hiding from you, unwilling to even let you see his face.

    And you can’t even do anything by yourself, let alone taking care of yourself.

    Why are you so useless?

    For what reason are you living for?

    She broke down crying in the bathroom for a very long time until Lin Sa returned.

    “Miss, are you inside?”

    After a while, Rong Mo’s response came from the bathroom.

    “……I’m taking a bath.”

    Lin Sa could obviously hear something was wrong from her voice.

    Rong Mo had never cried in front of anybody because she wasn’t willing to show her weakness in front of other people. No matter how many unbearable things happened to her, she would always harden herself, and never let a single tear trickle down her face.

    She once said that since she was already a useless person, she didn’t want to be another useless person who could only cry in her wheelchair.

    But at this time and moment, that weak voice carried a sob that Lin Sa had never heard before.

    Lin Sa had been by Rong Mo’s side for about 5 years. She once heard that Rong Mo’s personality was just like any other daughter who was doted on since young, sticky and spoiled, delicate and headstrong. And every time she cried, it would always take a long time to coax her.

    But in the years that she knew Rong Mo, she had never seen the shadow of that little girl.

    It was that side of her that Lin Sa had never seen before.

    Lin Sa inevitably felt somewhat anxious. “Miss, please let me in and help you.”

    “Wait for a while before you come in.”


    T/N: Rong Mo is such a precious baby Imma fite u all to protect her (ง •̀_•́)ง

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