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  • PCPM Chapter 29.1

    Chapter 29.1 “Brother Zhan regards that girl as his lifeblood so who in this world would dare to harm her? It would be a joke since even he himself wouldn’t even be able to do it.” (1)

    Lin Sa discovered something odd about Rong Mo. Her mood was different than usual. And it was very different at that.

    This was the first time she had seen Rong Mo reveal a trace of smile in such a long time.

    This was natural. She hadn’t been sleeping well in the past few days due to handling so many matters including her father’s, her family’s as well as Rong Xun’s. Because of this, Lin Sa and the others were afraid that she would be able to sleep soundly after rousing from a nightmare in the middle of the night.

    Although Lin Sa was her full-time bodyguard, Rong Mo and Lin Sa treated each other as real sisters, having spent so many years together. Lin Sa was also the only person by her side who cared very deeply about her.

    As for that temporary intern bodyguard…

    Lin Sa glanced at him from the peephole and saw that he had not left yet.

    In the past, she had heard that the industry legend Nie Feizhan acted like a wolf wherever he went. However, the current Nie Feizhan she was seeing right now behaved like another animal, he was more of a very wolf-like …… wolfdog?

    At present, Rong Mo was on the phone chatting with somebody.

    The person she was talking to was one of her few friends, Chu Xiaotian.

    Rong Mo didn’t have a lot of friends on her WeChat. Aside from work contacts, adding all of the people in her contact list still only amounted to about 10 people, and among these people, Chu Xiaotian was a special one.

    Chu Xiaotian’s character was just like the meaning of her name. She was sweet and lovely. Rong Mo instantly felt like she was family from the moment she had laid eyes on her.

    The personality Xiaotian had made it impossible for people to hate her.

    Although she was a well-known horror novel writer, she herself was terrified of supernatural events. Everytime she tried catching up to the deadline of her work, she would be surprised by the horrific scenes her mind could produce. Fortunately, she had a man who could bring her a sense of security, he was Long Feng Special Defense’s commander-in-chief Duan Xiao.

    The Rong family and the Long Feng Special Defenses had long been working together, but the origin of how Rong Mo became friends with Chu Xiaotian was because of Nie Feizhan.

    Previously, Nie Feizhan was entrusted to protect Chu Xiaotian’s father back in country J and he had saved both her and Duan Xiao’s lives.

    It was also because of Chu Xiaotian that Rong Mo learned a lot about Nie Feizhan’s affairs in Country J.

    Although Nie Feizhan originated from the special forces of Country J, he had never changed his nationality and had continued to save many citizen’s lives in the same country.

    He wasn’t just a hero that belonged to her, he was a true embodiment of the word ‘hero’.

    It was also from Chu Xiaotian that she had gotten to know a bit about Nie Feizhan’s past.

    Chu Xiaotian became pregnant some time ago, so Rong Mo had given her a celebratory gift. However, when Xiaotian had gotten news of the Rong family’s mishap, she had been insisting on coming over to see Rong Mo but was always rejected.

    She was immersed in so much negativity lately she didn’t want to infect the newly pregnant Chu Xiaotian.

    Despite this, Chu Xiaotian still cared very much about her, especially now that she had heard Nie Feizhan was by her side.

    Rong Mo asked, “How did you know he came to find me?”

    Chu Xiaotian: “Come on, wasn’t it going to happen sooner or later? Did you know? My husband wanted to talk to him last night but he said he wasn’t free because he had something more important to do. I thought about it and I figured that he was probably referring to your matters, wasn’t he? My husband was going to talk to him about important work matters, but the ‘more important matters’ he had to do was without a doubt your matters.”

    Rong Mo was slightly at a loss: “Are you saying that my matters were more important than his work?”

    Chu Xiaotian: “Of course! You are his one and only true love, heart and soul.”

    Rong Mo: “……”

    She felt as if Chu Xiaotian was misunderstanding the relationship she had with Nie Feizhan.

    Rong Mo thought for a moment and said: “You mentioned before that he had rescued many people as well as several pitiful children. I think, to him, I’m probably just one of the many he had saved.”

    After saying these words, Chu Xiaotian did not immediately answer back.

    In fact, Chu Xiaotian had already felt that Rong Mo’s sensitivity was no less than her loneliness.

    Although everyone knew that Rong Mo was the pampered heiress of the Rong Family, nobody knew that deep in her heart, she was hiding a bit of inferior complex.

    The reason why she buried that inferiority wasn’t because of her disability or because of other people’s pity, it was because of Nie Feizhan himself.

    In the very beginning, she had only felt admiration and gratitude for Nie Feizhan.

    He was like a hero who descended from the sky and rescued her from the clutches of evil. At that time, she was on the quivering on the brink of collapse to the extent that she had lost consciousness in his arms.

    Back when they were still in Huai Shui, he had promised to protect her.

    However, Rong Mo had never truly regarded him as a bodyguard, she just wanted him to stay by her side even if it was only for a day.

    Her legs didn’t allow her to do what any young girl would, running towards the person they wanted to see.

    So once Nie Feizhan left her, she couldn’t get him back.

    After a while, Chu Xiaotian suddenly spoke up..

    Rong Mo listened closely and realized it was a conversation between Chu Xiaotian and Duan Xiao.

    “Since Z has rescued so many people before, has he ever tried to look for them or care for them?”

    “No.” Duan Xiao’s voice resounded, “Except for some special people.”

    “How special?”

    Duan Xiao’s voice suddenly got closer as if he was walking to Chu Xiaotian, “Are you asking how special you are to me?”

    The voices cut off from there.

    Rong Mo guessed that the couple must’ve been tending to their feelings, so she didn’t continue to bother Chu Xiaotian.

    But Chu Xiaotian’s words caused a big fluctuation in her heart.

    How special?

    Was it as special as Chu Xiaotian was to Duan Xiao?

    …… That was simply impossible.

    But she really envied Duan Xiao and Chu Xiaotian. She and Chu Xiaotian were both introverted people, but Chu Xiaotian was unafraid of letting her loved one know about her fears and insecurities.

    But she didn’t dare to do so.

    Her heart, like her body, was shattered at the age of 11 with no one to fill the gap.

    Until he appeared.

    “But Nie Feizhan, how special am I to you?”

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