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  • PCPM Chapter 28.2

    Chapter 28.2 The amount of effort he put into this in all seriousness, was much more terrifying than when he was confronting evildoers. (2)

    When Lin Sa saw Rong Mo, she almost leapt up from joy. “Young Miss!”

    Lin Sa’s head of short hair appeared in such a disarray from hastening herself to chase after them.

    “Sister Sa, I’m fine.”

    In fact, she looked to be more than fine. Lin Sa looked at the comfortable wheelchair she was sitting on, the clean and warm blankets placed over her knees, as well as her ruddy cheeks, with just one glance, she immediately knew that she had been taken good care of.

    Despite this, she couldn’t suppress her anger and wanted to pick a fight with Nie Feizhan.

    And even if she did… she knew she couldn’t win against him.

    What was even more annoying was that Nie Feizhan was still wearing the uniform of a security guard with a hat on his head and a walkie-talkie on his waist.

    That was indeed the true appearance of a formal bodyguard, yet at the same time he leaked the overbearing and powerful aura of a company president.

    Both his hands seemed to be casually holding Rong Mo’s wheelchair, but were in fact, giving her no leeway of taking it from him.

    Lin Sa knew that it was basically an impossible matter to snatch the control of Rong Mo’s wheelchair back from him.

    Unless Rong Mo spoke for herself.

    “Miss, I have something to tell you.” Lin Sa whispered, “It’s about Bai Lu.”

    Rong Mo nodded, “Let’s talk about it once we get back.”

    Lin Sa held the wheelchair and said, “Excuse me, Mr. Security Guard. You can hand over the Miss’s wheelchair ….. To me now. “

    Nie Feizhan lifted his head up and stared at her coldly.

    The look he had on was akin to a ferocious animal having his treasured object being coveted by others.

    Lin Sa was not afraid of him at all, and only looked back at him fiercely.

    “Oh, I forgot to introduce him to you, Sister Sa, this security guard …” Rong Mo coughed and said, :is a newly hired intern bodyguard. He might be lacking in some areas, so I’m troubling you to take responsibility for him.”

    Nie Feizhan. “…”

    Lin Sa didn’t conceal her gloating face at all.

    Hahahaha, what industry legend, he was more of a bullshit legend. In our young miss’s eyes, he was just a lacking intern bodyguard.

    “Yes, miss. I understand.” Lin Sa replied earnestly, “I will guide him well.” 

    Then she snatched Rong Mo’s wheelchair from Nie Feizhan.

    In fact, Linsa only used a little bit of strength. She didn’t forcibly snatch the handles for fear of Rong Mo feeling uncomfortable, yet she didn’t expect Nie Feizhan to actually loosen his hold.

    Lin Sa pushed Rong Mo’s wheelchair into the elevator.

    “Miss, I saw Bai Lu today.”

    Rong Mo frowned.

    Bai Lu was Rong Xun’s wife and was considered to be her sister-in-law as well.

    On the year that Rong Xun returned to China, Bai Lu had given birth to a child not long after. This was why Rong Ji allowed them to live with the Rong family. The child was still too young, and it was easier to take care of him at the Rong house.

    But she didn’t really like Bai Lu as a sister-in-law. Bai Lu was too hypocritical. She would act gentle on the outside but often regarded herself as the mistress of the family, ordering the servants of the house as she pleased. Once, she came across Auntie Wu feeding and carrying her child and was disgusted by her, thinking that she wasn’t hygienic, she grabbed her son and pushed Aunt Wu away.

    At that time, Rong Mo was so angry, she pushed the wheelchair to talk to her, but Bai Lu faked an aggrieved expression on her face.

    It was fortunate that her father was a shrewd person, he had seen through Bai Lu’s hypocrisy and immediately ordered them to leave the house and live outside by themselves.

    After the Rong Family’s mishap, Bai Lu didn’t look to give her trouble any longer.

    Rong Mo was obviously not afraid of her, but she had too many things to deal with, so she didn’t have time to concern herself with the woman. When news of their old residence to be put up for auction was released, Bai Lu had come to look for her, but was blocked by Lin Sa. Bai Lu who didn’t fear anyone, was only afraid of Lin Sa, because Linsa had once demonstrated her strength in front of Bai Lu when she kicked an adult man who was being rude Rong Mo, sending him flying several meters away.

    Now that this woman had appeared again, and there was no doubt she was harboring some sinister intentions.

    When they arrived at the back home, Lin Sa turned around and saw Nie Feizhan following them from behind. His hat covered his eyes, making his expression hard to discern.

    “Miss, will he also be entering?”

    Rong Mo froze for a moment.

    She hadn’t really thought that he would really follow her here … Was she really going to let him enter her family doors and become her personal bodyguard?

    While pondering about this problem, she subconsciously remembered her previous conversation with Nie Feizhan.

    “Aside from not being a woman, I can do everything else you want to do.”

    Lin Sa saw Rong Mo’s face immediately turning red. “Miss, what’s wrong? Are you having a fever?”

    She was about to touch Rong Mo’s forehead, but was stopped beforehand. “No, I’m not.”

    She turned to look at Nie Feizhan, and saw that he was looking at her as well.

    “You … What are you planning to do?”

    She didn’t expect that Nie Feizhan wouldn’t even stop to think and replied., “I’m going to follow you.”

    Other people may not know what intentions Nie Feizhan had towards Rong Mo but Lin Sa was extremely clear about it.

    In this world, no man would treat a girl so nicely to the extent of giving his life to her without harboring any intentions.

    However, Nie Feizhan was such a person.

    The amount of effort he put into this in all seriousness, was much more terrifying than when he was confronting evildoers.

    Nie Feizhan ignored Lin Sa.

    In his eyes, aside from Rong Mo, all the other female creatures were like air to him.

    Nie Feizhan said, “Do I not have the right to follow you as an intern bodyguard?” 

    She didn’t know if it was an illusion but when he said this sentence, there seemed to be a hint of…… aggrieve in his tone.

    Rong Mo coldly nodded and said. “You are not just an intern, you’re also only temporary.”


    Nie Feizhan glared at Lin Sa.

    This caused Lin Sa to suddenly have a foreboding feeling.

    Why did she feel that Nie Feizhan wanted to slaughter her and take her place?

    Before he could even carry out this frighteningly violent act, Lin Sa immediately swiped the card to open the door and pushed Rong Mo in. “Temporary intern bodyguards have no right to protect the safety of the lady at night, so you can settle things for yourself in the following time being.”

    With a thump sound, the door was shut closed from the inside.

    He Wei hummed as he strutted over with the room card. “It’s done, Boss Nie. Your room is right next door.”

    Nie Feizhan was motionless.

    He Wei tilted his head: “Hello, Boss Nie? President Nie? Captain Nie? Z ……”

    He hadn’t finished calling him names until he saw Nie Feizhan staring at the door in front of him with determined eyes. The tumultuous waves in the depths of his eyes seemed to drill a hole in the heavy door.

    He hadn’t snapped back to his senses when Nie Feizhan suddenly reached out a hand, hauled his collar, and slammed him against the wall.

    If this was seen by others, it would’ve been considered a well-done wall slam.

    He Wei looked at him in horror, “Brother, brother, you’ve got to calm down.”

    “I’m going to calmly ask you a question.” Nie Feizhan stared into his eyes, his hands tightening its hold onto his collar. “How long does it usually take to graduate from an internship to becoming an official employee.”

    He Wei was stupefied, but at this moment Nie Feizhan was looking at him with a terrifying expression of ‘If you don’t answer me properly right now, this daddy will beat you to death.’

    So he knew that if he didn’t answer his question carefully, this night was going to be cold for him.

    “This … well, it depends on the performance, work efficiency, achievements and all that during the internship period…… Of course, it depends on the industry, but on average,  it would usually take a month …” He Wei gulped, and said weakly: “Maybe?”

    The air was silent for a few seconds.

    Nie Feizhan’s tone turned even colder, “Is there a faster way to obtain tenure?”

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