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  • PCPM Chapter 26

    Chapter 26 Nie Feizhan could only coax her with a low voice….

    Nie Feizhan’s hand paused in place, blue veins appearing on the back of his hand caused from trying to hold himself back to his utmost.

    For the first time in his life, he heard the sound of his heart breaking.

    To tell the truth, there had already been a crack on his heart of stone since long ago, and at this moment, her voice was akin to a light tap to his heart, causing it to shatter.

    Despite having gone to a battlefield before and gambling his life in the business industry, regardless of how many difficulties he encountered in his journey, he could always overcome them, because he could always solve everything.

    But confronted with the girl that he loved, he was incapable of coaxing her.

    He had an indifferent character, lacking an interest in anything, but every time he looked at her, his heart burned with fire, scalding to the touch and passionate.

    Yet the sight of her tears could extinguish the flame at once.

    “I’m sorry …”

    Rong Mo tilted her head. She couldn’t see his expression, but her heart trembled when she heard his low and hoarse voice. 

    “It’s all my fault.”

    Rong Mo bit her lip.

    “Don’t cry, okay?”

    “I’m not crying.” Rong Mo puffed up in anger and turned her head, “Who’s crying?” 

    When she turned around, she was met with his red eyes and the handprint she had visibly left on his face.

    Such a beautiful face was ruined by her slap.

    Nie Feizhan spoke:“Did you feel that it wasn’t enough? Here, you can continue.”

    He said as was about to grab her hand but Rong Mo hurriedly retracted it. “…… Which virtuous lady would randomly hit somebody?”

    This bastard, did he not think that she would feel bad about it?

    She had subconsciously used a lot of strength in the slap just now that she could tell how painful it was from hearing how loud the sound was. If an ordinary person were to shoulder this slap, perhaps their face would have already turned swollen.

    Seeing her shrink back, Nie Feizhan felt distressed, yet he also felt it funny, “Even if you hit me here, nobody would be able to see it.”

    Rong Mo subconsciously glanced at the front. What did that mean? What about the driver?

    “Oh, he’s fine with it.” Nie Feizhan immediately detected her glance, and replied. “If he dares to reveal it, I’ll end his life.”

    Rong Mo: “…”

    He Wei who sat in front, gave them sufficient private space. There was a partition in the middle, so he couldn’t hear what the two were talking about in the back. However, for some reason, he suddenly felt a cold chill. Nevertheless, he didn’t dare to look back and only concentrated on looking straight ahead and driving.

    ——If he were to see something he shouldn’t, he feared he would turn into ice.

    In recent years, Rong Mo had, more or less, a general knowledge of what he was doing.

    Particularly so after meeting Duan Xiao and his wife Chu Xiaotian. And she had learned various information about him through Chu Xiaotian.

    She also knew that to other people, he was a fierce and dangerous character.

    After hearing him declare that he could kill someone in such an offhand manner, Rong Mo unintentionally shivered at the thought.

    She sniffled. Her eyes and the tip of her nose were flushed red, and her figure was crouched at the corner of the door, making her entire person look pitiful.

    Nie Feizhan wanted to wipe her tears for her, but Rong Mo waved it off. “Don’t touch me.”

    She was like a kitten who was bullied and could only pitifully protect herself as her voice trembled. 

    Nie Feizhan could only coax her with a low voice: “I’ll carry you so sit a little closer, alright?”

    “Not alright.”

    The way she sat looked too pitiful, it made the people who watched her feel distressed. Nie Feizhan fought back the urge to carry her and only lowered the partition telling He Wei. “Drive a little faster.”

    There was music playing in the car so He Wei couldn’t hear him, so Nie Feizhan angrily barked. “He Wei!”

    This low roar startled He Wei, causing him to shudder. “Hey, Boss Nie, please speak.”

    Nie Feizhan asked coldly, “How much time do we have?”

    He Wei: “We can take as long as you need.”

    Didn’t this depend on how long you can coax Ms.Rong? What if Ms. Rong’s temper flared and she kicked Nie Feiyan out of the car as a result … That would’ve been a good show to watch.

    Rong Mo suddenly snapped to her senses. “Wait a minute, where are you taking me?”

    Nie Feizhan was about to speak until Rong Mo spoke with a guarded look on her face , “Are you going to sell me off?”

    Nie Fei Zhan nearly lost control of his face.

    Back then, when he took Rong Mo out of school on a motorcycle, Rong Mo had similarly asked him where he was taking her, and he replied that he was going to sell her off..

    At that time, Rong Mo was only 17 years old, but even after five years had passed, her countenance did not change much. The only difference was that her facial features were more refined than it looked 5 years ago. She had lost some of the childish air of a young girl and became a little more charming.

    The number of men who liked her and wanted to obtain her gradually grew, and he had lost track of how much effort he had spent to deal with those people.

    At this moment, He Wei stopped the car.

    Rong Mo looked out the window and saw that they were at the entrance of Yunting Hotel.

    “Why did you bring me here?”

    “I’m taking you to dinner.”

    Rong Mo was stunned , “How did you know I haven’t eaten?”

    “There isn’t anybody who can cook for you.” Nie Feizhan seemed to recall something, and coldly added. “Lin Sa only knows how to fight, aside from ordering takeaway for you , she can’t do anything else. How is she even allowed to take care of you?”

    In fact, Nie Feizhan’s words were already giving Lin Sa face. Other people would have described Lin Sa….. as a woman who was more manly than a man.

    Ask her to cook, and it would have been a miracle if she managed not to burn the kitchen down.

    Nie Feizhan still couldn’t forget the time when He Wei had suddenly sent him a message while he was having a company meeting.

    It was a picture Lin Sa had sent to her circle of friends.

    ——My first attempt to cook for the lady had failed.

    There weren’t many people in Linsa’s circle of friends, and her circle of friends also rarely sent messages. However, He Wei had a way of tracking her movements and if it was something that was related to Rong Mo, he would directly take screenshots to send to Nie Feizhan.

    It was a photo of a pot she had scorched. When Nie Feizhan saw it at the time, he immediately stood up from his seat.

    The entire conference room turned quiet. Everyone watched as his face turned cold and he left the room with his phone. They looked at each other in dismay, unaware of what had just happened.

    They were only certain that it must’ve been an important message.

    Back then, Nie Feizhan’s anxious expression had terrified a lot of people.

    He wanted to throw Lin Sa into cooking classes for a year and a half, before she was allowed to come back because the things she made seemed to have been unfit for consumption, especially considering the weak stomached Rong Mo’s circumstances.

    If he didn’t mention this matter, all would’ve gone well. But Rong Mo had realized something from his words.

    After Lin Sa tried her hand out in cooking with multiple failed attempts, she decided that she could only choose to buy her food or have it sent by a nearby hotel.

    Rong Mo was not accustomed to eating outside food, but the food she had in the past few days, had been surprisingly appetizing.

    She had always assumed it was because Linsa knew her taste and carefully selected the restaurants to order from, but there were several times when someone had delivered afternoon tea or snacks and Linsa had a surprised and helpless expression on.  When she asked Lin Sa about when she had bought them, Lin Sa always seemed a little…..guilty in answering.

    Could it be that those early morning lunches and afternoon teas were actually …

    Rong Mo took a deep breath.

    That was impossible. How could a man like him be so considerate?

    The more important point was that, why would he treat her so considerately?

    If he only protected her back then because of the promise they made, then what about now? What was his reason for protecting her now?

    “How did you know that she couldn’t take good care of me?” Rong Mo asked with suspicion. “And how did you know that nobody cooks for me?”

    Nie Feizhan froze.

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