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  • PCPM Chapter 25.1

    Chapter 25.1 Who wanted to cry, who wanted to bother him, and who sometimes even wanted to throw herself into his arms. (1)

    In the end, Lin Sa didn’t dare to take any risks. She was the only person remaining by Rong Mo’s side and there were a lot of eyes on Rong Mo right now, not just the reporters that hung around the apartment. 

    There could perhaps be people who were placed by Rong Xun or people who were the Rong Family’s rivals. There could even be people who would use every possible means to obtain benefits or information from Rong Mo.

    Or even be suitors of Rong Mo.

    It was not that Rong Mo didn’t have suitors in the past, but for one, Rong Mo’s position in her family was well-known, and second, her body condition was special so those who wanted to chase after her had to turn tail, leaving behind only a few who had enough confidence.

    Even if she tried to reassure herself, she still couldn’t avoid being dragged into their schemes so she notified the security in advance and brought Rong Mo down the elevator to the car park.

    “Miss, I’ll go and get the car, please wait for me.” 

    The middle of the path wasn’t accessible to wheelchairs.

    Even when the distance was only a few meters away, Lin Sa couldn’t help but warn Rong Mo in worry. “Miss, if something happens, please immediately scream for me.”

    Rong Mo felt slightly helpless. “I know.”

    This place was quiet and calm, without a person in sight, but Lin Sa still turned her head to look at Rong Mo in nervousness.

    However, there was no other way. In Lin Sa’s eyes, she was just a girl who was too frail, too easy to bully and too easy to harm.

    Lin Sa hurried over to their car and had just pulled the car door open when she suddenly heard the sound of a speeding car, causing her to turn her head and take a look. 

    In the following second, she heard Rong Mo scream.

    “Let me down!”

    A slap sound resounded, it appeared that Rong Mo had slapped someone.

    The second she heard that happened, Lin Sa’s body started to move.

    She should’ve dashed to Rong Mo’s side to protect her at the first moment but when she turned around to look, she was shocked before she could even start running over.

    Because Rong Mo was being lifted out of her wheelchair by somebody!

    The person who lifted her was a man with a tall and valiant looking figure.

    He wore a security guard uniform and cap. His eyes were covered, revealing only the lower half of his face but Lin Sa could still recognize him with just one look.

    Nie! Fei! Zhan!

    The instant this name popped up in her head, Lin Sa yelled out his name in extreme anger.

    “Put the young miss down!”

    The scoundrel Nie Feizhan who often sneaked into the young miss’s room at night, actually dared to offhandedly appear in this place! He even lifted the young miss up without her consent!

    Lin Sa’s temper flared as she stomped over, intending to give him a punch.

    Nie Feizhan hadn’t spoken a word as he lifted his head to cast her a glance. 

    The car that sped over stopped at his side. He turned around and carried Rong Mo inside the car before shutting the door closed with a bang.

    The car didn’t stop for a second as it drove out of the car park, leaving behind a puff of smoke for Lin Sa.

    Lin Sa was left dumbstruck

    Did Nie Feizhan…….just kidnap the young miss… broad daylight?

    Should she report this to the police, or should she report this to the police?

    Another person who was similarly dumbstruck was Rong Mo. 

    After placing a cushion on the seat and without saying a word, Nie Feizhan placed her legs inside and took his cap off.

    Half of his face was revealed to have Rong Mo’s hand mark.

    Rong Mo had acted subconsciously simply because she didn’t see who the person was. This person noiselessly stood behind her while she was yawning at that time and she only saw a tall figure enveloping her. He reached his hand out to her and suddenly lifted her up from her chair, causing her to yelp from the fright and she threw her hand towards his face..

    At that time, Nie Feizhan hadn’t spoken. When his face turned to the side due to her slap, he then bent his head down to look at her.

    When Rong Mo’s eyes met with his, her heart had almost stopped beating.

    Those pitch black and deep eyes reflected her flabbergasted face. It appeared strange yet familiar at the same time.

    She couldn’t remember how long she hadn’t seen him. In the beginning, she would count the days of their separation but the more she counted, the more she didn’t dare to continue.

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