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  • PCPM Chapter 24.2

    Chapter 24.2 Rong Mo’s face was flushed as she nodded her head in his arms. “En!” (2)

    “Help me get the violin.”

    Lin Sa brought the violin over and prepared the musical sheets. 

    However, in her point of view, she could see that Rong Mo didn’t want to play the violin, she needed to do something to occupy her mind and suppress the…..anxiousness she felt in her heart.

    Lin Sa watched as she prepared to play the violin and suddenly spotted a bruise on her arm.

    She was sure that Rong Mo had gotten it when she took a bath by herself yesterday. Her skin was so tender and soft that touching it would easily leave a mark. Who knew how many bruises she had, hiding in her body.

    Furthermore, Rong Mo hadn’t been able to sleep lately, and she had a hard time falling asleep. She was also prone to waking up from nightmares. Lin Sa had heard waking up several times from her dream.

    Rong Mo assumed that she hadn’t had a nightmare yesterday due to the wine she drank and was unaware that she had been coaxed to sleep.

    Rong Mo played her violin but her mind still wandered. When she reached a certain key, it sounded off tune. 

    “,,,,,Looks like this isn’t the right time to play the violin.”

    Lin San carefully went over. “Miss. I’ll help you place the violin back.”

    Rong Mo nodded and handed the violin to her. 

    After a while, Rong Mo responded. “Help me prepare my painting tools. I want to paint.”

    Lin San immediately prepared her painting tools.

    Rong Mo took a deep breath.

    She didn’t know what to paint and she didn’t really have anything she wanted to paint so when she took a hold of the pen, she immediately became absent-minded.

    Lin Sa stood beside her and the more she watched her, the more astounded she became.

    Rong Mo’s painting skills were very profound. Although she was with a disability and had kept herself cooped up at home, there was nothing the Rong Family couldn’t do. She was able to learn what ordinary people learnt in school very quickly and was even able to play the four arts(1). Moreover, she was even proficient in every single one of them. 

    1. Four arts: zither, go, calligraphy, painting

    Compared to those wealthy missus that loved to shop, date and spend money, Rong Mo was the true definition of a well-bred young lady.

    Her noble air wasn’t something that could be fabricated by luxurious makeup or jewelry. It was something that was emitted from deep within the bones.

    But Lin Sa knew, that deep inside, she still retained a part of a 17 year old girl and that hadn’t changed no matter how many years had gone by. 

    She knew that Nie Feizhan was previously her private bodyguard, but she didn’t know what had happened between them during that period. Why Nie Feizhan had to leave her and why Rong Mo was adamant on not acknowledging him as her bodyguard. 

    Both of them were complete opposites. One was unyielding and the other was soft.

    However, when the unyielding man stood before her, his heart would soften into a puddle of water.

    Although Lin Sa didn’t understand the feelings between them, she knew that Nie Feizhan was unable to ignore Rong Mo. No matter when, no matter what happened, he would never let go of her.

    But she still really wanted to see his shriveled up appearance.

    It was only at this time and moment when Lin Sa saw the painting Rong Mo had finished, she felt much distress.

    Although it was only an outline, she could see that Rong Mo was painting a young man. 

    It was a picture of Nie Feizhan from years ago. His figure was tall and slim yet his outline revealed his solid muscles. His face contour was cold and handsome and compared to the current Nie Feizhan, he appeared more rebellious and arrogant. 

    Rong Mo continued to paint until she gradually realized what she had drawn.

    She actually drew a half-naked Nie Feizhan!

    In her memories, although she had definitely seen him baring his upper body before but that was back then…. And she hadn’t seen them in recent years.

    She actually had a deep impression of his body, even remembering the location of his scars….

    Lin Sa saw that Rong Mo’s face gradually turned redder by the second. In the end, she covered her face and threw the brush in her hand. “I’m not going to paint anymore.” 

    “Alright. I will immediately pack it.”

    Taking the chance when Rong Mo wasn’t paying attention, Lin Sa speedily took a picture of the painting.

    If Nie Feizhan were to see this, what would he think?

    He would probably be crazy happy right?

    Yet Lin Sa still couldn’t imagine what Nie Feizhan’s cold and rigid face would look like when he smiled.

    While she was thinking of this and packing up the items, the phone rang again all of a sudden.

    “Get the telephone first.”


    Lin Sa dropped her things to hurriedly receive the call but before she left the room, she turned her head.

    It wasn’t that she was trying to purposely catch something but she felt that she had been missing something so she subconsciously turned her head for a look.

    The scene that she saw caused Lin Sa’s eyes to open wide.

    She saw Rong Mo reach out a hand and gently caress the man’s cold face on the painting.

    There was a twinkle in the depths of her eyes, it was as if she was smiling, or perhaps she was slightly melancholic.

    Just like the image of a pure girl, it portrayed the secret love she harbored carved in her bones and engraved in her heart.


    Lin Sa thought this call would have something to do with Nie Feizhan but she didn’t expect it to be someone else and not him.

    “Miss, Lawyer Lin wants to meet with you.”

    “What time?”

    “2 in the afternoon.”

    Rong Mo nodded. “Alright.”

    Lawyer Lin was the Rong Family’s lawyer who had been working for the Rong Family for 10 years. As Rong Ji was currently implicated in an economic case, the Rong Family had been greatly impacted and since Lawyer Lin had been busy attending to those matters, Rong Mo had been waiting for his news all this time.

    After packing her things and preparing to leave, Lin Sa hesitated for a moment. “Young Miss, there might be a reporter following us. Should I borrow two bodyguards from Duan Xiu?”

    Rong Mo glanced at her watch. “I’m afraid it won’t make it in time. Let’s head straight to the garage.” 

    The security of this apartment was still decent and those reporters probably wouldn’t be waiting in ambush at the garage right?

    T/N: Me thinks RM was secretly thirsting for NFZ to be drawing him half-nude ohoho (*´∀`*)ゞ

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