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  • PCPM Chapter 24.1

    Chapter 24.1 Rong Mo’s face was flushed as she nodded her head in his arms. “En!” (1)

    The sky had turned dark.

    There were people out on the streets and the waitress of the restaurant secretly hid in the back to observe the situation. 

    The man carried the girl as if he was carrying a treasure in his arms.

    “Alright. Then it starts from here on out.”

    Rong Mo’s face was flushed as she nodded her head in his arms. “En!”

    Shen Xiuran’s face changed and his tone wasn’t as kind. “Who gave you the right? Do you think you can be the Rong Miss’s bodyguard just because you said so?”

    “If I said he can, then he can.”

    Rong Mo said. “I still have this right to do so.”

    Shen Xiuran immediately became helpless.

    Even if Rong Mo’s father, Rong Ji was here, as long as Rong Mo nodded, her father still wouldn’t be able to refute her.

    Although Rong Ji managed the Rong Family, the people who understood the Rong Family knew that Rong Ji doted on his daughter very much. As long as she wanted something, her father would never speak another word.

    However, no matter how Shen Xiuran saw it, he still had a feeling that the guy was somewhat dangerous. Sure, he was amazing and valiant. Maybe just him alone could even beat down 10 ordinary bodyguards.

    However, despite being valiant, he had a very invasive presence. He was even more ruthless when he was up on the arena, always giving people the feeling of danger.

    So he couldn’t understand why Rong Mo would feel a strong sense of security from him? Was it because he rescued her once so she thought of him as her hero?

    Back then he had questioned Rong Mo about it several times until the man himself disappeared once again. After a long period of time had passed, Rong Mo then told him. “I know. His personality is definitely very intense. Once his temper explodes, nobody can stop it. In the beginning, I was also terrified of him, but when I thought about it later, I realized I’ve always been headstrong and wilful in front of him yet he would indulge and please me every time. You all took care of me because you were my relatives. Auntie Wu and the other take care of me because it’s their responsibility. And him? He has so many responsibilities and so much more important things to do, yet he still stayed by my side, doing something that isn’t a part of his job, and protected me.”

    “He’s a hero who didn’t only belong to me.” She spoke softly. “But he had promised himself to me.”

    Shen Xiuran stayed silent for a moment and spoke. “But Momo, he will leave you sooner or later on.”

    Moreover, he’ll disappear without a trace or a sound, you won’t get to know whether he’s alive or dead.

    Rong Mo smiled and said. “Who says he’s going to leave me?”

    Shen Xiuran didn’t understand.

    Obviously, he didn’t understand. Nie Feizhan rarely had anyone who could truly understand him because he had never allowed anyone to truly get close to him ——apart from Rong Mo.

    Towards Rong Mo, he didn’t seem to hold any reservations, regardless of whether he admitted this to himself or not.

    However to other people, he was always a dangerous enigma.

    *****End of Rong Mo’s Senior High Flashback*****

    Five years later, inside the apartment.

    “Miss.” Lin Sa looked at Rong Mo with a confused expression. “Then should I chase him away?”

    Lin Sa said as she prepared to turn around and leave.

    Until Rong Mo spoke up. “Ignore him.”

    “….Alright.” Lin Sa returned again.

    She knew it, she just knew it. With the young miss’s temper, how could she agree to it so easily.

    However, imagining a guy like Nie Feizhan waiting down the apartment building made for quite…an interesting picture.

    Lin San was so curious it felt like there were cat paws scratching her heart. She really wanted to see Nie Feizhan’s reaction. However, she needed to stick close to Rong Mo. Rong Mo didn’t give any orders so even if Nie Feizhan repeatedly sent her flowers, as long as she refused it, he wouldn’t be able to meet her.

    Even if the Rong Family had collapsed, Rong Mo was still the noble little princess who didn’t allow herself to be bullied by anyone.

    Moreover, a big tree like the Rong Family hadn’t collapsed completely.

    “Miss, what do you want to eat for lunch? I’ll buy it for you.”

    Ever since she moved out of the Rong Family residence, Rong Mo could only live in this apartment. Initially, the nanny, Aunt Wu, had also followed her. However, when Aunt Wu’s daughter heard about calamity befalling the Rong Family, she was adamant on taking Aunt Wu away. Lin Sa tried cooking something for Rong Mo to eat but her first time cooking resulted in almost burning the entire kitchen down. On the second time, she had managed to burn the pot. On the third, she had gotten her hands all bloody whilst the fish was dismembered into bits and pieces. The fourth time….the fourth time didn’t even happen since Rong Mo didn’t allow her to enter the kitchen any longer.

    “I’m not hungry. I don’t want to eat.” Rong Mo laid down the newspaper she was holding.

    The news of the Rong Family Corps bankruptcy still graced the front page. Even the media gossip was all over the Rong Family’s news. However, in Rong Mo’s eyes, these were just groundless talk. 

    Lin Sa had originally hidden these newspapers away but Rong Mo still flipped them over without a change in her expression. 

    Ever since the Rong Family had met a calamity, Rong Ji was hospitalized and was called to be investigated, yet Rong Mo had never shed a tear nor did she ever reveal a trace of weakness or sadness.

    That was why many people claimed that the Rong Family miss was not only handicapped, she was also gloomy and heartless, for even when her father pampered her, she had not shed a tear for him encountering misfortune.

    But nobody knew how many tears she shed alone in the dead of the night. 

    But what use was crying?

    T/N: We’re finally back at the present!! Yay! Btw Happy April Fools! Don’t worry this chapter is not a joke XD I hope you at least get bamboozled by some other translator tho! Heheh ♪(゚▽^*)ノ⌒☆

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