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  • PCPM Chapter 23.2

    Chapter 23.2 “Once the contract is agreed upon, it will immediately take effect. Miss Rong, do you agree to this?” (2)

    Nie Feizhan originally had one hand stuck in his pocket, his fingers rubbing his lighter.

    He really wanted to smoke.

    But at this very moment, the second he looked into her eyes, the urge to smoke had vanished completely.

    “Alright.” He voiced hoarsely.

    Regardless of whether it was staying with her until she finished her noodles or some other things she wanted him to do, he didn’t have the will to refuse her.

    In the end, after Nie Feizhan had thought it through countless times, the tip of his heart would squeeze in pain intermittently.

    In this life, he had helped, rescued, and protected many people.

    However, he had never met anyone who could, with just one look, evoke a desire to protect with every inch of his being just like she could.

    He wouldn’t let her cry nor would he let her receive even the slightest amount of hurt.

    He would make whoever bullied her, pay double the price. 

    Rong Mo quickly finished the remaining food in her bowl. She was afraid that he would be in exhaustion from trying to resist the urge to smoke and yet at the same time, she felt aggrieved that their day was going to end just like this.

    “Shall we go?”

    Nie Feizhan held a coat. Rong Mo thought he was going to put it on and didn’t think he would drape it around her. Then, he bent down and lifted her up.

    Shen Xiuran and the bodyguard were waiting outside.

    The only reason why they didn’t enter was because they previously asked the store boss and heard that the two people were in a private room eating in silence. The room had been completely engulfed in silence. Shen Xiuran knew that with Rong Mo’s personality, if he were to barge in the room, she would definitely be mad so he could only hold himself back.

    Seeing the man carry Rong Mo out, Shen Xiuran’s eyeballs were about to pop out of its sockets.

    Although he heard from school that Rong Mo was lifted away, seeing it with his own eyes and hearing it were two completely different matters!

    Who was Rong Mo? She was the Rong Family’s only daughter, the pearl of Rong Ji’s palm, the beloved sister whom he had treated as his own biological sister! Even he didn’t dare to carry Rong Mo like this!

    Yet this bastard actually dared to——

    Nie Feizhan stature was too tall. Shen Xiuran stood only at 180 meters which was shorter than him by 60 or 70 centimeters. Moreover, his aura was not inferior to Duan Xiao’s, perhaps, it was even more vicious than Duan Xiao’s by a few more degrees.

    However, no matter how ferocious he appeared to be, Shen Xiuran did not reveal any weakness. Although he had an urge to explode at him, seeing Rong Mo’s face caused him to hold it back. His face darkened as he said. “Put Momo down.”

    The bodyguard pushed the wheelchair forward.

    Nie Feizhan held Rong Mo and stared coldly at Shen Xiuran. “Scram.”

    Rong Mo was still being held by him. If she weren’t, Shen Xiuran would’ve lost it from his commanding tone.

    “….Shen Xiuran, calm down.”

    “I’m already very calm!” Shen Xiuran bellowed. “Do you even know who he is? You just left with him without saying anything. What if something happened to you? What would I tell your father and your brother? What would I…..”

    What would I tell myself?

    Shen Xiuran said. “I’m going to repeat myself one last time. Put. my sister. down.”

    Nie Feizhan narrowed his eyes and suddenly lowered his head to look at Rong Mo.

    “I’ll answer the question you asked me before.”

    Rong Mo froze. “What?”

    “I will continue to protect you.” He stared into her eyes as he enunciated each and every word. “As long as you’re in Huai Shui(1), I will always protect you. Aside from you, nobody can pull me away from your side.”

    1. Huai Shui: name of the place/county they’re in

    “Once the contract is agreed upon, it will immediately take effect. Miss Rong, do you agree to this?”

    Rong Mo instantly remembered the day she asked him whether he would continue protecting her.

    At that time, he said that he wouldn’t.

    But why did you save me?

    He said, it was only in passing.

    Until now, she could still remember the heartless and cold tone he used to reply to her.

    And at this very moment, his tone was still as cold, his face did not carry any particular expression.

    However, his words were like a warm current, even his body was as heated as his words, enveloping her securely.

    Scalding and blazing.

    She knew that the rims of her eyes would turn red, but she had no way of holding herself back.

    ”I agree.”

    She gave her word and agreed to the contract. 

    By saying that it was only limited to Huai Shui, he implied that his words wouldn’t be in effect once they left this place.

    But what did that matter? As long as he was there, she would always feel safe anywhere.

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