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  • PCPM Chapter 23.1

    Chapter 23.1  “Once the contract is agreed upon, it will immediately take effect. Miss Rong, do you agree to this?” (1)

    Nie Feizhan felt a bit helpless, but at the same time, he thought it was funny.

    Her current expression was the same stubborn one she had on when he brought her to the flower store. Back then, her entire face was filled with tears and her state of mind was on the brink of collapse. At present, her stubborn expression looked adorable.

    He had met all kinds of people in his life, mad ones, rude ones, unreasonable ones, but he hadn’t met anybody who dared cross him.

    He made sure that anybody who forced him to do something, would regret it some way or the other.

    There were also some who he was completely helpless to.

    Nie Feizhan placed some noodles into a little bowl and gave it to her. The brand new chopsticks had already been cleaned well in hot water.

    “I’ll answer this question next time.”

    “When is next time?”

    That’s right. When was the next time?

    Nie Feizhan had almost broken the chopsticks in his hand in half.

    He was used to being alone and acting as he wanted. He didn’t like to be constrained —— because he had previously endured too many restrictions.

    At present, even if he were to accept the task of becoming someone else’s bodyguard, he would only mention at the beginning of signing the contract that he was only responsible for the personal safety of his employer whereas all the other aspects would be ignored. Regardless of what they requested him to, he simply wouldn’t do it. He would even become impatient with any questions that were asked to him.

    However, when she continued shooting questions to him, he didn’t feel it was annoying at all.

    The only problem he had was that he didn’t know how to answer them so he felt a bit anxious inside.

    When was the next time?

    He remembered the urgent text on his phone.

    Next time?

    If he could choose not to go and come back alive, then there would be a next time.

    “First, let’s eat.” He held the chopsticks and looked at her with an unreadable expression. “Or do you really want me to feed you?”

    Rong Mo naturally couldn’t let him feed her. Just having him wipe her hands had caused her to feel embarrassed to the point of exploding.

    She picked her chopsticks up and started to eat.

    Originally she wasn’t planning to eat much for lunch but she was really hungry.

    Before coming to the county, she had rarely gone outside to eat meals due to her body. The dishes at home were also focused more on nourishment. Rong Ji was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to stomach the food in this place so he specially allowed the cook and the nanny to accompany her here. Hence, this was considered to be the first time she had eaten outside.

    As she ate and ate, she lifted her eyes and suddenly came into contact with his gaze.

    She realized that he hadn’t had anything to eat and was staring at her the whole time.

    “Why, why aren’t you eating?”

    “I’m not hungry.”

    “Then…d-don’t look at me while I’m eating.”

    She felt a bit embarrassed. Not only did her lips turn red, her small face flushed red as well. The originally pale white and tender face looked as if it was inviting people….

    To pinch it.

    Maybe even….

    Nie Feizhan stood up abruptly and said. “I’m going outside to smoke a cigarette.“

    He stood up, about to leave but before he could even take a step, he suddenly couldn’t move.

    Nie Feizhan was stunned. He turned his head.

    One of her hands still held her chopsticks, while the other grabbed onto his clothes. Her eyes glittered as she lifted her head to look up at him.

    “What’s wrong?”

    “I know that it’s hard not to smoke a cigarette, but could you…. Hold it back for a while?” Her voice was soft and if you carefully listened to it, there was also a tremble to it. “If you leave me alone here….I’ll get scared.”

    This was the first time she had said the word ‘scared’ ever since the kidnapping incident. 

    It was true, she really was afraid.

    Ever since that day, every day and every night, she would feel an indescribable sense of insecurity whenever she was left alone by herself in one place.

    She was afraid of every single dark and silent room and was also afraid of every lively and clamorous street.

    Because she was kidnapped while on a street and was nearly harmed by the scoundrels at a dark and dirty place.

    Her father had invited a psychologist to take a look at her and it was determined that she had the typical post traumatic stress disorder

    However, she had never told anybody about her fears, not even her father.

    She knew that her father had harbored enough guilt and heartache. He would often take a little time out of his work to accompany her, he even went on less business trips for the longest time just for her sake, so she had always held herself back. In this past year, nobody knew how much hardship she had endured.

    Psychologists also couldn’t help much with her mental problems.

    “I’m almost finished so please stay here with me a little longer, ok?”

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