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  • PCPM Chapter 22.1

    Chapter 22.1 Not only did this lady refuse to move her legs, she also refused to move her hands. (1)

    The room was very small. Once the door was closed, they were away from nosy eyes 

    Rong Mo felt a bit more at ease. She took her phone out for a look and saw countless missed calls from Shen Xiuran.

    The latest message from him wrote. Momo, wait for me. I’ll send someone to get you.

    Rong Mo immediately replied. Don’t come.

    Shen Xiuran gave her call and Rong Mo hung up on it.

    A minute later, a text message showed up in Shen Xiuran’s phone.

    “I’m currently eating. You don’t need to worry. Don’t look for me. I’ll go back after finishing.”

    Shen Xiuran. “…..”

    How could he not be worried? Rong Mo hadn’t stepped out of the Rong House in many years so her contact with the outside world was limited. Even though that man saved her life once, that didn’t permit him to take Rong Mo away without notice. Which parent wouldn’t be worried when their child suddenly went missing? He hadn’t even clarified the bastard’s true circumstances!

    Shen Xiuran didn’t dare call Rong Ji directly. He went around in circles until he suddenly had an idea of who to call.

    Duan Xiao, Long Feng Special Defense’s big boss. 

    That person didn’t place anyone in his eyes, but his relationship with Duan Xiao was very good. Moreover, Duan Xiao was probably his immediate superior too, right?

    However, Shen Xiuran ended up spending half a day trying to reach Duan Xiao. Nobody knew what Duan Xiao’s private number was, even a good friend had to let him know in kindness——If you wanted anybody else’s number, it’d be fine, but Boss Duan? Boss Duan’s private number is a well-known secret. It’s the same as calling the customer service of the company.

    Shen Xiuran could only follow his advice and called the customer service of the company. In the end, he was notified that Duan Xiao had gone on a business trip abroad and had yet to return.

    Shit. He couldn’t even reach the only person who could control Z so he had no other choice but to summon his courage and contact Rong Ji.

    Never in Shen Xiuran’s life did he think that once Rong Ji picked up his call, his first response would be. “Momo had already told me what’s going on. She even sent me a picture.”

    Shen Xiuran asked. “What picture?”

    Rong Ji. “Her selfie.”

    “What? A selfie??”

    Shen Xiuran froze in alarm.

    Ever since Rong Mo started sitting on her wheelchair, she began to hate seeing camera lenses. Nobody dared to take their phone out to click a picture of her and she would never have taken a selfie before.

    The selfie that Rong Mo had sent Rong Ji was one where she smiled brightly, holding flowers in one hand and her chin in the other.

    Shen Xiuran turned into stone looking at it.

    In all these years, this was the first time Shen Xiuran had seen a picture of Rong Mo smiling so cheerily.

    Rong Ji spoke. “I don’t know who she is currently with right now but since she’s this happy about it, let her be headstrong for a while. Just keep an eye on them and make sure everything goes well.”

    Shen Xiuran hesitated. “Uncle Rong, Do you know that person’s identity?”

    Rong Ji replied indifferently. “Aside from the person rescued Momo back then, who else could it be?”

    Shen Xiuran heaved a breath of relief. At least Rong Ji was aware of it.

    “Did you understand my words? Xiuran.” Rong Ji whispered in a low tone. “It wouldn’t be a problem if Momo is fine but if something were to happen to her, you’d be the first I’ll look for.”

    Shen Xiuran immediately replied. “I understand, I’ll go look for them straight away.”

    Rong Mo’s mother had passed away early so Rong Ji was only left with his precious darling daughter. The incident of her kidnapping had frightened him very deeply. If something were to happen to her again, her father would probably go mad.

    It was fortunate that Rong Mo was a filial child. She knew that Shen Xiuran would call her father so prior to him doing so, she let her father know early that she was currently in very safe hands.

    There were no other customers in the small shop so they were served very quickly. Not a moment later, the waitress came out carrying the dishes and noodles.

    The waitress was a girl of 18 or 19 years old. Whenever Nie Feizhan passed by this road, he would eat in this store.  It was also where he ate late night snacks after finishing his boxing matches, so every time the waitress saw him, her face would flush and her heart would start to beat quicker.

    There were a lot of people who stopped by the county but none were as conspicuous as him. His appearance and energy was unlike any celebrity or model she had seen on TV. Every time she saw him, she would always get so nervous to the point of being unable to make eye contact with him. She even almost spilled the noodles last time due to being excessively nervous.

    When she heard the rumble of his motorcycle, she quickly hid in the back to apply her lipstick.

    It was the first lipstick she had ever bought with her salary. Previously, she had always gone out bare-faced. The store boss saw her intentions and teased her for it. After all, what kind of girl wouldn’t be affected by such a man like him?

    Because the vibe that he gave off was too strong, she could only take surreptitious peeks of him.

    However, today, she stared wide-eyed as he carried a girl into a private room with big strides. Her entire person was frozen stiff.

    T/N: Shen Xiuran has it tough. Nie Feizhan on one end and Rong Ji on the other. XD

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