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  • PCPM Chapter 20.1

    Chapter 20.1 One girl exclaimed. “Who is that guy? Is he her boyfriend? Did he really just take her away like that?”

    When he headed straight towards her direction, Rong Mo had completely turned to stone.

    Just yesterday, she was only feeling doubtful, speculative, astonished, and maybe even pleasantly surprised. Her uncertainty in the beginning slowly turned into affirmation and assurance. 

    But it was only at this moment, that she felt it more clearly than ever.

    ——It was him.

    He had come.

    He was the man who had rescued her from the clutches of hell. The man who had helped her buy lilies for her mother, indulged in her stubbornness and put up with her crying.

    It was the person who pulled her out of the countless nightmares she had.

    She had never been this clearly certain before. This man who wore a helmet, was him. He was the person she had been waiting for all along.

    From the moment he had turned to look in her direction, she could not help herself from shuddering.

    It was as if there was an electric current that flowed from her heart to her entire body, even causing her fingertips to be paralyzed.

    She had never felt her heart beat this excitedly before so she tried her best to calm herself down.

    Luo Qingqing later on told her. “Momo, I really admire you. When he was walking towards you, you looked so calm, you didn’t even have any reaction nor expressions on your face. I thought you didn’t even care about him at all.”

    “Who says I didn’t?” Rong Mo said. “I care about him to death.”

    If she could move her legs, she would’ve immediately stood up from her wheelchair.

    If she could pick one moment in her life to be able to stand up from her wheelchair, she would have chosen this moment to do so.

    However, the reality was such that she couldn’t move even if she wanted to.

    Under the surrounding hubbub and watchful gazes of everyone in the surroundings, she placed her hands on her thighs and her long hair draped over her shoulders. Her pretty face appeared lighter under the setting sun. From her pale colored eyes to her pursed lips, from the pink necklace twinkling above her clavicle to her immobile legs, she looked like an exquisitely carved doll. She didn’t have the vitality of a young girl, instead, she was quiet, gentle and refined.

    Nobody knew how many emotions she had been suppressing inside of her.

    When he arrived in front of her, she lifted her head and stared into his eyes hidden by his helmet.

    She watched him droop his eyes down, looking down at her loftily before bending his tall body and gripping the armrests of her wheelchair. He then leaned forward abruptly.

    Rong Mo’s chest heaved for a while but she endured the desire to move.

    “Did nobody come to pick you up?”

    His voice sounded just like it did when she had first met him, it wasn’t deliberately pressed down low nor was it difficult to hear the original hoarse timber. In fact, it was his real and genuine voice. It was young, magnetic, unique and pleasant to listen to.

    Rong Mo spoke. “…..Who are you?”

    Luo Qingqing was extremely astonished. She assumed that they knew each other since this man had come to pick Rong Mo up but why did Rong Mo not recognize him?

    He narrowed his eyes.

    “It’s only been a year and you have already forgotten me?”

    “My memory’s not too good.” Rong Mo tilted her head. “Who are you?”

    The zipper of his jacket wasn’t fully closed so the chain necklace he had on, slipped right out of his collar. The silver tag twinkled, swaying in the air between the two.

    Rong Mo was stunned.

    That tag didn’t look to be any special.There were only simple lines on the four corners and a string of numbers in the middle. On the bottom was a single letter of the alphabet ——Z.

    “Z….” She subconsciously slipped out.


    He replied lightly. “I’ll take you back home, alright?”

    “…..Not alright.” Rong Mo turned her head to the side.

    Although his eyes were hidden behind the sunglasses of his helmet, those pair of eyes were too penetrative.

    Even just silently being watched made people feel extremely unnerved.

    “Someone had already promised to send me home.” She pouted. “But that scoundrel stood me up.”

    A trace of mirth appeared in his eyes. “Then let’s not wait for that scoundrel anymore, I’ll give you a lift.”

    He lifted the helmet he was holding in his hand. “Look, I even prepared a helmet for you. Give me some face, ok?”

    If other people were to say these kinds of words, it would sound like they were flirting. But when he spoke these, it sounded extremely earnest. It even revealed an intention to reject any resistance.

    He was probably used to giving people orders or rather, he was used to acting arrogantly.

    This was probably the first time he had used such a tone to coax a girl while waiting for her to nod her head.

    Luo Qingqing whispered to Rong Mo. “Momo….”

    Their voices were only audible to each other since there was so much clamor surrounding them. Luo Qingqing felt a bit uneasy because this guy came on too strong. She didn’t know how to describe it. It felt like he was an amazing race car driver from a TV show, or maybe even a hit man, but he didn’t feel like a bad person. She wanted to approach Rong Mo and ask but she didn’t dare lean forward.

    Rong Mo stared at him for a long time and he didn’t make a move. Regardless of the surrounding racket or the crowd of people, he didn’t let any complicated matters enter his eyes.

    She had encountered many different people before but only Z was able to display this kind of contradictory temperament of calmness and arrogance without restrain.

    It was as if he was unbridledly declaring in silence.

    ——This daddy only has eyes for you.

    Will you allow me to?

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