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  • PCPM Chapter 2.2

    Chapter 2.2 Nie Feizhan, what exactly do you want to do (2)

    “Hello? Hello?? Z? Are you still there?”

    After a while, the man’s deep and husky voice resounded over. “Where is she? What’s she doing?”

    He Wei zoned out in a daze, recalling the years when he and Z were the most cooperative partners. Regardless of where and what they were doing, he was Z’s backer and supporter.

    Even though they occasionally interacted during missions, in their daily life, they barely had any contact. That was why he had always thought that Z seemed like a machine back then… scratch that.. maybe a weapon was more fitting to describe him. 

    If the mission required it, he would turn into a decisively ruthless person. His destructive power was akin to a terrifying weapon.

    At the same time, he also had a tenderness nobody could detect.

    Tenderness that showed only when he saved his compatriots in Country J and rescued several children from the hands of criminals.

    When he did all those things, he also seemed like an entirely different person, he was in his ‘mission mode’ where his rationality almost seemed ruthless.

    Up until today, he could still remember the child who was kept captive for 3 years, cowering from the approaching Z, who reached his hand out to him. 

    The man who was filled with antisocial air and his entire body dripping in blood, had one knee on the ground as he reached his hand out to that child.

    “I’ve apprehended all the people who hurt you.” He looked at the child who was riddled with scars and said. “They will all receive the retribution they deserve.”

    He thought that Z would hug that child, but in the end, he only rubbed that child’s head.

    “My entire body was too dirty.”

    He still remembered what Z had told him back then. “He had too many injuries. I didn’t want to stain him even more with my blood.”

    But there was only one person who was special.

    That child was Rong Mo.

    He first thought that Z had only saved her accidentally. Because Rong Mo’s identity was special, she was no different to the children Z had saved before, and Z also didn’t place her in his heart.

    But later on, he found out he was wrong.

    This man had already brought out all the tenderness he had hidden deep inside of him, and had given it all to this little girl.

    Rong Mo was like a little jasmine that grew from the bottom of his heart. He couldn’t let her be trampled on, so he could only do his best to protect her, and irrigate her with meticulous care, regardless of whether she was aware of it or not.

    Five years had already passed, and that willful yet delicate girl sitting in her wheelchair had already turned into a indifferent-looking gorgeous beauty.

    But beneath the surface, she shouldn’t have changed right?

    He Wei suddenly looked forward to the time they’ll be meeting once again..

    He looked at the surveillance camera and became stunned.

    “…..Where is she right now?”

    This was the fifth time Nie Feizhan had asked him this question.

    Back when the little lady attended senior high, Nie Feizhan had also asked him countless of questions through his earpiece. What was she doing? Where was she? It was evident that this habit of his had not changed and continued until today. 

    He Wei replied. “She left.” 

    “What did you say?”

    “I said she left. She turned her head and left.” He Wei turned back to his monitor and realized that Rong Mo must have wanted to head to where Nie Feizhan was. She wanted to find him.

    But when she reached the elevator doors, she hesitated but was still pushed inside. Now she was already heading in the direction of the car park.

    “This is really too odd. She wanted to look for you before but now that you’re near her, she’s suddenly lost the will to meet you?”

    He Wei couldn’t see Nie Feizhan’s expression but he could distinctly detect the pause in his breathing.

    If he could see what he looked like right now… he assumed that his complexion would look as downcast as the drop in his body temperature.

    “Aren’t you going to look for her?”

    Nie Feizhan didn’t budge.

    He Wei took the risk of being beaten for the 1008th time and carefully said. “In the past, she did her best to look for you, why didn’t you look for her at least once?”

    When he mentioned the first sentence, he could feel Nie Feizhan’s breathing becoming distinctly heavier.

    In the past, she did her best to look for you.

    Why didn’t you go and look for her?

    If it was situation back then, it was because his status didn’t allow him to do so. However, his current circumstances were different. You’ve already retired from that life, you can go look for her now.

    Nie Feizhan turned on his heels and walked off.

    He Wei leapt up at once in high spirits. He looked at the man in the monitor taking huge strides and leaving the room as quick as lightning.

    And in almost every place he passed by, all the people who walked by him was frightened silly by his terrifying influence..

    The lift was currently on the first floor and because the waiting time was too long, he didn’t take the elevators and directly broke the locked door leading to the staircases.

    He Wei rubbed his hands, suddenly feeling the same excitement he felt when he was carrying out missions in the past. He stared at the fast moving figure on the screen going down the stairs. Nie Feizhan moved like a cheetah, speedily and agile. “There’s 21 flights of stairs in total. How much time do you need, Z…”

    It was time to bring out your charms!

    Go on, my son. Chase your girl! Tell her you’re sorry and confess your love! Lift her up from her chair and kiss her! 

    You’ve been training so hard all these years and breaking several legendary records all for this day!

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