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  • PCPM Chapter 19.3

    Chapter 19.3 Nie Feizhan’s lids drooped down as he stared at her pale pear blossom face and asked. ”Want to go home now?” (3)

    He parked the locomotive, took her hands, placing them on the steering handles to support herself and then turned around and walked off.

    “Where are you going?”

    At that time, she was extremely afraid, she was so afraid that he would leave her there on the vehicle. She couldn’t even get down from it and a slight move could carelessly throw her off, so in a moment of desperation, she latched onto his arm.

    He turned his head and patted her arm. “I’ll be back soon. Don’t be scared.”

    He paused for a moment before he continued. “If something happens, scream and I’ll hear it.”

    He turned around and ran off into an alley. Not too long later, he had returned with a bouquet of flowers in his hand and had stuffed it into her arms.

    They were lilies.

    Rong Mo was startled and happy. She hugged the flowers and almost cried. 

    Nie Feizhan’s lids drooped down as he stared at her pale pear blossom face and asked. ”Want to go home now?”

    She was just about to speak when his phone rang. The person on the other end of the earphones said. “Brother Zhan, have you realized you’re being followed?”


    What happened after was a thrilling experience. It was incredibly exciting.

    ****End of after the kidnapping incident flashback****

    Everytime she thought of it. Her heart would always clench intermittently. 

    “Who sent it to you, Rong Mo?” Luo Qingqing asked her in a small voice. “I helped you check it and I didn’t find any love letter that came with it.”

    During this period, love letters were popular in their school. Rong Mo wasn’t completely unfamiliar with it, in fact, she even received of them before ——even if she was the rumored wheelchaired school flower. Yet when all is said and done, both of her legs were still handicapped. In this day and age, which youth was willing to date a girl in a wheelchair?

    Of course, there were those who were special like Cheng Yu. However, after what had happened yesterday, Cheng Yu felt that he had lost face and never came to find Rong Mo anymore.

    Rong Mo held the delicate lily in her hand and the scene of him stepping out of the alley and stuffing the flowers into her arms with an impatient face, resurfaced in her mind.

    Somewhere far away, a certain person held a pair of binoculars on the opposite building’s rooftop.

    The man held the cigarette in his mouth as he stared at Rong Mo from far away for a long time. 

    Nie Feizhan, have you gone crazy?

    He actually stopped working a proper job every day just for a little girl whom he shouldn’t have any relations with. He was following her like a pervert, and even peeping on her just to see her reaction to the flowers.

    This wasn’t even the end of it. He even previously promised to pick her up and drop her off up and down the stairs. 

    This was too fucking bizarre.

    His phone rang and Nie Feizhan lowered his head to take a look. 

    ——Z, when are you returning to the unit? The base needs you.

    He clenched his hands and turned his phone off.


    When class ended, Rong Mo sat in her place and slowly packed up her stuff. Luo Qingqing asked her. “Momo, should I push you out first?”

    “Alright.” She paused for a bit and said. “I’m not in a hurry.”

    For some reason, she felt a bit nervous.

    When only a few people were left in the classroom, Luo Qingqing pushed her out and coincidentally came across Teacher Li.

    Rong Mo asked in astonishment. “Teacher Li, why have you come?”

    “I’m here to carry you down.”

    “But…” Rong Mo glanced at the end of the hallway.

    He didn’t come at all.

    Her eyelids lowered as she said. ‘Then I’ll be troubling you.”

    Teacher Li carried her downstairs and pushed her towards the school gates. 

    All of a sudden, sounds of clamor were heard from the school gates.

    The rumble of engine reverberated from far away.

    Rong Mo was stunned as she felt an inexplicable premonition.

    The school gates was packed with people as several students had yet to leave. There were groups of people who weren’t from school as well as students from the nearby tertiary schools here to look for people.

    All of a sudden, a motorcycle suddenly appeared. 

    The person driving this locomotive was a tall man wearing a black jacket, camouflage pants and military boots.

    His black helmet concealed his appearance but once he stepped off his vehicle. He stirred up a racket, even causing a few of the girls to scream in high pitched voices.

    She felt as if she had just seen a celebrity walk out of a television. He was a tall and slender looking man with a black jacket wrapped around his body, outlining the exquisite contours of his muscles. The hem of his camouflage pants had been tucked into his military boots as he lifted his leg off the vehicle to get down. When he lifted his long legs and placed his foot on the ground, the surrounding people immediately broke into chatter.

    Juveniles in school who smoked cigarettes and pretended to be delinquents, paled in comparison to this guy. They instantly appeared like a weak chicken instead.

    He stuffed his car keys in his pocket and casually grabbed a small sized ladies helmet from behind the trunk. He then looked up and glanced towards Rong Mo’s direction.

    With just one look, you could immediately tell that the small red helmet in his hand was made for a girl to wear.

    “Wow. Is he here to pick up his girlfriend? That’s so sweet.”

    “He’s soo cool. Look at those muscles….I wonder what he looks like underneath the helmet?”

    “Why isn’t he taking off his helmet?”

    “Who is he looking at?”

    He didn’t take his helmet off and exuded a wild and intense aura. Holding a fine red helmet in his hand, he walked towards the girl in the wheelchair. 

    T/N: Nie Feizhan watching Rong Mo from afar using binoculars…. yup, pervert confirmed ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ

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