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  • PCPM Chapter 19.2

    Chapter 19.2 Nie Feizhan’s lids drooped down as he stared at her pale pear blossom face and asked. ”Want to go home now?” (2)

    The one who sent her to school was Shen Xiuran. Shen Xiuran had been working at the school as an English guidance teacher for a week so other people surmised that Rong Mo was Shen Xiuran’s sister as he gave her special attention. With this line of thought, the indescribable gaze of several people became insipid.

    After all, Rong Mo’s situation was special and Shen Xiuran’s appearance was too eye-catching so every little thing they did in school located in this little county became a much talked about topic.

    Rong Mo’s deskmate Luo Qingqing had also recuperated from her sickness. Once Rong Mo stepped through the doors, Luo Qingqing hurried over to push her wheelchair. Rong Mo saw several girls surrounding her desk and blinked her eyes in suspicion.

    “What are they looking at?”

    “Someone had left a bouquet of lilies on your desk and even put them in a vase. It’s pretty. It’s sooo pretty.”

    Rong Mo was stupefied.

    She didn’t wait for Luo Qinging to push her and hurriedly moved her wheelchair over. She even bumped into a few tables and chairs on the way, scaring Luo Qingqing to quickly go over and help navigate.

    “Rong Mo. Who sent this to you?”

    Her desk was usually neat and clean, containing only a few stacks of test papers the class representative had handed out. Right now, however, there was a beautiful crystal vase atop of it, and inside the vase was a stalk of lily.

    She took one look at it and immediately figured out that he had sent it.

    The number of people who knew she was in school was not a lot. If Shen Xiuran were to send her flowers, he wouldn’t have sent lilies because lilies were flowers she gave to her mother and only a handful of people in this world knew that. He was among one of them.

    That day when he rescued her, he sat her down on his motorcycle.

    ******Flashback to after Nie Feizhan rescued Rong Mo from the kidnappers*****

    Because her legs were unable to move, she had never ridden on any motorcycle before. She got so scared she grabbed onto his arm. “No, I can’t. I’m scared. I don’t know how to ride this.”

    However, he couldn’t care less about whether or not she was scared. He reached his other leg out and sat behind her with two hands gripping the steering handles. This position directly trapped her within his arms.

    The man’s body emanated a special scent. It was a mixture of tobacco, blood and manly hormones. It wasn’t unpleasantly strong, on the contrary, it had a unique charm to it.

    She tilted her body, leaning almost entirely into his arms in a coiled position. She was so nervous she didn’t dare make a move.

    This 16 or 17 year old little lady had a feeble and weak body. Nie Feizhan looked down to cast her a glance and saw that her lashes were quivering.

    “Hold on tightly to me.” He said before immediately initializing the vehicle.

    He drove so quickly that Rong Mo couldn’t help but yelp and close her eyes tightly.

    His chest was sturdy and wide. His entire upper body remained unmoved, from his head to his arms. His solid and obstinate strength immediately placated her worries tremendously

    “Where do you live?”

    Rong Mo stopped crying out in fear and lifted her head.

    Because she stuck close to him, her forehead rubbed against his chin. The stiff stubbles caused her prickling pain so she could only stare at the man’s strong chin contour.

    She hesitated for a moment.

    This person was really going to send her home. 

    In truth, she had already considered him as a good person since he had rescued her. However, this still didn’t completely erase her fear of him. 

    She quickly gave her address and he immediately took a turn during an intersection. A period of time passed while she still had her eyes closed tightly and the hands she used to grip his arms slowly turned numb.

    “You live in a flower shop?”

    Rong Mo opened her eyes for a look. She had arrived at the destination she had given.

    “I want to buy flowers.”

    His tone immediately darkened.”What do you mean buy flowers?”

    “I…. I want to buy flowers.” Her cold body started shaking. The wind had blown her hair to a disorderly state. He didn’t even carry a helmet in his vehicle so her taut nerves had almost driven her mad during the journey. “I have to buy them….”

    He impatiently chided her. “Can’t you see that the flower shop is closed? Wait till you get home and you can ask your daddy dearest to buy you however many you want!”

    “But it’ll be too late.” She had completely lost track of time but she also saw that the sky had already entirely darkened, the streets were also devoid of people.

    She cried and gasped for breath. “I want to buy flowers for my mother. I promised her, I promised her before….”

    The man immediately turned silent.. 

    She pushed his arm away as she cried. “Put me down. I’m going to buy them myself.”

    Nie Feizhan almost lost his temper.

    Put her down? Can she even walk?

    But watching her tear-stained pear blossom face, the fiery temper that hadn’t almost been ignited, was quickly doused at once.

    When she reflected back to this moment, Rong Mo didn’t know why she was so willful and mischievous back then. For so many years, she had never acted this stubborn before, even in front of her father, much less in front of an unfamiliar man. 

    It was probably because she had already broken down once at those kidnappers’ hands and subconsciously, she felt that the man wouldn’t disdain her for it.

    The biggest reason of course, was that the promise she had made to buy flowers for her mother was something that was deep-rooted in her. It was something she needed to do.

    If she didn’t, she had no way of forgiving herself and during that time, she couldn’t barely hold her wits together.

    She assumed that the man would become furious, perhaps even casting her off to the side, but from start to end, he didn’t make a move to her. After a while, she even heard him ask. “What flowers do you want to buy?” 

    She lifted her head and spoke in choking sobs. “Li-lilies…..”

    She heard him click his tongue before bringing her away from this place and stopping at a corner of a street. 

    “Wait right here.”

    T/N: A flashback within a flashback. (‘A`)

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