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  • PCPM Chapter 19.1

    Chapter 19.1 Nie Feizhan’s lids drooped down as he stared at her pale pear blossom face and asked. ”Want to go home now?” (1)

    Nie Feizhan thought of Rong Mo’s ashamed and angry face whilst she was in his arms. Her glistening teary eyes made her complexion look even more unsightly.

    He Wei wasn’t able to see Nie Feizhan’s expression expression but he heard his breathing stop and was able to imagine what had probably occurred.

    He must’ve bullied the little lady quite badly.

    His curiosity was sparked right away. Brother Zhan usually didn’t deal with women. If he really needed to, for mission’s sake, he would still deal with them in the same firm way. So to what extent did he bully the little lady?

    “Did you anger her into crying?”

    Nie Feizhan. “….”

    She cried.

    She didn’t only cry, she even bit him.

    She bit to the point she got tired herself.

    He Wei said meaningfully. “Then the level of coaxing required would really be difficult.”

    Ever since Nie Feizhan had inadvertently rescued the little lady while he was on a mission, He Wei had done a thorough check on the background of the affluent Rong Family. 

    Rong Ji had always treated his only daughter like a pearl in his palm. She was originally not too different from the daughters of many other wealthy families. The minor distinction was that her personality was not as flamboyant as theirs, but ever since she was involved in an accident with her mother at the age of 9, losing her mother as a result whereas she found herself bound to a wheelchair, from that day forward, she had started to isolate herself from the rest of the world. 

    She didn’t go to school, she didn’t go outside, she didn’t enter any social circles and soon, several people forgot the existence of Rong Ji’s daughter.

    Rong Ji had suffered the pain of losing a loved one so he became even more strict with regards to his daughter’s safety. With the exception of letting her buy flowers on her mother’s birthday and getting kidnapped, Rong Mo only had limited contact with the outside world in all these years.

    It wouldn’t be considered odd for the personality of such a flower-like girl who was only used to being taken care of in her wheelchair, to go through change. In uglier words, there was definitely going to be flaws in some of her character..

    She was originally already different compared to ordinary daughters so you couldn’t use the same methods to coax ordinary girls on her.

    Moreover, if the person wasn’t Rong Mo, Nie Feizhan wouldn’t even bother to coax other girls.

    He Wei really couldn’t imagine the image of Nie Feizhan putting himself down just to coax a little lady.

    “Brother Zhan, why don’t you…”

    The phone had just rang until it was once again hung up on. He Wei hadn’t even finished speaking and he stared at the phone for a long while before lying down again.

    However, he couldn’t fall asleep. The reason for it was because he had been thinking of Nie Feizhan’s and Rong Mo’s matter.

    He then recalled the day that Nie Feizhan had inadvertently rescued Rong Mo. He had picked up Nie Feizhan’s call, asking him where he could buy lilies. 

    At that time, it was already 12 at midnight. All the flower shops were already closed, yet Nie Feizhan was extremely unyielding and impatient. “Find me a place that sells flowers… even if we have to smash them open!”

    Smashing the stores was definitely not allowed and Nie Feizhan naturally wouldn’t do as he claimed but with the tone he used, He Wei knew that he couldn’t disobey him.  

    He searched for a place and told him the location. The nearest was a bar which had fresh flowers delivered over during the day.

    Nie Feizhan redirected his vehicle to head over to the place and because he entered for the purpose of buying those flowers, he almost got into a fight with the people inside.

    After that, he had realized that the day Nie Feizhan had rescued Rong Mo was also coincidentally the birthday of Rong Mo’s mother and she couldn’t afford not to buy a bouquet for her mother.

    By the time he went over, Rong Mo had already been taken away by the police and because Nie Feizhan hadn’t rested for 3 days for this one mission, his eyes were completely bloodshot. His body was covered in wounds and his face that was revealed after tearing off his disguise, showed extreme weariness.

    He Wei initially wanted to send him back but he got off the vehicle and walked off.

    At that time, he was entrusted to find another child, rescuing Rong Mo was solely an accident. 

    Nie Feizhan’s plethora of experiences placed him on a different pedestal compared to the rest of the people. He was like a predator who had a robust body and instinct. He looked incomparably cold and unfeeling, but his temper was fiery, so the average person found it difficult to approach him. Even if they managed to do so, they would eventually retreat just as quickly.

    A senior in the company they worked with said, in his early youth, Nie Feizhan was like a wolf cub who recklessly bit anyone. As he grew up, he became a proud and aloof wolf that was impossible to tame. 

    This kind of person would become a heavy duty weapon once he got on the battlefield whereas in his personal life, he isolated himself from everyone else. Nobody could also dare provoke him.

    At least in the years that He Wei knew him, he had never seen him treat anyone this special before.

    “Miss Rong ah, Miss Rong. I hope you don’t ignore our Brother Zhan.”

    If it really turned out to be this case, then the consequences would be far too scary for anyone to imagine.

    On the second day, Rong Mo still sported dark under eyes when she went to class. She couldn’t have a good night’s rest, spending it tossing and turning and had to wake up early in the morning. 

    Although it had already been quite a period of time since then, she still hadn’t gotten used to waking up on time for school. Previously back at her home, if she didn’t set up an alarm for herself, nobody would call on her to wake her up. 

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