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  • PCPM Chapter 18.2

    Chapter 18.2 “This daddy hadn’t even done anything to make you cry.” (2)

    Rong Mo could taste the flavor of blood so she loosened her teeth with hesitation.

    Nie Feizhan put on a displeased face. “Have you bitten enough?”

    Rong Mo couldn’t help but raise a fist to pound his shoulder. “Let go of me.”

    Shen Xiuran who was standing outside felt a bit uneasy. “Momo, are you alright?”

    Rong Mo fiercely spoke. “You can’t muster any strength right now right? Do you think I would be bluffing if I said I’ll let them in and ordered them to beat you to death?”

    She was unaware that what she thought of was a ‘fierce’ tone, was completely without a hint of intimidation. Instead, it evoked people’s desire to bully her even more.

    To the extent….of even wanting to make her cry.

    Nie Feizhan cast his eyes down and stared at her slender neck. His eyes appeared somewhat dangerous. “Can you even tell whether I have any strength left or not?”

    Rong Mo was so angry, she wanted to hit him again.

    Yet she knew that the amount of strength she had was tantamount to nothing to him. She was angry, ashamed and aggrieved. In the end, she finally couldn’t hold back her rage and cried.

    With a choking sound, tears trickled down her cheeks without any warning and landed on the back of his hands.

    Nie Feizhan was stunned at once. 

    Tears flowed down her face, so much that she couldn’t even see his face clearly anymore. Her two hands held his clothes in a vice grip as she berated. “You scoundrel, gangster…..quickly let go of me.”

    She had never scolded anyone before due to her family upbringing. But towards this man, she had to rack her brain for a solution and all that popped up in her head were bad names to call him..

    In the next second, she felt him release his hold of her.

    But following that, he quickly lifted her once more and placed her back on her wheelchair.

    Rong Mo raised her hand to wipe her tears away. With blurry vision, she saw him bend down with one knee on the floor.

    She distractedly lowered her head to watch him. One of her shoes had fallen down from when he lifted her up earlier so he bent down to pick it up and placed it on the pedal of her wheelchair.

    “….What are you doing?”

    He didn’t say anything and only lifted her foot up with his hand.

    Rong Mo covered her mouth.

    She was afraid that she would carelessly let out a scream.

    She had never let anybody touch her. Furthermore, her foot…..was originally unable to feel anything. Yet, when he held her foot, she seemed to have felt a warm temperature spreading from the sole of her foot. 

    That must have been the warmth he was emitting from his hand. She could feel it. His body temperature was very warm. 

    He lowered his head and slowly tied her shoe. “You’re right. If I really did get into a fight with them, I wouldn’t be able to muster enough strength.”

    “….Then do you still dare bully me?”

    He chuckled and said in a low tone. “I wanted to let you know that I’m not the type of person, who isn’t going to hurt you.”

    “I know I didn’t recognize wrong!”

    She grabbed his collar and forced him to lift his head up. She glared at him and said. “Regardless of whether you admit it or not, I know that it’s you.”

    “Then what are you planning to do?” He asked indifferently. “Are you going to give me your hand in marriage?”


    Rong Mo stared at his eyes and the hands that gripped his clothes slowly loosened.

    She saw something hanging on the inside of his jacket.

    “Fine…” She released her hand and said. “You’re definitely not him.”

    Nie Feizhan scrunched his brows.

    “He wasn’t as wretched as you. In fact, he’s even more amazing than you are.”

    Nie Feizhan’s breathing paused for a second as he coldly remarked. “Is that so.”

    “Yes.” She raised a brow and scrutinized his blood-stained countenance before saying. “And, he’s a lot more good-looking than you are.”

    “He’s a hero. A hero who had saved me.” She emphasized each word. “And you’re a scoundrel. A scoundrel who should be taught a lesson.”

    Nie Feizhan was about to quickly lose his temper. “Alright. Then go and find your hero.”

    He stood up and pushed her wheelchair, turning her around in a circle and headed for the doorway.

    “Scoundrels like me should head to the arena and get beaten up.”

    Shen Xiuran entered and saw Rong Mo red-eyed, tear tracks still lingering on her face.

    He became furious in an instant. “You mother-…what did you do to my sister?!”

    He had never cursed in front of Rong Mo before so when he opened his mouth, he couldn’t hold himself back. Fortunately, he was able to stop himself in the middle.

    Nie Feizhan didn’t have a good impression of this brat.

    She was supposed to be indulged and pampered but she shouldn’t be indulged up to this point. Why would he bring her here just because she wanted to, was this kid retarded?

    Nie Feizhan spoke without hurry. “What do you think I did?”

    Shen Xiuran wanted to roll up his sleeves and hit him. “You…”

    “Shen Xiuran, are you stupid?” Rong Mo suddenly spoke up.


    “Do you think he can just bully me that easily?”

    Shen Xiuran immediately bent down to clarify with Rong Mo. “Momo, he really didn’t bully you?”

    Rong Mo cast him a glance. 

    The blood on his face had dried but the bite mark she inflicted on his arm hadn’t. When he left, he didn’t even turn his head back.

    Rong Mo bit her lip. When Shen Xiuran repeated his question again, she finally let out a pitiful sob. “He bullied me.”

    “F…..” Fuck!

    Shen Xiuran swallowed the curse he was about to spit out. “Momo, wait right here. I’m going to teach him a lesson.”

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