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  • PCPM Chapter 16.2

    Chapter 16.2 If he won, then she would lose. If that happens and she becomes unhappy, who’s going to coax her in his place? (2)

    When the tattooed guy saw him returning to the stage, he immediately made a provoking move.

    He presumed that the man was going to concede defeat, and beating him would only take a matter of minutes, yet he didn’t expect that he would lose this round.

    He watched as the opponent stretched and moved his joints about while using a measuring gaze to look at him. Those eyes of his irked him a lot so he raised a fist to hit him.

    He completely didn’t expect the other person to be able to intercept this fist.

    And he had done it with ease too!

    The instant that he was distracted, a sharp pain came from one part of his body.

    He hadn’t reacted in time when almost half of his body had turned numb.

    What followed next was that the other party had suppressed him, sending over continuous hits, rendering the tattooed guy incapable of countering his attack. In the end, he laid on the ground covering his head. The third round ended just like this.

    The audience members started to flare up again.

    They could see that the man’s violent side was completely aroused. When the fourth round started, the tattooed guy wanted to counterattack like a wild man once again, but faced with the man’s fist, he had lost all strength to resist!

    The man’s efforts were much stronger than his, it was simply asking for his life as he beat him to the state of near-death.

    In between the seams of his swollen eyes, he saw that something within the man’s ice cold pair of eyes. It was a fire that burned so bright it could almost burn a person alive.

    By the fourth round, the tattooed guy had been beaten black and blue. When he was dragged off the stage, his entire body was twitching and covered with blood. White foam was spilling out continuously from the corner of his mouth. Many people immediately knew that he had used drugs but nobody cared about it. Because when he finally fell down defeated, the crowd’s energy had already reached climax, everybody started cheering crazily. 

    Seeing that the situation wasn’t right, Shen Xiuran had wanted to push Rong Mo out before the crowd started rushing over, but the audience right now was going crazy, especially a group of girls who had wanted to rush over and pounce up the stage.

    Even if Shen Xiuran was cultured, he couldn’t help but curse. “Where are the men? Get over here and protect my little sister!”

    Three bodyguards quickly rushed over to help him push Rong Mo out of this place but there were too many people and the entire venue had been plunged into chaos. Some people started fighting for some reason and regardless of who won or lost, everyone was brimming with adrenaline. Rong Mo’s wheelchair bumped into several people and Shen Xiuran almost lost his hold of her.

    Shen Xiuran shouted in worry. “Momo!”

    Rong Mo used all her strength to control her wheelchair but she was too weak. People kept bumping into her wheelchair and she couldn’t find Shen Xiuran. While she was panicking, she saw a drunken man reeling towards her. He held onto her wheelchair to stabilize himself but his mouth continued to harp. “What kind of joke is this? Why is there a wheelchair here?”

    Rong Mo couldn’t help but cry out in fear. “Let go!”

    Having sat on her wheelchair for many years, this wheelchair had already become a part of her body, that’s why she was extremely adamant on refusing others from touching her wheelchair. In addition to that, after having the experience of being kidnapped before, whoever touched her without her permission made her feel like they were directly touching her body.

    The drunk man lifted his head and saw a delicate girl’s pale face.

    In this kind of place, it was common for women to put on heavy makeup and gaudy dresses. The chances of such a young girl like her coming in here was very rare —— after all, this was an underground boxing ring filled with violence. What kind of girl would naively stroll into here?

    Rong Mo was such a pretty and pure flower-like lady. Regardless if she was bound to a wheelchair, she still appeared healthy and energetic. And so in the men’s eyes, she appeared like a little sheep who invoked people’s desire to bully her.

    This was especially the case to those who were in a state of intoxication.

    The drunkard reached a hand out to touch her legs. “Oh! Such a pretty little lady looks like a mannequin. Why don’t you let this uncle carry you, alright?”

    Rong Mo hadn’t uttered a word when a hand pressed down on the drunkard’s shoulder, turned him around and kicked him to the ground.

    Nie Feizhan lowered his head and saw the young girl’s face full of fear. The fire that was doused in his chest burned once more as he lifted the intoxicated man from the ground and sent a heavy punch to the face.

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