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  • PCPM Chapter 16.1

    Chapter 16.1 If he won, then she would lose. If that happens and she becomes unhappy, who’s going to coax her in his place? (1)

    “Is he going to quit?!”

    “Fuck. He’s conceding defeat just like this? It’s only been three fucking rounds!”

    “Go back! Go back up and beat him!”

    The audience was stunned by the man’s actions and started to violently make a racket. A lot of people who had bet on him, started angrily cursing at him to quickly go back to the stage.

    However, he didn’t move at all until the girl in the wheelchair reached her hand out to him.

    “Come here.”

    Nie Feizhan crouched down on the edge of the arena. “What’s wrong? Do you regret pressuring me to lose now?”

    Fresh blood combined with sweat dripped down his chin. The red bruise on his upper brows appeared very obvious, however, the scars and the blood didn’t diminish his handsome appearance at all. Aside from the heaving of his chest, he didn’t look the least bit tired or pained. Even his breathing remained steady like before.

    In fact, there were still many girls who were screeching wildly because of him.

    “I feel a bit regretful.” Rong Mo stared at his eyes and answered. “Are you going to lose?”

    “I will.”

    Rong Mo’s cheeks twitched. She put on an unhappy face. “Then I’m going to change my bet to him winning, is it still possible?”

    Nie Feizhan smirked.

    Of course, it was impossible.

    Rong Mo unfolded her hands and awkwardly spoke. “Hey. Open your mouth.”

    Within her fair and soft hand, she held a mouth guard in her palm.

    Nie Feizhan was dazed.

    “Quickly.” Rong Mo urged. She looked around and a lot of people had been pushing to rush over to the stage. Although there were a lot of bodyguards and staff members trying to control the situation, the audience was already about to go out of control.

    Yet he appeared unconcerned, watching the bodyguards rush over.

    Rong Mo was so worried that she wanted to jump out of her chair and stuff the guard inside his mouth, but he suddenly bent down and leaned forward, containing the mouth guard inside his mouth.

    Rong Mo hadn’t completely reacted yet..

    She only felt something soft and warm touching the palm of her hands for an instant.

    When she finally snapped to her senses, he had already returned to the stage.

    Rong Mo looked at her own palm before shifting her gaze to the man on the stage.

    “10,000 dollars.” She said in a small voice. “You better not lose for my sake.”

    After thinking for a bit, she felt it weird.

    What did he mean by his earlier words?

    Did he intentionally let himself get pummelled because she bet on him losing?

    ——was this even possible?

    When the third round started, the tattooed guy appeared to have bolstered his confidence. His entire face spoke out ‘This daddy’s going to beat you to death.’  He even did a provoking and humiliating hand gesture.

    If this was a regular match, it would definitely be prohibited but the ring had no rules and the referees didn’t care. On the contrary, the audience got even more heated and they screamed in excitement.

    Nie Feizhan planned to end this match as quickly as possible.

    Today’s match wasn’t that difficult at all. Even if his opponent used drugs, he could still easily solve it with his strength.

    Unfortunately, a little girl who shouldn’t even be here, was present.

    He recalled the scene where she had showed him a box full of 10,000 dollars betting on his loss. At that time, her whole face was filled with provocation.

    Whatever. Wasn’t it just throwing one match away?

    If it could help vent her anger and make her smile, losing meant nothing to him.

    Under the ring, countless groups of people were shouting including the men and women who gambled or the people who were looking for excitement. People smashing their wine glasses on the floor in irate as curses and spit flew all over the place. 

    Nie Feizhan became jittery just by listening to it.

    He was here to vent all his strength so that he could calm his nerves.

    However, on the contrary, this match made him much more impatient than usual.

    She was just below the stage, looking like a small animal that had unintentionally entered a nest of beastly animals. A careless move would have caused her to get drowned in the mess yet she didn’t take her surroundings seriously and only sat quietly on her wheelchair without a trace of fear on her face. How could that skinny and weak looking bodyguard brought by the young man beside her, be of any use?

    Nie Feizhan endured for a long time. He pressed down the urge to go down the stage, lift her up from her wheelchair and leave this chaotic place.

    A fire was lit within his body, it burned his entire body that his muscles started heating up and he wanted to vent it all out in a fight.

    The only problem was that he wasn’t even allowed to fucking win.

    If he won, then she would lose. If that happens and she becomes unhappy, who’s going to coax her in his place?

    But now, she had clarified and said that she was pressuring for him to win..

    Nie Feizhan raised his hand to wipe the blood off his forehead and smiled.

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