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  • PCPM Chapter 15.2

    Chapter 15.2 He watched her soft lips as they parted and closed “Come here” (2)

    His face sunk at once. “Who allowed you to touch it?”

    Although the boxing babe was dressed scantily, she actually hadn’t worked at the place for a long time. When she first started working, she heard that this man had never lost a fight before and his personality was vicious and ruthless, however, all of the girls here were smitten with him.

    The only problem was that his whereabouts were always a mystery. Aside from being on the arena, once he got off the stage, his figure always disappeared. She was finally able to find him today with much difficulty, but she didn’t think….

    That once he got off the stage, he would still appear so terrifying.

    “….I’m sorry. I only wanted to pass it back to you.”

    Rong Mo watched as the boxing babe became scared like a rabbit. She placed the gloves on the sofa and walked away with red-eyes.

    “Hey.” Rong Mo called him. “Are you going to lose?”

    He didn’t turn around so Rong Mo emphasized once again. “I’m paying for you to lose.”

    “If I win, don’t you dare cry.”

    Rong Mo muttered. “Why would I cry.”

    Naturally, she didn’t really plan to bet on him losing.

    Although she had a lot of pocket money, she wasn’t just going to throw away 10,000 just because she said so. Moreover, she didn’t feel that he was going to lose.

    “Momo, are you really betting for him to lose?” Shen Xiuran said. “I heard that he has never lost a match before.”

    Rong Mo answered. “Go place a 20,000 dollar bet. Bet that he’s going to win.”

    Shen Xiuran: “You think he’s going to win?”

    Rong Mo propped her chin with her hands and looked at the scene below.

    The crowd gradually started proliferating.

    She spoke to herself softly.. “I have a feeling he won’t be disappointing me.”

    Shen Xiuran wasn’t able to catch what she had just said and only scrunched his brows.

    He previously checked his background and didn’t manage to find anything. The only thing he knew was that his strength was top class. From when he started, up until now, his value had only been steadily on the rise.

    His identity in this place wasn’t just someone to provide simple warm up. He appeared solely during heavyweight matches.

    There were five rounds to a match and each round only lasted for 3 minutes.

    Rong Mo watched through several matches until it finally came to his turn.

    Once his opponent got up the stage, Rong Mo’s eyelids jumped.

    The person’s figure was just as tall as his and his figure appeared even more robust. Tattoos filled up all the corners of his body and once he got on the stage, he threw his jersey off and howled to the crowd, showing off his strong muscles.

    After going through several matches, the atmosphere had gotten heated. The audience let out ear-splitting screams that was incomparable to the previous matches. The screams shook the grounds, even reaching the upper floor.

    A lot of people had come just for this match.

    That man entered the scene.

    He didn’t wear a jersey like the other boxers did and only wore his boxing clothes just like before. His handsome face was expressionless.

    Rong Mo watched as the girls in the crowd shrieked wildly when he appeared with his usual ice cold face yet he didn’t bat any of them a glance.

    The first round started and a lot of people immediately surmised. The two people looked equally matched, none weaker than the other!

    “Something’s not right.”

    Rong Mo heard Shen Xiuran mutter to himself.

    She narrowed her eyes and observed the scene below.

    That tattooed guy’s strength was really formidable. He sent a heavy hit over which the other guy evaded by taking a step back.

    However, Rong Mo noticed that the tattooed guy’s face looked exceptionally frightening under the lights. With every hit he sent over, the depth of his eyes slowly started turning red.

    His opponent was not feeble. After multiple successful invasions, he finally found an opportunity and delivered a kick right to the tattooed guy’s waist.

    The kick wasn’t light at all yet the tattooed guy looked as if he hadn’t felt it. He gave a roar before pouncing onto him and continuously pounded him with his fists.

    Rong Mo felt her entire body turn taut. An average person wouldn’t be able to take one hit of his, much less a barrage of heavy ruthless attacks!

    After landing successive hits, she saw his upper brows and nose bridge become bruised, and  the corner of his mouth bleed.

    “That person definitely took some steroids before the competition.”

    The first round ended and Rong Mo watched him sit up with his head hung down. Blood trickled down from his forehead to his chin and dripped down onto the floor. One person wanted to help him wipe off the blood but was pushed away..

    Shen Xiuran suddenly noticed her moving her wheelchair around and was shocked. “Momo, where are you going? The washroom?”

    “Bring me downstairs.”

    Shen Xiuran replied. “I can’t. It’s too dangerous!”

    Rong Mo cast him a glance. “Bring me downstairs.”

    Seeing her watery eyes, Shen Xiuran was immediately at a loss for words. 

    By the time she came down, the second round had already started. 

    The tattooed man had won the first round. When the second round came, he became even more ruthless and perhaps because he was anxious to defeat his opponent, he acted like a madman thrashing forward recklessly. This didn’t go as he planned as he who was caught off guard and was hit in vital places. He received an especially heavy fist on his head and appeared to have been knocked stupid.

    The two people’s strength were on equal terms. This point was made especially apparent in the second round. When the second round ended, the atmosphere had reached its climax, especially the spectators who laid bets. Every one of them wanted to rush up the stage and scream.

    The third round started just as quickly.

    This match was undoubtedly the most intense one.Within the boiling cauldron of voices, nobody noticed a little girl in her wheelchair slowly and carefully being pushed forward. She noiselessly passed through the crowd of people.

    Nie Feizhan appeared to have noticed this as he suddenly raised his head.

    He was drenched in sweat all over as his chest heaved heavily up and down. His hair was also entirely soaked in sweat.

    Although his face was covered in blood and his five senses were all fuzzy, his pair of eyes remained clear and deep.

    Rong Mo saw the bloodthirsty light in the depth of his eyes. It was as if he had suppressed all the violent parts of himself. Every inch of his muscle strength was contained underneath his beast-like exterior.

    How could a person like him be willing to lose.

    Coming into contact with Rong Mo’s gaze, the man seemed to have been distracted. He stood up all of a sudden. “What are you doing here?”

    The people around her were yelling noisily so Rong Mo couldn’t hear what he was saying, but she could sense that he was not pleased..

    “I wanted to see whether you would lose or not.”

    He narrowed his eyes as his expression turned scary. “You can only win when I lose.”

    Rong Mo’s expression froze for a second.

    This stupid idiot. Did he really believe that she was pressuring him to lose?

    She advanced forward, closing the distance between them so suddenly that even Shen Xiuran couldn’t react in time.

    Then, she lifted her head and mouthed something to the man in the arena.

    “Come over here.”

    The man paused for a moment.

    Everyone who was looking at him, saw that he was ignoring the surrounding people’s dissuasion. He reached out a hand to pull the ropes apart and stepped out. Then, he crouched down and looked towards one direction.

    Rong Mo told him. “I’m pressuring you to win.”

    Nie Feizhan was dumbfounded..

    Deafening voices resounded everywhere. On stage, the terrifying opponent glared like a tiger, watching his prey. He didn’t bat an eye towards the referee nor the staff members who wanted to rush over and pull him back.

    Amidst the turbulent crowd of people below the stage, the little girl sitting on the wheelchair like a weak flower, reached her hand out to him.

    He watched her soft lips as they parted and closed. “Come here.”

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