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  • PCPM Chapter 15.1

    Chapter 15.1 He watched her soft lips as they parted and closed “Come here” (1)

    This was the first time Shen Xiuran had seen her display such extreme fury in the years that he had known her.

    Ever since she was bound to sit in a wheelchair, Rong Mo had changed. It was even more prominent in the first few years when she wasn’t used to being taken such close care of, half a year hadn’t even passed when she lost a whole 5kg.

    Every time Shen Xiuran went to see her, she would sit desolately in her wheelchair, holding the photo album filled with pictures of her mom and her in her hands and holding clothes and toys that the mother and daughter pair had picked out together. At times, she would even stare in a daze for a few hours.

    The rumors that the Rong Family’s lady was a doll who didn’t speak nor smile, began from that period.

    Regardless of whether it was her father or the people who have watched her grow up, they all longed for her to return to the mischievous girl she was. Even if they offended the gods, they would be fine with it, because she was the little princess they all cherished.

    The feelings between Rong Mo and her mother were very deep, so back in those years, Rong Mo had been very depressed. Immersed in the painful memories of her mother, it took Rong Mo several years before her sorrow had alleviated, yet fate was cruel as she had been kidnapped yet again.

    At that time, they were driven mad trying to look for her. It came to the point where they almost dispatched all networks and contacts to find her. They searched all the places they could monitor and by the time that they had finally gotten a clue, Rong Mo suddenly reappeared by herself.

    However, her state at that time, was extremely horrible. Shen Xiuran later on heard, that by the time they had found her, she was entirely knocked out, cutting a sorry figure and holding a bunch of lilies in her arms.

    On the day of Rong Mo’s mother’s birthday, she got kidnapped on the way of buying flowers.

    Rong Ji had always strongly protected Rong Mo. When the kidnapping happened, her father had almost wanted to tear off the skin of those hoodlums, even Shen Xiuran himself, felt his heart hurt.

    It was that incident that caused Rong Mo to lock herself for a period of time, without meeting anybody.

    Until one day, she came forward by herself, asking for help in searching for that person.

    Shen Xiuran thought to himself. If she wants me to go look for him, then he would do as she said. He also wanted to take a look at the person who single-handedly rescued her, and properly express his gratitude to him, Who would’ve thought that the person they were looking for was so special and so mysterious, that even someone with their connections, were unable to find even the slightest trace of him, despite searching for a year.

    And so, he somewhat regretfully recounted this matter to Rong Mo.

    However, he couldn’t just reject Rong Mo. Even if he didn’t bring her here, with her personality, she would have insisted to go herself.

    Shen Xiuran didn’t argue any longer and went to call somebody.

    Seeing Rong Mo’s current appearance and even hearing that she wanted to raise hell, he could only call a few bodyguards to come and follow her.

    “Momo, I’ve asked on your behalf before. The person you wanted to find, only showed up there once. He was commissioned to protect an employer, and had left when the competition ended.”

    “Are you sure he’s gone?”

    Shen Xiuran nodded. “I specially asked their company, and I heard their consultant say that he had just recently signed a contract with a client.”

    Rong Mo stayed silent for a while before speaking. “…..He must be very expensive.”

    “Ha?” Shen Xiuran sucked in a breath. “You wouldn’t be thinking of…”

    “I’m not thinking of anything!” Rong Mo stared at his face of disbelief and stressed. “I’m not thinking about doing anything to him at all. I just wanted to express my gratitude to him for saving my life.”

    Express gratitude?

    Shen Xiuran felt even more uncertain.

    The gratitude she was paying was far too big. It was easy for girls to develop a feeling of worship towards the people who have rescued them, so he was secretly pondering to himself whether Rong Mo was the same.

    It was still early and the competition hasn’t started. Someone was cleaning up and sanitizing the arena.

    When Rong Mo entered, she was able to immediately spot that man sitting on the corner sofa. His boxing gloves were placed beside him. He looked as if he had just finished a match and was currently smoking a cigarette.

    Two skimpy clothed boxing babes came over from the side. One of them went up and sat on top of the other man’s legs who was sitting beside him. The man stubbed his cigarette and smiled, hooking his arm around the woman’s waist.

    Shen Xiuran spoke. “They can’t even keep their hands off of women even before the competition starts. How unruly.”

    In here, there were no rules to speak of on the arena and even much less to speak of, off the platform.

    Rong Mo spoke. “Stop.”

    She watched the man.

    He was still sitting there, wearing a loose white jacket. His head was down as he calmly bandaged his own hands.

    The other boxing babe bent down in front of him.

    As long as he lifted his head, he would be able to see the most erotic part of a woman.

    Shen Xiuran looked down and saw Rong Mo scrunch her little face, evidently exposing her unhappiness. 

    Shen Xiuran felt it odd. That fellow wasn’t even the person who rescued her. Why did she care so much about him?

    He recalled the words Rong Mo had uttered before. “Momo…you’re not thinking of….stirring up trouble for him, are you?”

    Rong Mo narrowed her eyes.

    She had always felt that this man was him.

    Seeing the woman bend down in front of him, her hands couldn’t help but tighten.

    In the next second, she saw him move.

    He leaned back directly on the sofa and watched the woman with a face as cold as ice.

    Rong Mo watched his mouth move as he spat out several words. Then, the smile on the woman’s face became stiff.

    The other boxer on the side slapped the woman’s butt, signifying her to leave.

    The man turned his head and looked towards Rong Mo’s direction.

    Rong Mo saw that there was no change in his expression, like he simply didn’t care for her, or rather, he simply treated her like air.

    Rong Mo smiled and waved her hand at him.

    A lot of people saw this scene and nobody thought that the ice cold man would actually get up and walk towards the girl in the wheelchair.

    Shen Xiuran acted like he had just encountered a big boss. He was originally standing behind Rong Mo but when the man went forward, he immediately stepped beside her, acting like a bodyguard.

    The man didn’t bat an eye at him and lowered his eyes to look at Rong Mo. His tone was calm as he spoke. “What are you doing here?”

    His figure was too superfluously tall. Despite the fact that his figure didn’t seem as robust as the other boxers’ figures, with just a jacket, he still emitted manly hormones all over.

    Rong Mo replied. “My box?”

    The bodyguard that Shen Xiran brought with him, promptly delivered the little box over. Rong Mo instructed. “Open it.”

    The box was opened and dollar bills filled the entire space.

    The man was stunned before he chuckled. “10,000?”

    “10,000.” Rong Mo replied. “Last time, I bet that you would win. This time, I’m betting for you to lose.”


    Nie Feizhan felt as if he had just heard a joke.

    He had always thought that she looked fragile and weak yet beneath the surface, she was tough as nails.

    When she wanted to cry, she stifled it. When she was angry, she also stifled it.

    She was already physically weak. If she continued to stifle her feelings, she would eventually get sick, and the one who would be in pain, would only be herself.

    He nodded and turned around to leave but saw the boxing babe from earlier, holding his gloves and walking over with the intention of giving it to him.

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