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  • PCPM Chapter 14.2

    Chapter 14.2 Was she that easy to bully? (2)

    Seeing him continue to remain silent, Rong Mo became a bit impatient. She promptly tugged on his sleeves. “You haven’t answered me yet.”

    Nie Feizhan stared at the hand she used to clutch on his sleeve.

    Her hands were very small and very delicate. It was even more lovely than any of the girls’ hands he had seen before. A touch of it would look like it would leave a mark, maybe even to the point of getting injured.

    When he rescued her in the past, he had only gripped his shoulders, yet her skin immediately turned into a ghastly shade of red. This prompted him to recall what those scoundrels did to her.

    Nie Feizhan flew into a rage on the inside. He pressed down his impulse to swat her hand away and coldly remarked. “All the miscellaneous tasks in school are handled by me.”

    Rong Mo unconsciously puffed up her cheeks.

    Of course, she wasn’t satisfied with this answer. This person was too weird. She felt extremely upset. After all, she only wanted to take a peek at the face behind the beard and clearly identify what his intentions were.

    Nie Feizhan saw that she was clutching tightly on his clothes and had not let go. He then bent down and lifted the wheelchair with both hands.

    Rong Mo couldn’t react in time and instead loosened her hands.

    He turned around, bringing her wheelchair with him and after almost going around 360 degrees, he placed her down.

    He then lifted her up really high and Rong Mo subconsciously thought he was going to violently throw her down so she nervously shut her eyes.

    Instead, she didn’t expect to still land on the ground gently. She opened one eye and realized he was still standing in front of her with both hands placed on the sides of her wheelchair. He had trapped her within the small space of her wheelchair.

    “From now on, your matters are also for me to handle.”

    Rong Mo turned blank for a while and just as she was about to speak, he stood up and with an impatient tone, saying. “I’m not a teacher so I can’t answer the many questions that you have.”

    “If you’re not willing to then go and look for Teacher Li.” He paused for a moment. He appeared as if he had recalled something and set his tone lower. “Don’t even think about looking for any other people.”

    He was actually remembering the scene he saw when he stood outside her classroom and had seen the boy hold onto her wheelchair.

    Originally, he had wanted to wait until the majority of the students had left, to come and pick her up.

    But at that moment, he didn’t even think twice for a moment and stepped inside the classroom under everyone’s gazes.

    He couldn’t stand seeing another person touch her, even if it was only her wheelchair.

    That scene from a year ago had left too big of an impact.

    It was so profound that even he himself thought it odd.

    He had rescued several people before and felt that there were many people in this world who were pitiful and needed to be saved.

    However, for some reason, she was an exception.

    Rong Mo tilted her head.

    By default, sitting on her wheelchair caused her to be shorter than him by a lot. Yet this appearance of lifting her head to look at him, simply looked like…..

    Like she had wanted him to lift her up from her wheelchair.

    Nie Feizhan took a deep breath, turned around and left.

    “Hey, you……”

    Rong Mo opened her mouth and realized she didn’t even know what to call him.

    …..Sure enough, he really was similar to that person.

    He was as petty as him. Leaving just as he claimed to without even leaving his name!


    Shen Xiuran hurried over and only saw Rong Mo all alone by herself. Not too far away, there were several students pointing at her. She had her head down, biting her lips but he hadn’t had a clue what she was thinking about.

    Her head of hair was naturally light and her skin was just as pale. When she leaned her slender and delicate body back on her wheelchair, it made people feel distressed.

    Shen Xiuran hurried over and bent down in front of her.

    Rong Mo lifted her head, her watery eyes full of accusation.

    “Who bullied you?” Shen Xiuran pulled his sleeves back. “Is it one of Yan Dong’s people again?”

    When he arrived, he had caught news of the matter. Those people weren’t at school right now but the matter hadn’t come to a close. If he didn’t properly teach them a lesson, when would they realize who they weren’t meant to mess around with?

    “…..Am I that easy to bully?”

    Shen Xiuran naturally didn’t dare reply.

    No matter how you looked at it, she really was easy to bully.

    Even if she had healthy legs, with that delicate appearance of hers, it would easily able to arouse the other person’s desire to bully her.

    That’s why Shen Xiuran had always thought of Rong Mo as a girl that needed to be protected. This had simply nothing to do with her identity and family background. The people who wanted to bully her were simply all jerks.

    “Have you found the person I’m looking for?”

    Shen Xiuran blanked out for a moment before shaking his head. “Not yet.”

    In reality, he didn’t really want to look for him.

    He still hadn’t confirmed the man’s identity. What if it was that guy called Z. In that case, he definitely wouldn’t let Rong Mo get near him.

    With his ability, he didn’t lack any money, after all, the number of affluent people and celebrities who wanted to hire him were aplenty and the price they quoted would naturally not be low. 

    So he was really worried. If Rong Mo really found him, what would that person want in reciprocation?

    Would the Rong Family be able to afford it?

    Would Rong Mo also be able to afford it?

    “Shen Xiuran, bring me somewhere.”

    “Where do you want to go?”

    “The underground boxing ring.” Rong Mo gnashed her teeth. “I’m going to raise a bit of hell.”

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