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  • PCPM Chapter 14.1

    Chapter 14.1 Was she that easy to bully? (1)

    “…..It’s not amusing at all.”

    Rong Mo quickly wiped the smile on her face and looked displeased. “What if you carelessly dropped me? I’m already half-injured, if you injure me any more then….”

    “That’s impossible.” He abruptly cut off her words.

    Not only did his tone sound a bit terrifying, his complexion also darkened. However, Rong Mo wasn’t able to see his face due to the bothersome beard he had on his face.

    Yet, there was a manly taste to him.

    Especially when he lowered his eyes to look at her, his eyes were pitch black like the valley of the night, it appeared to have contained the person resolutely in his gaze. 

    Seeing this, she finally felt him become scary again.

    Rong Mo had never known what it felt like to have your legs turn soft, however, she thought to herself. If an ordinary girl were to be stared at by him like this, not only would their legs turn soft, their entire body would turn into jelly.

    Either from fear, or from…..


    No. That’s impossible. He was just a school worker who looked somewhat mysterious and aggressive. How could he have the charm to make people infatuated.

    “Don’t worry. My grip is strong. Even if there was another one of you, I wouldn’t drop at all.” He loosened one of the hand’s hold on the wheelchair and said. “I can even lift you up with one hand, do you want to give it a try?”

    Seeing his other pair of hand exerting strength, Rong Mo felt her wheelchair about to be lifted and called out in fright. “No, Put me down!”

    The wheelchair touched the floor, emitting a dull echo.

    Rong Mo glared at him in anger. “Let go.”

    He stared at her for a while before releasing his hands.

    Rong Mo let out a breath of relief and suddenly his hands were holding her wheelchair again.

    This time, he appeared to have used up a lot of strength. She could feel the slight jolting of her body caused by him using only one hand to easily carry her wheelchair.

    “Teacher Li’s getting old. From now on, I’ll be carrying you up and down the stairs.”

    Rong Mo was startled for a moment. She watched as he bent down holding her wheelchair and the veins in his arms became prominent.

    “Don’t casually let anyone touch your wheelchair. I won’t be surprised if they accidentally dropped you with that little bit of strength they have.”

    He spoke with a very low voice. That intense feeling of oppression assaulted her in the face, causing Rong Mo to shrink down in her wheelchair.

    “Why…….are you helping me?”

    If these words came out of somebody else’s mouth, take He Wei for an example.

    Nie Feizhan would only impatiently and coldly throw out a sentence because this daddy only did as he liked.

    Regardless of whether it was an extremely expensive commission or a significant mission, if he wasn’t willing to do it, nobody was able to force him to do it.


    Because this daddy was willing to.

    How could he let other people bully the person he rescued?

    However, he couldn’t say this in front of her.

    Nie Feizhan stared at her twinkling pair of eyes and could almost immediately detect the suppressed uneasiness she felt in the depths of her heart.

    It was similar to a year ago when she held her tears back in front of the kidnappers as a show of resistance.

    At that time, he was the first one to see that although the little girl was a coward, she was stubborn and wouldn’t let anybody bully her. She resisted with all her might until the very last juncture, where she struggled and scream, tears trickling down her whole face.

    At that moment, it felt like the bottom of his heart was ruthlessly pinched. It ached until it became numb.

    “You could treat it as something I was entrusted with.” 

    Rong Mo was astonished, “Who? Is it my father?”

    There were so many bodyguards in their home that if there was one that didn’t pass their standards, they could just go and find another at Long Feng Special Defenses, but how could they give her such a…. violent one?

    He didn’t reply back so Rong Mo asked once again. “Are you a bodyguard?”

    “I’m only a school worker.” He said expressionlessly.” “I’m just here to do menial labor.”

    “Then why do you care about me?”

    Because this daddy is happy to do so.

    Seeing her willful yet beautiful eyes, Nie Feizhan really wanted to lift his hand.

    He wanted to pinch her face or pat her head so that she would stop asking him questions he didn’t want to answer,

    If she continued to ask any longer, he wouldn’t be able to hold his disguise for much longer.

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