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  • PCPM Chapter 13.1

    Chapter 13.1 He was so close to her that she could even feel the subtle magnetism in his voice (1)

    Rong Mo almost bit off her own tongue. 

    It was fortunate that she had a set of embarrassment management skills so she was able to maintain a calm facade as if nothing ever happened.

    She coughed and used a matchless indifferent tone to speak. “If you’re busy with other things, then you might as well…”

    She still hadn’t finished speaking when she heard him remark. “Might as well carry you down?”

    Although his beard had concealed the majority of his face and the slight arc at the corner of his mouth wasn’t too visible, Rong Mo felt that he had just laughed at her.

    In her heart, she was simply embarrassed to the point of exploding. Without even looking at the mirror, she knew that her face had definitely turned red. In fact, it would be considered weird if it hadn’t turned red at the heat she was currently feeling right now.

    She immediately turned the wheelchair around to the direction of the classroom and spun herself there. “……If you’re not willing to then forget it.”

    She originally planned to leave this embarrassing situation as quick as possible. It was even best if she could go at a speed where you couldn’t even see her shadow and instead left behind a trail of smoke.

    Who could’ve expected that once she turned around, an even more embarrassing situation had occurred.

    She didn’t know what got stuck in her wheelchair for she was unable to move forward for a period of time.

    She tried and tried again with utmost effort that even her face turned red and just as she was about to bend down to take a look, her wheelchair automatically moved forward.

    Even if she didn’t turn her head around, she knew that he was still behind her, pushing her directly towards the classroom doors.

    “When school ends, I’ll come and carry you down.”

    When she heard his deep and low voice, she turned her head in astonishment.


    His figure was too tall. When she turned around, her line of sight fell onto his chest.

    In an instant, she could immediately spot something inside the collar of his grey school worker jacket. Something seemed to have flashed for a moment.

    “If I still haven’t arrived then you could tell on the school head and deduct my salary.”

    He gently pushed her inside the empty classroom and leaned over slightly. “You should be getting ready for class, little student.”

    He was very close to her when he spoke these words.

    He was so close to her that she could even feel the subtle magnetism in his voice.

    It lasted less than a second yet Rong Mo could hear her own heart beating wildly.

    It was like a small little animal had burst into the pit of her stomach and jumped around for some inexplicable reason.

    However, countless retorts and mocking voices resurfaced immediately in her heart.

    ——He wasn’t even that person, what are you blindly getting excited for, Rong Mo?

    When she had finally recollected her senses, someone had pushed her into the classroom. It was a classmate who had just returned from her morning exercises and was annoyed at her for obstructing the door so she pushed her in while she was at it.

    “….Thank you.”

    The girl who had pushed her  was stunned for a moment. She completely didn’t think that the reserved Rong Mo would actually say a word of thanks just for this simple move she did in passing. She felt somewhat overwhelmed by the favor from a higher being. She originally wanting to bypass her but for some reason, she pushed her forward instead. “I’ll send you to your seat. It’s too narrow here.”


    After delivering her to her seat, the girl went back to tell her desk mate. “Aii, I realized that Rong Mo isn’t that reserved. She actually said thanks to me and when I heard her speak, her voice sounded quite cute.”

    “You also heard it? I previously overheard her talking to the class rep and my god, I didn’t think that her voice would sound that good…”

    In reality, more and more people in her class gradually realized that Rong Mo was in fact not reserved and not difficult to get along with. According to their understanding, handicapped people more or less had their own personality quirks.

    However, Rong Mo’s personality wasn’t quirky, instead….it was somewhat adorable?

    Nie Feizhan walked until he had reached the school grove and took out his earphones to wear.

    One ring had just sounded before the call was picked up and the sound of noodle slurps passed through his earphones.

    “He Wei.” Nie Feizhan impatiently called out.

    He Wei promptly set his bowl of noodles down. “Brother Z. Is being a school worker fun? Did any cute first year students hand you a love letter?”

    After saying this, He Wei broke into laughter himself however Nie Feizhan wasn’t in the mood to banter at all.

    A cough resounded from his earphones and He Wei could almost imagine the look on his face as he listened to him speak nonsense. He hurriedly coughed once more and said . “I’m almost done with all the things you’ve asked me to investigate, I’ll be sending it over to your phone later.”

    Nie Feizhan’s temper was rumored to be like an ice cube, and it really rang true but once he became impatient, he was even more terrifying than a volcano eruption.

    He was indefinitely gloomy and temperamental. He was also overwhelmingly strong so it was no wonder that Boss Duan was able to get along with him.


    “Brother Z ah. How long are you planning to stay there? And I’m referring to the school.”

    In the industry they were in, it was best not to let anyone remember what their true appearance looked like and because Nie Feizhan’s appearance was too conspicuous to the eye, he always had to wear a disguise.

    However, it was still the first time for He Wei to see this new disguise of Nie Feizhan.

    It appeared that the handicapped girl really was quite special.

    Nie Feizhan coldly remarked. “What. Do you have something to share?”

    “Of course not hahaha, you can stay for as long as you want. After all, there’s not much work coming from the company’s side.”

    “Eat your noodles then.”

    Nie Feizhan disconnected the call.

    He rubbed his chin full of stubbles. Even if it was glued to his skin, wearing it for a long period of time would also eventually feel uncomfortable.

    He leaned on the tree and lit up a stick of cigarette, however, the impatient energy he had inside couldn’t be suppressed and in the end, he tugged his beard off in irritation.

    However, he immediately recalled that later on, after school was over, he still had to go over and fetch the little girl to …..carry her down the stairs. 


    He couldn’t help but curse and stuck the torn half of the disguise back on his face piece by piece.

    He really gave himself so much fucking trouble.

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