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  • PCPM Chapter 12

    Chapter 12 After all, he didn’t seem to be a good person 

    Rong Mo’s heart tightened. 

    She was immediately reminded of yesterday’s event where she was brought downstairs along with her wheelchair.

    She immediately turned her head and discovered that the person behind her was Teacher Li.

    “Rong Mo, where are you going?”

    “…..Oh, it’s you Teacher Li.” Rong Mo let out a breath of relief and said. “I was going to go down to throw the trash.”

    Teacher Li was startled and asked. “Why is this duty being done by you?”

    Teacher Li spoke as she was about to push her back. Rong Mo explained in a hurry. “It’s no problem. I was bored staying in the classroom anyway so I wanted to go down and watch them do exercises.”

    When she said this, Teacher Li couldn’t refute her anymore. After all, the principal had also mentioned that the Rong Family Miss was here to see the school her mother attended. There were so many schools in the city and with Rong Mo’s family background, she was more than qualified to attend any well reputed private schools yet she chose to go here just because of that sole reason.

    In truth, she recognized Rong Mo’s mother personally and was even classmates with her mother in the same school, so regardless of whether the principal had or hadn’t instructed her to do so, she would still take care of Rong Mo.

    While Teacher Li was carrying her down, Rong Mo could evidently feel the strenuous effort she was putting in.

    Teacher Li was 40 years old this year. Although she was physically stronger than the average guy, having done weight-lifting in her younger years, she was still only your average PE teacher now and was not as able to train as much as she had in the past.

    The person yesterday was definitely a very tall guy. He was able to easily lift her down the stairs without breaking a sweat and still be able to run very quickly that she could not even catch his shadow. 

    “I’m really sorry for troubling you, Teacher Li.”

    Having to carry her up and down everyday, Rong Mo felt a bit embarrassed.

    “Don’t worry. This is just a small matter.” Teacher Li laughed and said. “Besides, me and your…”

    She originally wanted to say ‘your mother’ but she was suddenly reminded that Rong Mo’s mother had passed away early.

    “It’s fine. I also want to hear more stories about my mother. Please do tell me.”

    Teacher Li sighed inside.

    At that time, Rong Mo’s mother was also the famous school flower and the apple of many boys’ eyes. The school was also even more disorderly than it was today and because there were too many people who wanted to chase after her, they would always end up in fights over her.

    In the end, Rong Mo’s mother had gotten into a famous university and also went abroad, marrying Rong Ji. Everybody felt like she flew up the branches and became a phoenix but in reality, she was just an extremely outstanding woman. Otherwise, how was she able to move the diamond-level single and wealthy Rong Ji’s heart.

    Teacher Li didn’t know how to start speaking when suddenly, the phone in her pocket started ringing. She picked up the phone and the color of her face changed. “Alright. I’ll immediately go over and take a look.”

    Rong Mo could see that her expression wasn’t good. “What’s wrong?”

    “Someone had gotten hurt on the basketball courts. I need to see whether it’s a dislocation or a fracture. If it’s serious, I may need to send the person to the hospital in a hurry.”

    “Then you should quickly go.”

    Teacher Li hesitated for a moment and looked left and right. When she flicked her head, he saw a guy standing near the rubbish bins under the school building smoking a cigarette.

    She then recalled that he was a newly hired worker by the school and immediately went over. “Hey, uhh, can you do me a quick favor?”

    Rong Mo narrowed her eyes. 

    The man smoking a cigarette, wore the uniform of a school worker, yet he didn’t appear as simple as the other school workers. Although his zippers were fully zipped, he looked even more intimidating than the school’s troublemaker students. Moreover, he was considerably tall, and his hair was quite long. His beard covered the temples of his face up to his chin. He had one hand stuffed into his pocket and stood there with a bored expression, smoking his cigarette. From far away, he appeared like a bad guy in a movie. 

    ….Wasn’t he afraid of scaring the timid female students.

    “If you don’t mind, he’ll bring you up the stairs. He’s very strong.”

    Rong Mo narrowed her eyes once more.

    If this were the usual, she would have definitely refused it but she remained silent and watched as the man lifted his head and glanced at her.

    For some reason, Rong Mo became nervous. She immediately turned towards Teacher Li and said. “Teacher Li. You should go. Don’t mind me anymore.”

    The injured student was much more urgent to attend to right now so Teacher Li instructed Rong Mo to wait for a while before she hurriedly left.

    Rong Mo stared at the man for a while before turning her wheelchair around to leave.

    However, she hadn’t taken two steps yet when the man strode over and held her wheelchair.

    “….What are you doing?!”

    The wheelchair undoubtedly moved very slowly so Rong Mo froze up and was frightened for her life.

    Why would a mere school worker make her feel this nervous?

    After finally reaching the lower floor, Rong Mo sensed him bent down and saw him lift her wheelchair up. She finally couldn’t help but cry out in fear. “Let go, I said let go! Don’t touch my wheelchair!”

    Yet he didn’t listen to her at all and used both hands to hoist both her and the wheelchair up easily.

    Rong Mo could almost feel the bulge of his pectoral muscles, however his breathing didn’t change a bit as he directly hoisted her up the stairs.

    Rong Mo didn’t dare take a big breath, clearly afraid his hands would slip and drop her.

    After all, he didn’t seem to be a good person.

    “Relax, I was already instructed on how to do this.” The man’s lazy and raspy voice rang out. “Precious goods should be handled with care.“

    When Rong Mo finally reacted, she was already placed on the second floor corridor.

    Sure enough, he really did handle her with care as she was unable to feel anything when she was placed down.

    Nevermind then, she wouldn’t start an argument with him about being called a ‘precious good’.

    “…Were you the one who also brought up down the stairs last time?” Rong Mo stared resolutely in his eyes.

    Her father had previously taught her that if you wanted to oppress someone, the simplest way was to stare at them straight into their eyes, never letting any of the minute changes in their expression escape——of course, this wasn’t considered a polite behavior so it was only to be used in special circumstances. 

    However, after a few seconds, Rong Mo felt that she felt that instead of giving the other party the feeling of oppression, she herself instead felt oppressed.

    She felt that staring at this villain-looking tall guy before her, it was like..

    Like a cat watching a big lion.

    Especially when he hung his eyes to look at her.

    “You should head back to class.” He said. “Do you want me to send you to the classroom as well?”

    “No need.” She didn’t know why she felt a bit peeved ——specifically, she was angry at herself and turned around to return to the classroom.

    Without having travelled too far, she suddenly recalled something. “Hold on.”

    She thought that he had already left but when she turned around, she discovered him still standing behind her without any changes to his position, appearing like he was watching her return to her classroom.

    Rong Mo was stunned as she spoke. “You….While you’re at it, can you also carry me down by the time school ends?”

    After she said this, she felt that something odd.

    Hold on a second… what did she just say? Carry her down? Did she just ask him to carry her down?

    And while…he was at it too?

    This was even more unreasonable than simply handling precious goods with extreme care!

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